How to make 301 with different keywords in new URLs and redirect www.’s AND non www http to https?

I am moving a 180-page non-https html site with http: // www and the non-www version to WordPress and https And changing the URL keywords in an .htaccess file in Apache

Some of the files are http: //

And unfortunately some are duplicates of those files but not www. That is, http: //

So I need to manually find some way to enumerate the html files

http: //

And the

http: //

And redirect it not only to https but also change the URL after the domain name as

https: //

I don't want to use a WordPress plugin to do it, but an .htaccess file in Apache.

I know I will have to write a line of code or two for each URL that I want to change.

How do I write the code to move the http www and not www URLs to https and totally different keywords in the htaccess file and not have redirect strings?

Does it matter if I do the http: // first before the http: // in the redirect?

If I put a space between each URL change so I can see and fix it more easily, will that affect the speed of redirects or cause a problem?

I have reviewed many tutorials for .htaccess and have never seen any of them that have an unsecured www to redirect https, and an http: // no www to redirect https and different keywords in the new URL after the domain name

I think the difficult part is the different keywords after the domain name, but I have already created the site with those URLs.

Thank you

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SEO: Does Google consider the TLD of a domain when matching keywords?

There are two cases in which I am thinking:

1] If the search string is "we buy houses" and the domain is ""

2] Same search string, but the domain is "".

I see more and more domains using the second strategy as a creative and truculent way of structuring your domain to make it entertaining from the perspective of a human. But I wonder if the same strategy would generate some juice from an algorithmic perspective.

I guess the first domain would rank higher than the second, but I wonder if Google would even consider the second domain to be a coincidence.

google adsense: combination of keywords and ads from managed placements

What is the behavior if we add keywords to a campaign that has a managed location? We are creating a responsive image ad and we want it to be displayed on a single website.
This article describes the behavior, but it is for previous AdWords experience, so I assume it is no longer valid.

What is the frequency of keywords?

Kindly share your suggestions

Is it important to use it in SEO?

Thank you


How to know KEI of the keywords that are used on the website?

Hi guys.

I want to know about KEI
and how can i use it?

Is it a payment tool or free tool?
suggestions require ..

Thank you


How to rank for neighboring (similar) keywords?

Hello friends,

How to rank for neighboring (similar) keywords?

How to rank for neighboring (similar) keywords?

Hello friends,

How to rank for neighboring (similar) keywords?

What keywords do I classify for?

What keywords do I classify for?

I have a website that has many publications
But I don't know what keyword I'm raking in the search engines
Any tools for this?

Let me know guys

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