To close the lid of the laptop without doing anything.

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boot – the laptop without battery does not turn on properly

My girlfriend has an ASUS R556L. It is about 3 years old so it is out of warranty.
A while ago I had to remove the battery because it had swollen and I didn't want to take a chance. The battery of that model is not really "removable": I had to open the laptop to remove it.
It worked well for a few months in AC power without problems, but now it is not so good and I can not understand what is happening.

You have problems to start. After pressing the power button, the fans turn on and the LEDs light up, but then nothing happens. The screen remains off, the hard disk drive does not work (the light does not blink and you can not hear it spin). The light on the hard drive flashes briefly after it is turned on, but then stops and never turns on again. All you can do is pull the plug or hold the power button to force it to turn off.
After many attempts, it will finally start and work well, but it seems to take longer and longer to start each time. Once it's on, it's 100% good. You can even restart it without problems, but only if you use the reset function. If it goes off for a second, it will take years to start over.
My girlfriend has kept her in sleep mode for days because of this. At this time we do not have enough cash, so I can not replace the battery, but even so, I would like to know if there is any problem with it.

Where can I start diagnosing this?

I tried to press and hold the power button when the laptop is unplugged. It doesn't help I tried to restart it quickly, I tried to wait for it to warm up. I tried to disconnect it every time before restarting, I tried to keep it constantly plugged in. Nothing helps and nothing changes. When it's on, there seems to be nothing wrong with that.

Software: How to transfer photographs from my camera directly to my laptop after taking the photo?

My problem is that when I look at the camera photograph, it will look perfect, but when I look at the computer after removing the SD card, everything is blurred and must be taken again. This is very inefficient and time consuming. Is there any software that I can use (preferably free) where I can connect my camera and laptop via USB so that the shots appear on the laptop in real time?

Camera: Sony, ILCE-6000, a6000

OS of the computer: Windows 10

usb – Electric discharge of the laptop charger

I rushed to plug my USB laptop's charger into my laptop and received an unexpected electric shock when I touched its metal part. The charger generates 20V / 6.5 A and is the original that came with my Lenovo laptop. I bought the laptop half a year ago and I'm pretty sure I touched the metal part of the USB before, while it was plugged in without consequences. The accident occurred while on vacation, using an exit that I had not used before, so I suspect it was the exit that was at fault.

The discharge lasted about a second and was quite strong, although it felt like a typical electric shock. I only felt it in my right arm and not in other parts of my body. A few hours later, my right arm still feels a little tense / numb and I even have a little headache. It is true that I tend to experience extreme anxiety about any potential health problem and my symptoms are minimal, as much as they exist. It is very possible that they are more related to anxiety than to electric shock. However, I am looking for advice on whether what happened to me has potential health risks and if it requires an immediate visit to the doctor.

MacBook: my laptop is connected to wifi, but it does not work. The wifi will work on my phone and the laptop will work on other networks

My laptop is connected to my wifi at home, but nothing will be charged with an Internet connection. To load a web page, I must turn off and on again the wifi, then reload it or it will not load, and sometimes it still does not work.

My phone and all the other devices at home work well. My laptop works on other Wi-Fi connections.

This has happened before and it stayed for about a week, directly after my house connected to the NBN (I live in Australia), so I attributed it and it was solved in time.

If someone could tell me what the problem is and how to solve it, it would be great.

(I have included images of the "advanced" configuration for wifi on my computer in case that helps)

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here

suspend: the work of Hibernate on a laptop mowing with safe boot stopped working when I switched to LightDM


There is a complicated problem with the gdm3 and HDMI adapters that make Ubuntu not detect the HDMI port on my laptop. As a result, I switched to lightdm, and that solved the problem.

Unfortunately, this switch broke the suspension and hibernation. I followed the instructions on how to enable hibernation when I was still using gdm3 and (as well as suspend) it worked perfectly:

Add ‘Hibernate’ Option in Power Menu in Ubuntu 18.04

The menu options on the login screen (suspend and hibernate) worked as well as using "sudo systemctl hibernate". Now, after switching to lightdm, I'm having problems.

The hibernation invocation from the command line still works, but the suspend and hibernate menu options on the user's login screen now do nothing when I select them. Any welcome suggestion.

Thanks in advance,


Windows 10: Samsung laptop boot failure and overheating

I have a Samsung NP550PC7C-S02UK i7 laptop. The initial symptom windows start and the points spin in endless cycles and can not start at the Windows logon. Automatic repair is also not charged. The laptop overheats and "turns off" and turns off. I tried to boot from USB and DVD, the same boot problem.
The heat sink was removed and the fan clogged, so the thermal paste was cleaned and replaced. The problem remains.
The hard drive was removed and loaded into a PC. The disk check solved some problems. Put it back in the laptop and there is still no boot to log in, usb, dvd and automatic repair fail and it still overheats and cuts.
Did anyone experience this type of failure? I suspect that either cpu, gpu damage or even mobo? useful suggestions please

Laptop – monitors 3 x 24 & # 39; & # 39; with a Thinkpad X1 Yoga?

I'm used to working with 3 screens, so I bought three monitors that I connected to my Lenovo Dock USB-C. Unfortunately, regardless of the connections you establish, I can only have:

2x 1920x1200 @ 60Hz 6-bit RGB
1x 1280x800 @ 59Hz 6-bit RGB

IntelĀ® UHD Graphics 620 supports a maximum resolution of 4096×2304 at 60Hz and 3x1920x1200 = 5760x1200 which is out of bounds.

When looking at my specifications Yoga x1 I can see that I can use the USB-C through the base to connect two monitors and the HDMI of the computer to connect the third one. And it's surprising that it works, but I need to connect two connectors to my laptop.

So I was looking at the other link, like the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock 230W that has the specifications I'm looking for, but it's not compatible with my Yoga X1.

Then I saw the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 graphics base Which seems incredible, but it seems that it is only compatible with the Lenovo 720S. However, according to some articles, I would work with my X1 Yoga.

Any advice?

Mma is delayed when she moves down on the laptop

I installed Mma 10.0 on my thinkpad T480s and when I moved (even without loading anything in Mma's core), it was delayed.
Is there any way to avoid / fix it?

Is the laptop infected with something? Extremely annoying pop-ups that I can not get rid of!

Quote Originally Posted by ES-George
See publication
To stop that, go to Chrome: // settings / content / notifications (or Chrome -> Settings -> Advanced -> Site Settings -> Notifications) and remove the notification from "".

If you perform a quick Google search on "", you will find more information about this particular problem.

Thanks for the answers …

Unfortunately that was the first thing I tried, it did not work! doing that does NOTHING … pop-ups keep appearing endlessly dozens of times until today. I have returned to attach a new image of the popup window to which I refer …

… Now that you see a screenshot of the pop-up window, does that help show what the problem might be? Here is the screenshot of the pop-up window in the lower right corner of my screen The pop-up window says "Summer sales up to 30% off" and when I click to close it .. then a new SPAM window opens !!

I did a scan with malwarebytes, spybot search and destroy … I have an antivirus. Use bitdefender. NOTHING is finding infections anywhere. They are ENCHANTING me for these amazingly amazing pop-up windows! I can not say where they come from! !!

Someone mentioned malwarebytes .. again, scan a laptop with malwarebytes, it is not detecting any infection. This pop-up is driving me crazy!