What strategies do we use to generate leads?

What strategies do we use to generate leads?

a filter leads to a 404 page

On my WordPress website I have 2 of the same filters (one on the home page and one on another page) and I use the Ultimate wp query search filter plug-in. The problem is that the filter on the home page takes you to the wrong page that activates a 404 page. Does anyone know how I can change this?
The wrong URL / page
The correct url / page

What strategies do we use to generate leads?

What strategies do we use to generate leads?

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customer service – Is it better to "contact" than "contact us" or "contact me" to get a contact link (which leads to contact details)?

In many cases, the staff of a web application can slowly grow from one person to two or more people and / or slowly grow back from two or more people to one person.

My problem

This problem could be understood as insignificant, but in fact there could be some formality linguistics recommendation to use only "contact" to avoid the following possible commercial interaction bias (or similar):

A customer is bothered to receive an email response from an attachment if
It was a written seller (I expected the website owner, as I expected the website owner to be the only responder).

My question

Is "contact" better than "contact us" or "contact me" for a contact link (which leads to contact details)?

That is asking; Is it better, for some formal (accessibility?) guide or by some formal linguistic argument, to use the contact<>,
Instead of "contacting us" or "contacting me"?

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partial derivative: how do I verify the correction of long leads?

Given a constant vector $ mathbf {d} $ and the unit vector
begin {align *}
mathbf {n} ( theta, phi) =
begin {bmatrix}
cos theta sin phi \ (0.001cm)
sin theta sin phi \ (0.001cm)
cos phi
end {bmatrix},
end {align *}

I have the following expression:
begin {align}
mathbf {t} = frac {( mathbf {n} ! times ! mathbf {d}) ! times ! mathbf {n}} {| ( mathbf {n} ! times ! mathbf {d}) ! times ! mathbf {n} |} = frac {( mathbf {n} ! times ! mathbf {d}) ! times ! mathbf {n}} {| ( mathbf {n} ! times ! mathbf {d}) |}.
end {align}

I have derived the expressions for $ frac { partial mathbf {t}} { partial theta} $, $ frac { partial ^ 2 mathbf {t}} { partial theta ^ 2} $Y $ frac { partial ^ 2 mathbf {t}} { partial theta partial phi} $. The last two are especially long. Therefore, for brevity, I have excluded the expressions from this publication. What I want to know is, given the long leads of these equations, what is the most convenient way to verify that my leads are correct? I've tried Wolfram alpha, but it explodes in my face.

What strategies would you use to generate leads?

What strategies would you use to generate leads?

nginx: SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED in the request URL leads to 404

We have noticed that the Nginx access logs of our website have quite 404 very strange URL requests that end in SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED

Example: – – (12 / Dec / 2019: 22: 36: 29 +0000) "GET / first-dance-wedding-songs / SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED HTTP / 2.0" 404 12786 "/ first-dance-wedding-songs /" " Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 64.0.3282.140 Safari / 537.36 Edge / 18.17763 "

Some acts:
– pages load well, there is no redirection after page load
– We do not have any code on the pages that make such a request
– it is not clear what these requests are doing (see them from Chrome, Safari and other browsers)
– There is none of this on Google, BUT, I see that Google indexes many pages ending in SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED. Simply Google "SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED" in quotes. There is a Top Gear page and other websites.

– Does anyone know more details?
– Should we do a redirect by releasing SYNC_NOT_REQUIRED?

Thank you!