How to create a purely functional language?

I want to create a purely functional programming language, something like Haskell, purely functional, lazily evaluated, with curricular functions, custom data types, type classes, all bells and whistles.

However, I really don't know how to do this; I could be able to implement a regular functional language, only with numbers, functions and without data types / types classes / functions currified / etc.

Could someone provide me with general information on how to do this in, for example, Python, or provide resources?

PD I tried to read Write him a Haskell but apparently it is not finished.

Also: if you reject this question, I would like to know why.

Turing recognizable but no Turing decurable language cannot have TM does not stop at infinite inputs

Suppose $ L $ It is Turing-recognizable but not Turing-decidable. Is it true that any TM recognizes $ L $ can't stop at infinite different entries?
My idea is that yes $ L $ stop at infinite different inputs, then the TM can also recognize $ overline {L} $, this means that the TM can decide $ L $, which is a contradiction. Is my idea correct?

How can I show that every normal language has a finite index?

How can I show that every normal language has a finite index?
Can I use the Myhill-Nerode theorem?
I tried to use the fact that:

δ * (v) = δ * (w) => v ~ w
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[ Languages ] Open question: Does the Swedish language sound rude to you?

[Languages] Open question: Does the Swedish language sound rude to you?

What is the python language? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Piton is an interpreted, object oriented programming language similar to PERL, which has gained popularity due to its clear syntax and readability. … PitonIt offers dynamic data types, ready-to-use classes and interfaces for many system calls and libraries. It can be extended, using C or C ++ language.

script: what does the Bitcoin policy language offer the developer that Miniscript does not offer? What is the difference between the Bitcoin and Miniscript policy language?

I understand that the policy language compiles to Miniscript and compiles Miniscript to Bitcoin Script. This is also a great resource in Miniscript: But I know very little about the policy language and there don't seem to be too many resources online.

When would you use policy language instead of Miniscript? What does the policy language that Miniscript does not offer? What are the key differences between them?

Which language is better Php or Python ..?

Hello friends,

Which language is better Php or Python ..?

Find a context-free grammar (CFG) for the language

This question already has an answer here:

I am trying to find a CFG for language A below. I've spent hours on this, but I still can't find the answer. I also came up with the idea that this may not be a language without context, but in reality there is a PDA that recognizes it. I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this.

                    A= {0^a 1^b 0^c 1^d | a+b < c+d, a,b,c,d>=1}

What kind of language is Python?

Hello friends,

I want to know that what kind of language is Python?

i18n l10n: do i have to start a multilingual site with a precise language?

It shouldn't matter what language you start with. The only question is whether all the strings are translated for the language you choose. It also matters if all the chains used on the site, including those of its modules, are really translatable. As for the content, it shouldn't matter. You must configure the language settings correctly.

Check out the multilingual guide

To translate content

Report the specific problems you encounter and you can get help on them.