Is Python Still Better than Ruby as a Machine Learning Language?


Is Python Still Better than Ruby as a Machine Learning Language? | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. Post Is Python Still Better than Ruby as a Machine Learning Language?

    Which programming language is good for Machine Learning Language?

    Python or Ruby?

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complexity theory – Formal defintion of SET-PARTITION as a language

I am not quite sure howto define SET-PARTITION as a language as in Sipser. Is it

{ <S,A,B> mid (A,B) text{ is partition of } S text{ and } sum_{nin A} n = sum_{nin B} n }
quad text{ or } \
{ <S> mid text{ there exists a partition } (A,B) text{ of } S text{ with } sum_{nin A} n = sum_{nin B} n} quad ?

wikipedia – Transclude a page from another language or another project

It’s not possible. As specified in the documentation:

The general syntax for transclusion on Wikipedia is {{Namespace:Pagename}}, where Namespace:Pagename describes the title of a Wikipedia page.

The full list of namespaces is here, but it includes only pages on the English Wikipedia site, so neither in other languages or sister projects.

How could I recognise the Pikachu language in yacc?

I am trying to do a simple lex&yacc program that can recognise the three sound of pikachu: pi, pika and pikachu. My only rule is that one token can not appear 3 times in a row in line. I have tried this:


program : program line 'n'
line: PI piWords
    | PIKA pikaWords
    | PIKACHU pikachuWords
piWords: PI 
    | PI pikaWords
    | PI pikachuWords
pikaWords: PIKA 
    | PIKA piWords
    | PIKA pikachuWords
pikachuWords: PIKACHU
    | PIKACHU piWords
    | PIKACHU pikaWords

but this doesn’t work on all combinations, for example Pika Pikachu pikachu. How could I rewrite this?

Problem with changing language with keyboard

I have enabled changing language in ubuntu 18.04 by gnome-tweaks. But now when I switch to language#2 by keyboard I can not switch again to language#1 by the keyboard. Can anyone help me?

dnd 5e – Do monsters with the “Telepathy” language automatically sense creatures in their telepathic radius?

Some monsters possess the special “Telepathy” language.

Telepathy Telepathy is a magical ability that allows a monster to
communicate mentally with another creature within a specified range.
The contacted creature doesn’t need to share a language with the
monster to communicate in this way with it, but it must be able to
understand at least one language. A creature without telepathy can
receive and respond to telepathic messages but can’t initiate or
terminate a telepathic conversation.

A telepathic monster doesn’t need to see a contacted creature and can
end the telepathic contact at any time. The contact is broken as soon
as the two creatures are no longer within range of each other or if
the telepathic monster contacts a different creature within range. A
telepathic monster can initiate or terminate a telepathic conversation
without using an action, but while the monster is incapacitated, it
can’t initiate telepathic contact, and any current contact is
terminated. (MM p.9)

Does this ability allow them to sense the position of all creatures within the radius of their telepathy, given that “A telepathic monster doesn’t need to see a contacted creature”?

What is the best language for this huge requirement? Your expert input required please

What languages would you use to do the project below and why?


  • Scrape a lot of data (text, pictures, videos) from multiple websites multiple times in a day (one example: all vehicle data from
  • Combine all data and check for any changes in the data being scraped (e.g new pictures)
  • Make data available on a website on a real time basis (database?)

What is the best language for this huge requirement? Your expert input required please

complexity theory – Is $P$ defined for TM which decide a lanague or accept a language?

Sipser defines $TIME(t(n))$ as the set of all languages that are decidable by an $O(t(n))$ time TM and then $P = bigcup_k TIME(n^k).$

However I see also many definitions like
P = { L mid text{There is a polynomial $p(n)$ and $O(p(n))$ TM $M$ with $L=L(M)$} }

The first definition by Sipser requires a TM which decides the language and the second definition requires only a TM which accepts the language.

Which definition is more common? Is there a theorem which relates both?

magento2.3 – How can you send all emails using only default language, even if customer is using another store view?

I’m looking for a way to send email notification without translation, so I have default language is set to English, and I would like all emails sent by magento2 to use only English. How can I achieve this ?

I’m having two store views one is English and the other is Arabic RTL at the moment.

Tried to look for a solution for couple of days couldn’t find any thing.

turing machines – proving $E_{TM}$ is undecidable using the halting language

You are right, assuming $E_{TM}in R$ you have Turing machine $T$ which decides $E_{TM}$ and you can construct with it a Turing machine which decides $H_{halt}$:

If we have $T$ which decides $E_{TM}$ and suppose we want to decide whether $M$ halts on $x$.
Construct a Turing Machine $T_{M,x}$ which irrespective of its input $y$ simulates $M$ on input $x$: if the simulation halts and $M$ accepts or rejects $x$, then $T_{M,x}$ accepts its input, otherwise, it never halts.

You can convince yourself that if $M$ halts on $x$, then $L(T_{M,x}) = Sigma^*$, and if it doesn’t then $L(T_{M,x}) = phi$.

Now you can figure out why this acts as a decider for the Halting problem.

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