Lease / direct sale option of leasing financial instruments


I am a financial consultant and I have a very good and reputable provider of some banking instruments (BG & SBLC) that can be monetized and discounted for the financing of your various projects within lenders / investors and project owners or borrowers who need financing for Several projects etc. We provide opportunities for the project owner, notwithstanding the type of projects, commercial support and can participate in the PPP trade. Projects like

Real estate projects

Construction projects

Projects of government contracts,

Transport projects

Aviation projects

Telecommunications projects

Import and export projects, etc.

We are located in Europe and we are very ready to take a look at your
projects and facilitate the entire process.

Contact me if you have projects that need financing through this
channel. Email: sungnyon.bgsblc in gmail DOT com
Skype: kim.sungnyon
Of yours ,
Mr. Kim Sungnyon

How to prohibit the DHCP server from leasing a specific IP address on the Mikrotik routerOS?

My Mikrotik router is running a DHCP server on the / 24 network, I would like to ban it to lease some IP addresses (I would like to use them statically on a couple of devices). Is there any way to do it?

blockchain – Bitcoin cloud mining (BTC) hardware leasing business

First, I apologize if this is not the right place to ask this question. Just let me know in the comment and I will delete the question. Now here it is,

I am in the conversation to take control of a business that uses a front-end website. ( to lease 6/12/18 months of cloud mining hardware for the normal customer (B2C). They only have 2 types of hardware: Antminer S15 pro and Antminer S17 pro. ATMs are only extracting the BTC, but there are good possibilities to extract other types of currencies such as ETH, BTC cash, DASH, etc. With new machines. The front end looks very well designed and I will get 30% – 40% of the order valuation made using the front end. There are garments related to cryptography (clothes for men and women, shoes, accessories and shoes) to sell and the percentage of profits will be shared the same. Now they are mostly green (only with solar energy) and plan to go to the world's first green crypto farm. The work will be incl. Approximately 4 hours to execute the sales operation and promote the business. I will only get the FT sales business and the company will have the machines for mining.

As the price of the BTC is so volatile and mining is also becoming
Difficult gradually due to the increase in complexity, how is prosperity?
of business and is it wise to take care of it?

Can the business be a scam?

However, I belong to IT training, but I am not very familiar with the blockchain + BTC and sales. Therefore, a good response will surely help me educate the business potential. Thank you.

Placement VS Leasing Server + Bandwith

Hi all. Looking for some comments on what are the expectations (or rather the experiences) of a placement provider instead of a company, simply leases its servers (for example, about 10 servers). At least from the perspective of a reseller / wholesaler.

The reason is that I see many members leasing servers, reselling and so on, but not necessarily taking advantage of the co-location services and I would like to understand why.

I am more than trying to understand the following;

Is co-location generally more expensive or does it have more problems in terms of administration, therefore, do companies take lease servers (in bulk) and simply resell?
Is it difficult to deal with the co-location providers?
Do you usually care if you choose your server manually and send it to a joint location provider, or do you prefer to choose from a list of available servers?
Have physical access to a data center, see that your first-hand hardware is no longer necessary to run a successful hosting company?

Thanks for your comments in advance.

Due Diligence, Do & # 039; s & Don & # 039; ts of leasing IP & # 039; s

Any advice to avoid the wrong crowd?

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