Analyzers – I want to learn more about the analysis

I want to learn more about the analysis and I am looking for a good resource to understand the LL analyzer because I want to implement a LL analyzer in C, I did a lot of searches on it but I do not understand how it works. I do not understand what context-free grammar is and what that means enter the description of the image here

The LL Parser Wikipedia page is too abstract … Can someone help me or give me a good resource?
Thanks in advance !

We learn about our mistakes.

I am a separate man without children and I just want to find a new love.
Maybe someone here is in the same situation?

Learn how to make consistent profits in Forex trading – Debates and help

Very interesting information

Do you have been able to obtain consistent perofit after going by these tips? But I think, whatever is strategy we use if do not disciplined then everything will be Useless.

Well thought guys …

These are the rules of consistency in commerce:

– repeat your way when you get the benefit

– repeat your way when you get the benefit

– repeat your way when you get the benefit

– repeat your way when you get the benefit

– repeat your way when you get the benefit

– Always make these rules to make your trade more consistent.

I have traded in many brokers such as Liteforex, Insta, Oanda, etc. But it is so difficult to make a consistent trade. I just trade, trade, trade, trade and trade with smal, huge, lose, small, huge, loss of profits. In Forex Lite NDD, I'm pretty consistent there, because the very low spread there …

Why do we learn compiler? – Computer exchange

Let me divide several possible interpretations of your question:

What is the purpose of learning the compilation?

There are several possible answers:

  1. So you know how to build a compiler in case you have to do it. This is not a good answer today.
  2. Part of the purpose of the computer curriculum is to explain how a computer works, stopping at the hardware. This includes the operating system, file systems, the compiler, the network stack and more.
  3. As a programmer, you will be using compilers. Sometimes it will be useful to know what goes on under the hood. For example, understanding garbage collection will help you choose which language to use in built-in applications.
  4. The compilation is part of the standard curriculum, so you may be asked in the interviews.

Why are you teaching me compilation?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there is an additional one: universities are very conservative. In the past it used to be more important to understand how compilers work. Nowadays this is less important, but the change is slow, so the materials
That made sense 10 years ago, it's still being taught today.

Having said that, some universities could reform its compilation curriculum, for example, subtracting emphasis from the analysis, concentrating on more interesting aspects such as optimization, memory management, dynamic and static analysis, and the like.

Why am I studying compilation?

As an aspiring programmer, your college education contains many seemingly useless classes, for example, calculus. People choose to go to college for several reasons: it is a rite of passage, an opportunity for socialization and the search for a partner, and could help you get a job; or even just family or peer pressure.

Some people eliminate university education, preferring another formal training or even self-training. Some of these people are very successful.
For whatever reason, he chose to attend college instead of any of these alternative routes. You must accept that the university education is rather theoretical and try to make the most of it.

Image processing: How to write a Python code and what should I learn if I want my code to interact with another application?

I like to play some game & # 39; x & # 39; only if my brother is currently online, let's say fortnite, so fortnite has a launcher, Epic Games Launcher, which displays a list of friends online on the right side of the launcher's window. Now, I want to write a code such that the code takes an image or something similar to the window of lauchería and then it centers in the side of the window of the friends in line and it checks if there is some "xyz & # 39; online (basically, image processing and text recognition). ), I would love this in python.

magento2 – What are some important concepts to learn in Magento 2 for the interview?

This is a general question. I do not know if it is correct to ask here, but I hope the contributors will help me with this.

Currently, I am looking for a job at Magento. I know that Magento is like a sea :), so I do not know what are the important topics to learn in Magento that will make me the best Magento developer.

For your information, until now I have known the following things in Magento:

  • Installing magento
  • Installing add-ons
  • Administrator settings
  • Development of basic module
  • Development of custom themes

Apart from the things mentioned above, what are the important concepts in Magento?

Could anyone help me please?

System agnostic: Use D & D as a means to help learn the IRL language?

I am a DM from a small group of friends; We prefer D & D 5e but this question can be applied to any TTRPG. My friends have some experience with English, but they do not feel comfortable with it. Lately I have been having the idea of ​​"helping them" to feel more comfortable with D & D.

My plot project is as follows:
Their characters are in an unknown kingdom of which they heard little but with which language they have some experience. The game will be conducted in your native language, but all NPCs will speak only in English; Literature, notes, etc. They will be completely in English. My idea is that they will be "forced" to interact with the characters in English, which would allow them to develop their skills organically, just as some people learn the local language when they are forced to live abroad. The players would know what they are registering in advance.

Is it a good idea for players not to understand what the NPCs say, at least for a while? Would it be fun to be "weak" in this way, or would it be too stressful? Can that prevent them from interacting with NPCs altogether? Is there any real educational value in it? I'm thinking of giving you a "magic" dictionary from the beginning (Google Translate); Would that defeat the purpose?

c # – I want to learn more about AR but I do not have programming experience. Where should I start?

I graduated from community college with my AAS in manufacturing systems technology. One of my teachers, as part of our final project, introduced us to Metaverse and I was curious about Augmented Reality.

I have almost zero background in programming or computing. They introduced us a bit of Python, but the greatest experience I have in programming is using the teaching pendants for FANUC industrial robots.

I'm not exactly looking for a career in that, but I'm curious to know where I can learn more and maybe start doing some things for fun. I enjoyed making my final in Metaverse, but computer science is such a big field and I have no idea where to start looking.

Can someone here tell me the correct address? I appreciate any help, and if I'm not in the right place, I'd love to look elsewhere.

Very thankful.

Blogging Bounty. Finally, learn to use your blog as an ATM. for $ 8

Blogging Bounty. Finally, learn to use your blog as an ATM.

Finally, learn to use your blog as an ATM and stop wasting your time! This book is one of the most valuable resources in the world when it comes to the network marketing guide for potential customers through blogs. Networks are an important part of the growth of any commercial activity and the use of the blogging tool is another way to reach the target audience. quickly. Understanding how blogs contribute to this end is as important as knowing how to apply this tool.

The problem is that many people do not know how to use this tool correctly.

Does your unmotivated behavior make your business life less fruitful than it could be?

It seems that you have tried everything you can to discover how to use your blog, and yet, despite your best intentions, you are still plagued by:

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• Not knowing how to use keywords or opt-ins

If this describes you, you are in the right place, my friend …

First, you are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but not understanding how to use blogs is much more common than you think.

I should know, because I struggled with this problem myself …


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