Gmail: how to filter messages from a specific sender into inbox if they have either of two keywords, and delete all messages with neither keyword

I’m working for a nonprofit that serves people charged with federal crimes. We track their cases online using a system that sends an email to us every time something happens in their case. That’s a huge amount of email though, and up to this point we’ve only really cared about sentencing hearings. So I currently have it set up with the following filters:

Matches: from:( sentencing
Do this: Apply label "Sentencing Update", Never send it to Spam, Categorize as Primary
Matches: from:( -sentencing
Do this: Delete it

We’ve decided we also want to get emails that contain the phrase “Trial held.” I’m pretty comfortable creating the filter that would get something with that phrase into my inbox and labeled, but I’m less clear on how to update the deletion filter. It seems to me there are two options for NOT/- filters with multiple queries:

  1. delete everything that contains both queries
  2. delete everything that contains either query
  3. delete everything that contains neither query

I want option number three. What should the filter look like? I could see 1 or 3 being what happens when you use an AND operator and 2 and 3 happening when using an OR operator…

LSI Keywords


We're thinking about trying to use more LSI keywords in our SEO optimizations. My question would be, if you have a list of LSI keywords do you write a new article using several of the keywords or would it be better to use the LSI keywords in an existing article?

Editing isn’t currently supported for keywords and event schedules

need to edit my event BUT this is the message I get

Editing isn’t currently supported for keywords and event schedules – what is this ???

What are negative keywords in Google AdWords?

What are negative keywords in Google AdWords?

query performance – MySQL slowlog optimsing for Having and Group By Keywords

I have below entry in the slow-log, i just wonder how can i optimise this below query as it looks very simple query that, i don’t see any way of optimising it,

# Query_time: 32.797535  Lock_time: 0.000000 Rows_sent: 0  Rows_examined: 512871
use dbname;
SET timestamp=1629724372;
FROM `screening`
JOIN `referrals` ON `referrals`.`a_id` = `screening`.`screen_id`
JOIN `referrals_file` ON `referrals_file`.`a_id` = `referrals`.`a_id`
GROUP BY `screening`.`screen_id`
HAVING (MONTH(MIN(referrals_file.datereceived)) = 12 and YEAR(MIN(referrals_file.datereceived)) = 2021);
  • (please mind am not a database administrator, just developer so my knowledge will be limited)

Help with my keywords


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wallet recovery – Obtaining private key from mnemonic keywords

A customer of us can’t remember which wallet he has used before (in 2014), but he still knows his public wallet address and als the 12 words for recovery.

We have a choice of 3 different wallets which he might have used (at least on of those must be the right one)

  • Bitwallet for IOS (still available but not devooped / maintained anymore0 We manage to retostore this app from a icloud backup but id holds another wallet)
  • (we tried to import using the 12 words, but we got also another wallter address than the one which holds the 0.9 BTC)
  • Multibit for Windows (Als tried to import using the words, but we don;t have any backup files so we’ve let it generate but also it created another walletadress)

What we really know is the correct walletadress and also the 12 words. Is this enough to recover the private key / funds?

Hope someone can help us out.

Regards, Mark

approximation – Voice activation keywords algorithms on iot devices?

I’ve been scouting the internet for days and after a lot of digging, I decided to resort to my last hope and ask: I’m talking about the “hey Google”, “Alexa” and so on voice activations. All results I could find suggested recurrent neutral networks but I have some serious doubts about that for several reasons:

Running an rnn requires a lot of resources, both memory and CPU. None of which are available in both Alexa and Google home devices-they are really underpowered and have hardly any resources available to spare.

“Hey Google” is also available on pixel phones and while they have plenty of system resources, to my mind this would seriously impact battery life.

So my question is if anyone knows what might be going on here – we are looking at incredible accuracy on hardware that’s significantly less potent than a first gen raspberry pi?

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