Conflict in the classification of the publication of the blog and the page of the same keyword

I optimized a web page on my website with 1 keyword.
At the beginning it was classified well.
Later I wrote a blog article on my website with the same keyword and indexed in google.
The ranking of my service page is replaced with that new blog post.
Anyone please provide the solution.

Google Sheet – How to create a new cell from one keyword in another cell?

I have a column that has job listings with additional information, so I just want to take the job and place it in a new cell.

A1: I'm looking for an assistant to the marketing division ...

B1: Assistant

(list of keywords): analyst, assistant, associate, coordinator … etc.

Is there a formula or script that creates B1 based on a keyword found in A1 when verifying the list of keywords?

100 keyword research, competitive analysis for $ 10

100 keyword research, competition analysis

Keyword research is the most important part of SEO. If you want to rank one in Google, you need to optimize your keywords.

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seo – Will Google index and assign keyword value to content in closed accordion sections?

It depends on you and you do not have to worry about leaving the accordion open or closed.

Let's say that the content is hidden for the user, the accordions use JavaScript to hide or show the content, as long as the javascript is accessible for Googlebot, it will not have any problem with its SEO, since Google can access the Javascript code and understand that you are using to hide the content and you can also analyze or read the hidden content of the source code.

You should check that the robots.txt file on your website is not blocking Google to understand that the hidden content is temporary. To go and make sure that no folder or file containing the accordion javascript code is blocked as

User agent: *
Do not allow: / folder / accordion / javascript
Do not allow: / javascript

Google Ads broad match keyword: show keywords for clicks

I have a broad match key phrase (+ keyword1 + keyword2 + keyword2), where you clicked several times on my Google Ads account.

How can I show the exact phrases of where the clicks are coming from? As it is a broad game, something like this is possible: + keyword1 + keyword2 + keyword2 something else

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What is the frequency of keywords in SEO …?

Hello friends,

What is the frequency of keywords in SEO …?

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How to stop the fluctuation of heavy keywords?

How to stop the fluctuation of heavy keywords?

+ Answer the thread

  1. How to stop the fluctuation of heavy keywords?

    Hello everyone, I really need a suggestion from my website every day my keyword ranking fluctuates up or down and, seriously, I do not know how to solve this problem, so, please, anyone who answers me or suggest me to solve this fluctuating problem.

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When and for what purpose should we use the keyword const in language c? Is it important to study it? [on hold]

I'm new to C and during a video conference I stumbled upon the const rating keyword. I can not understand if it's important or not. Please give examples for a better understanding.

seo – Optimization for the same keyword in 2 different regions (USA and Canada) – Yes or No?

Background: The same company that operates in 2 regions (United States and Canada). The language is quite similar, except for some content differences, however, the main keyword is the same after evaluating keyword opportunities.

Canada URL is:
The URL for the United States is:

Question: Do you consider this & # 39; cannibalization of keywords & # 39; even though I'm trying to classify in different regions? If so, what is the best approach?

Thank you!

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