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I want to learn programming | Proxies123.com

As said @Justice, they are both lucrative, but it is a bit of risky to run after $$$ if you don’t like what you are going to do. Every second having pain in arse doing some kind of programming will not lead you to far, because you need constant selflearning to be relevant, you demotivation will stop you be productive and so on.

So it’s heavily depends on you characteristics(@Blende):

  • what do you like usually to do with high entuziasm? (like talking with ppl, like making something new or use already existed things, any activity that not making you to drop after doing it 2,4,10 hours in one row (sleeping is not considered as activity :Sorry: ))
  • then how you are doing it, do you need some angry alien :Vamp: to hold his strange instrument near some your body parts to make you work or you can easily be left alone with it and you will do it successfully and find new things to do
  • you need good motivation, to push you not to “party” in all spare time, but use it to grow your skills, but don’t overdo it, because rest is needed and try to buy yourself some kind of reward after you finished or made big step in some direction, it will motivate you!
  • and so on…

There is many different jobs in IT: helpdesk, it-support(ink changer in printer), analysers, managers.

But if you wanna really get in coding, try to find project what to do, cuz it will help you see your progress and with typing you will get better understand than using only video/book to read.
– Make website and host it on free hosting services like this or search forum there was topic about it, to get feel of making sites, you would need only html to make simple site and later you can dive in others CSS, JavaScript to make them shine
– For software development it’s harder a bit, cuz you need some goal in mind, like what platform (pc, android, ios, linux or hell know what will spawn new in near future(like virtualreality, but more accessable to usual humans not gamers/**** only :Smuggrin:)) you wanna pick or you wanna learn to make it work on all things that have CPU :Devilish:, are you going for game/finance/video/audio/justSomeApp coding, where is dozens of old/mature/new/silly languages, like:

OMGROFL!! language
lol iz 1 ( lol = 1 )
wtf lol iz liek 1 ( if lol == 1 )
rofl lol ( print lol)
lmao lol ( lol++)
brb ( end of if statement )

!If you don’t have any goals and wanna just learn to get started, try Java, cuz it can be used in web and soft development!
All what was typed is my opinion, you can listen it or can walk just past it and i don’t have any responsibilety for that alien :Cat:

Learn From The Generals Of The Markets – General Forex Questions & Help

“If I tell you how I would manage that [$100,000,000] now, I would no longer have a competitive edge.” – Perry Kaufman

No matter what your trading results have been in the past, trading remains one of the best ways to the ultimate attainment of financial freedom. During the recent global credit crunch, many people became fearful of the future, because economic crises sometimes compel good organizations to dismiss their responsible workers.

Many people did not realize this until it happened to them. They thought they only needed to work hard, and their job would be secure, and they would enjoy the ensuing financial security. But after the myth has been busted, many people became so anxious about a poor financial future and the effects it could have on their family.

Then many people started seeing trading as a great option: you can trade successfully anywhere, as long as you have access to a good internet connection and then enjoy financial security. The riches inherent in the markets are limitless, though it would be realistic to walk towards this gradually. Please renew your determination and partake in the journey to financial freedom.

‘Learn from the Generals of the Markets’ is a groundbreaking book.

For those who want to attain success by trial and error, it would take many years of harrowing experience to attain success. Nevertheless, for those who are guided by the principles adopted and revealed by the traders who are already victorious, the learning curve can be sped up and the journey made smoother. This means that it will take a far shorter period to attain success if you learn from the industry experts.

You can trade successfully!

This piece is ended with the quote below:

“[Aim] for less and/or less complex rules to build a stable and robust trading system… Churning out higher returns in the end is near to impossible without continuously risking less along the way.” – Dirk Vandycke

Nikon D5600. Trying to learn Manual and keep track of what exposure settings I used

Just about all modern digital cameras automatically capture EXIF metadata in the image files they record; I can’t think of a camera that doesn’t. This EXIF data includes date & time of capture, camera model number, and most importantly, exposure settings — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

There are a few cases where this can’t be captured, but for most users, these case don’t pop up often. These usually involve using very old or adapted lenses whose aperture cannot be controlled by the camera body, or when using “dumb” (no electrical contacts) extension tubes or bellows between the camera and lens. In these cases, the camera cannot record aperture setting information, so you would need to take exposure notes for those images, and edit them into the image files’ EXIF data after you move them to your computer.

There are several programs that can edit EXIF metadata. Search this site for edit EXIF for several questions and answers regarding editing EXIF metadata.

Why should an average programmer learn automata theory?

Good programming relies heavily on choosing an efficient algorithm for the task at hand and yet an average programmer hardly uses 50 pages worth of algorithms from the Cormen book in his/her career.

Recently I started reading some CS books, long after completing my bachelors degree. One of the books is the Theory of Computation by Micheal Sipser. Although I love the content and still am in the beginning chapters, I cannot imagine where I would use the information provided in this book in my job.

What is the use of Automata Theory in the industry?

javascript – Shoul i learn something else before native js?

I have recently learned about Native JavaScript, a framework that let’s you create applications from JavaScript code.
It sounds like an extremely powerful tool and I’m interested in developing my skills with this tool.
I have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and pure JavaScript and I started reading the Native JavaScript docs but I don’t find them very intuitive. Are there any books I can read to learn how to use this tool?
Also, should I know anything else before starting Native JavaScript?

Which topics should I learn to complete google foobar levels?

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machine learning: can you learn the Agnostic PAC threshold function class?

In "Understanding Machine Learning, From Theory to Algorithms" by Shalev and Ben-David, on page 44, Example 6.1, it is shown that the class of threshold functions are CAP-capable.
On the other hand, the fundamental theory of statistical learning establishes that A-PAC that can be learned is equivalent to PAC that can be learned.

So can we say that the class of threshold functions can also be learned with A-PAC?

My second question is what is the difference between the two?

c ++ – The best way to learn data structures as a self-taught person?

After getting caught up in the process of learning C ++ when it came to writing my own mapper, I decided it would be a good idea to learn some basic concepts about data structures and algorithms.

The problem is that most of the sources I stumble upon seem to focus on asymptotic notation, best / worst / average cases, mathematical induction, explaining what a variable is, how it relates to user data types, and what what are the system data types, what is algorithmic correction and other academic issues that I couldn't care less when I really need to implement begin() and end() for that tree based container.

Are there books or other learning resources that explain the implementation of common data structures and algorithms in a digestible and practical way?

I want to learn Forex but there are obstacles – General Forex questions and help

"When you're in love with a market, it shows … in your business account." – Old merchant

It is no longer news that Forex markets are full of opportunities. Sure, there are challenges, but once you learn what it takes to overcome those challenges and be consistently successful, opportunities in the markets will bring you rewards. Why are some people reluctant to try the Forex markets? It is because they think that success in the markets is not easy.

Success in other fields is also not easy. More than 12 years ago, a young woman told me that she wanted to become an actress, plus the reasons why she wanted to become an actress. Obviously, she dreamed of becoming a celebrity, thinking about the glamor, fame, benefits, and riches that successful actors and actresses enjoy. I just advised him to weigh all the pros and cons of what he wanted to do.

Before long, he joined a local theater group and began practicing with them. Several days later, he followed them to a filming location. It was then that she was exposed to the dark sides of the local film industry: instant deprivation. This also included paleness in insignificance compared to veteran actors / actresses on site. She saw that her chances of becoming an instant celebrity were slim. What she dreamed did not come as fast as she had previously imagined. She thought she would join the industry and quickly become a star; But the reality was different.

When I later saw her, I asked her how far her experience with her new career was. She told me about the sad things she faced, including having to work hard without any financial compensation. She vowed never to re-enter the film industry and kept her promise. Maybe she could eventually realize her dreams if she had continued as long as it took her.

Can you see how this true story relates to trade? Nothing good in life is easy to achieve. Unfortunately, there are many people who are interested in Forex, but due to one weak alibi or another, they keep putting off the experience that has the potential to bring them financial reward.

Weak Alibias

Some have tried everything they think they can do, without success. Now they can threaten that if the new course or strategy they want to buy doesn't work, they will never operate again. As Philip Yancey says, a truly paranoid person organizes his life around a common perspective of fear. Everything that happens feeds that fear. The fact is, those people have really lost interest in the markets. Although it is advisable to learn from the past, we should not live in the past.

Some think they are currently facing serious expenses and therefore will have to wait until next year before they can start learning / trading. The fact is, there is no guarantee that your expenses will be reduced next year.

Some say they want to learn everything they need to know about trading, including taking any course and reading any book they can find. They think they cannot start until they have. The fact is, they still have to learn something or read books. If they haven't already, could they?

Some think that they can learn to operate by trial and error. This is possible, but it is time consuming and tortuous. They may think that they can become a market wizard at will. So what's stopping you from becoming a market wizard?

You may think you can only trade when you are less busy. Do you work alone when you are less busy? Trading is serious business; It is not for those who are less busy.

You may think you cannot trade because your family does not support you. You may want to think about how to win their support. Perhaps if you know and appreciate the truth and realities of the trade, you can support it. How we view our circumstances is more important than the circumstances themselves.

If you say you don't want to trade now, but in the future, you may have forgotten that fleeting wishes mean nothing. Anyone who does not have time to trade cannot trade. Anyone who has no resources to trade cannot trade. We care so much about protecting ourselves that we simply fail to step forward. These are facts.

Conclusion: What you can do today, don't put it off until tomorrow. The best time to do anything is now. Make your decision and learn to approach the markets in the most rational way possible. There are numerous ways to make money in the markets, just as there are numerous traders in the markets.

The quote below ends the article:

"We are all different and there are many ways to win in the markets, the important thing is to develop your best method." – Charles E. Kirk