random – Does this kind of passphrase “editing” have any benefits/drawbacks?

So an hour ago, I got 5 dices and opened E.F.F.’s word list, and generated a random five word passphrase(all letters small with spaces, no punctuation).

The words were making up a meaningful scene in my mind, so I made a complete sentence out of the words by adding some more words(like of, from, a, etc.) and punctuation. Now I am not able to decide that which of the following thoughts is more dominant:

BENEFIT: I got some punctuation, a single capital letter and more words. So “strength” of passphrase should increase.

DRAWBACK: The virgin passphrase was quite random(non-sense), but the new sentence has got appreciable “real-world” meaning(sense) to it. It looks like a spam message generated by the method mentioned in THIS answer.

USECASE: This passphrase will be used for logging into my P.C.

Can anyone tell me what kind of mount this Rokinon lens has (Konica AR or Minolta)?

I recently bought this lens and I am looking to adapt it to a Nikon D3300 and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the mount of the lens is.
Thank you :]enter image description here

enter image description here

database design – What kind of Relations should I have in my E/R Diagram

I am trying to create an Entity/Relationship Chen Diagram for a new APP. Scope is simple enough.

I will have multiples types of users login through the same Login Form.

What I decided to do… Is create a parent Table call Credentials that will contain only the Username/Email & Password.

First Draft

Users, Subcontractors, Clients & Employees will have access to the system but each of those tables will have diferents attributes, that’s why I need differents table. But all of them will have a Username/Email & Password.

I guess that is a Hierarchy relationship. And the relations should be I guess…

  • 1 Credentials to 1 Users.
  • 1 Credentials to 1 Subcontractors.
  • 1 Credentials to 1 Clients.
  • 1 Credentials to 1 Employees.

I am doubting a lot.

  1. How can I represent that in a E/R properly?, Is this way a good way to do it?
  2. In children tables Should I use the Credentials ID as primary key?
    or is better to use Credentials ID as foreign key but have primary
    key as well?
  3. Children… are week entities right?
  4. If for example… a Subcontractor will required differents account to login… different should be… create a NM?

rest – RESTful Response when the POST request results in the creation of different kind of resources?

I have been working on designing an API that lets client create a product (think of product as something like website domain, something that comes into existence when client makes order for it to the service). Correspondingly with every purchase results in creation of the order object. Which means creation of two resources via a single POST request.

So afaik, the RFC standards recommends sending 201 on resource creation with URI for the resource in the Location header. But in the above scenario, we are creating two resources, domains and orders and I would want response to contain information related to both the resources.

Response would look something similar to this

POST /domains/
 body: {"domain_name": "awesome.com"},

 Body: {"order_id": "1234"}
   Location: http://example.com/awesome.com

But does not look very RESTful. I was wondering if there was a RESTful way to do this?

usa – What kind of visa do I need? (US)

I’m a mother with a dependent child in Canada. My daughter would love to go to a ballet school in Georgia and we have the means to go if I can find remote work there. I do plan to do work but my daughter is going there to study, do we need an M1 visa or something else, and how do we get it?

Can the headphone or earbud (Bluetooth or wired) transmit malicious code, virus, Trojan or any kind of malware from computer to computer?

I have an old computer and I am sure it has Trojan or malicious code but after that i bought new one
the problem is i did not change my old headphone that used in my old computer and i plugged it in the new computer
so are there any problem to use my old headphone ? and thank you

tensors – Computing Christoffel symbols of the second kind

The code you provided is a definition for a function to compute the Christoffel symbol (and Inverse to compute the inverse metric, I do not know “InverseMetric”)

ChristoffelSymbol(g_, xx_) := 
 Block({n, ig, res}, n = 4; ig = Inverse(g);
  res = Table((1/2)*
     Sum(ig((i, s))*(-D(g((j, k)), xx((s))) + D(g((j, s)), xx((k))) + 
         D(g((s, k)), xx((j)))), {s, 1, n}), {i, 1, n}, {j, 1, n}, {k,
      1, n});

Then you have to define coordinates xx and the compontents metric with respect to the coordinate basis.

xx = {x, (Theta), (Phi), t};
g = {{1, 0, 0, 0}, {0, r^2 + b^2, 0, 0}, {0, 
    0, (r^2 + b^2) Sin((Theta))^2, 0}, {0, 0, 0, -1}};
ChristoffelSymbol(g, xx) (* This calls the function! *)

{{{0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}, {{0, 0, 0, 
   0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, -Cos((Theta)) Sin((Theta)), 0}, {0, 0, 
   0, 0}}, {{0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, Cot((Theta)), 0}, {0, Cot((Theta)),
    0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}, {{0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 
   0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}}

equipment recommendation – Which kind of camere he use it?

I’m wondering if someone could be recognize which kind of camera the photographer attached


Cause I think could Be an analogue camera, but I’m not really sure cause a lot of people use digital camera and recreate the analogic touch in post production.
Someone can help ?

Thank you

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What kind of keywords should we use while doing blog, exact keywords or long tail keywords?

What kind of keywords should we use while doing blog, exact keywords or long tail keywords?