Website of video game CD keys (affiliates)

If you play video games, you've probably heard of websites like G2A, Kinguin and Eneba. These websites offer a wide variety of software and video games that can be purchased at discount prices online. Instead of visiting a local store and buying new games or software at retail prices, a visitor can use these websites to buy valid activation keys (without the case, manual, etc.) at a significantly lower price. That is the exact purpose behind the site that I publish today, which started at the end of February of this year. Currently, there are more than 30 products on the list, and the new owner can continue adding more to create additional content and sales.

The domain is registered through DynaDot and expires in February 2020.

This website runs WordPress and has approximately 32 elements added at this time. What I have done to add content in the past and find a game (or piece of software) listed in Kinguin and then search for Google images in search of a main image with a size of 600×600. Then I add the products (using WooCommerce) and include a unique description, plus a link to my Kinguin affiliate URL for that specific product. Quite plain and simple really. The more games / software you can add, the better! At the same time, my goal was to fill this site with hundreds of different games, but in reality I never made it. For the traffic that the site has received, it has a fairly decent conversion rate.

I have not done much to promote this site, apart from creating some backlinks, but of what traffic it receives practically everything comes from search engines. Contact me if you want to add to Google Analytics – Traffic Screenshot 1 | Traffic screenshot 2

All website revenues are currently obtained through affiliate links (5% of each product sold). The new owner can use Kinguin, G2A or any other global key selling website that offers unique affiliate links to the products. The new owner could also add banners on the site to try to increase the income as well. Since I put this site online I generated a couple of sales. Kinguin clicks screenshot | Screenshot of the Kinguin Commission

BIN: $ 65

Padma Aon Prakasha famous books

1: The power of Shakti

Padma Aon Prakasha: Shakti is the feminine vital force that incessantly manifests, creates and activates.
To ignite this living power within us is the key that both men and women must achieve.
Vital harmony, empowered peace and sacred union. Uniting forms of Tantra Yoga
Padma Aon, which is found in the sacred Indian, Tibetan and Hebrew traditions, reveals how
Activate the power of Shakti by opening our 18 energy routes. Focused on
the uterus in women and hara in men, Shakti links soul, body, emotions and
Sexual creative flow in powerful experiential openings.

2: The Nine Eyes of Light.

Padma Aon Prakasha: We are alive at a time when many of us experience other realities. Deeply
relevant to what we are experiencing today are key in the Egyptian tradition,
which served as the basis for your awake civilization. Now, Padma Aon
bring the nine Egyptian keys of the Light Body to our times, so we can learn
of Egyptian teachers how to live, create and change our consciousness
multidimensional. These nine keys are one of the oldest teachings of the
functioning of the light body of a civilization that had dominated it.

3: The Plan of Christ

Padma Aon Prakasha: The Plan of Christ is an inspiring map given to us by the Apostles of Christ.
about the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness. Revealed in communion with the
Council of Masters of the Christ in the first church in the world in Maries de la Mer
France, this book of eyes opening and opening of hearts provides a deeper connection with
the Christ inside you

4: Sacred Wounds: Original Innocence

Padma Aon Prakasha: The wounds of our soul are our paths back to our original innocence. Our wounds are
our own unique and perfect design, a sacred synchronic pattern that takes us back, without
fail, in our own sovereign soul. Our original innocence is our purity, which we return.
After having fully felt all our human pleasures and pains, joys and sufferings, emotions.
and ecstasy. It is completely embracing our humanity through the journey of life that we
Have the opportunity to enter into our innocence twice born.

5: Dimensions of love

Padma Aon Prakasha: 7 Steps to God brings new truths, sometimes radical, for the soul to the 21st century.
In the journey of souls, we all move through 7 spheres or dimensions. Each sphere has clear
Signs, lessons, opportunities and emotions that show us where we really are on our journey through souls,
Where we need to go and how to get there. The Sufis, Christ and Saint Teresa of Avila shared.
These seven steps, and in Dimensions of Love, come together to help us see what
It takes us to wake up today.

6: Wisdom of the womb

Padma Aon Prakasha: Voted one of the 30 best books you should read, Womb Wisdom was the pioneer who catalyzed
The current resurgence in practices based on the uterus and spirituality. In the past and today.
Indigenous traditions, women have known that the uterus harbors the greatest power that a woman.
It has: the power to create at all levels. This power can also be exploited at the birth of
Projects, careers, deep healing, spiritual growth and deeper relationships. The belly is the
connector between women and the network of life, and we can learn again how to take advantage of this
An immense creative potential to revolutionize how we live, heal and create.

7: Sacred relations

Padma Aon Prakasha: We are living in a time on our planet when we are called to reach the depths to find
the courage to undertake an incredibly challenging and amazing act of creation: the birth
of the Divine Human. This genesis is happening right now, in the whole world: not only in humanity,
but within all life and the Earth itself. We believe that this change is the answer to our crisis, as well as to the
deeper meaning of it. The birth of the Divine Human is the key to our evolutionary destiny,
And it happens through the sacred relationship.


Is it a privacy issue that iOS persists private keys between application installations of the same package ID?

In iOS applications, Apple has many problems to prevent applications from creating a stable identifier for a specific device. For example, in iOS> = 5 they no longer allow applications to get the UDID linked to the hardware of UIDevice -uniqueIdentifier and instead exposes a value that changes between the application's facilities in UIDevice -identifierForVendor. They also seem to put unwritten restrictions on advertising identification, and allow the user to reset it by enabling the "limit ad tracking" option.

However, as I have been working on an application that needs to identify the installation on our servers, I noticed that there is a fairly simple way to identify a device in a unique way until a cleanup occurs or a user manually edits their keychain.

When you create a private key backed by SecureElement, that key is stored in the HSM, while the public part of the key is stored in the keychain. The keychain entries are associated with a specific package ID and are not deleted when the associated application is uninstalled. In addition, the HSM policies can be applied when creating the key that allows linking the access to the key to the biometric identity of a specific user.

Each time the application is reinstalled, you will have access to this identity linked to the hardware that can be used to strongly identify the device Y the user.

Why would Apple do this monitoring, what are the security and privacy implications, and what can a user do to protect their privacy without having to manually manage the keychain?

blockchain – What is the need for multiple private keys?

From what I understand, initially there is a seed from which the private keys are obtained and from which the respective public key is derived to each private key.

The public key is essentially the direction of the portfolio. So now say I want to receive 10 BTC from Bob. Then Bob makes a transaction "paying 10 BTC to the address of the wallet ##### (mine)" and the signature with his private key.

I (or the validators in this case) can verify it by looking at the digital signature with Bob's public key. And if I have to send 10 BTC to Bob, I do the same as above.

What I do not understand is what is the use of having multiple private keys when only one can be enough. (I have read somewhere that wallets act more as a storage for keys than for Bitcoins, so the doubt).

Also, if there are many private keys (=> public keys => wallet address) related to each transaction, how is it possible to trace the previous transactions since each one has a different address?

Keys that fall off the butterfly: changing the key is enough or do I need to change the clip?

The "A" and "S" keys of the letters are falling. I want to order new ones from the internet, I found a cheap solution. The question is: is it enough to buy keycaps or do I have to change the clips too?

How can keys be kept secure through prime factorization?

Sooo I under n = pq where p and q are big cousins, so it makes them inefficient to the point of being impossible, but there must be a list of primary sets (do people hear them call them traps, I think?) Is that known? As if p and q are both pairs of knowing, you could not look at n and go well, I know, so I do not need to even solve it, I can tell you that it is pq. Or is there an infinite number of primes available and is limited by the size of the key? Is not there a finite number of prime numbers available in 2048 bits that would not be so difficult? It's obvious that it has not been cracked for so long, but I do not understand why not, since you know how many prime numbers there are and also what they all are.

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authentication – Can 2FA keys be duplicated?

I want to ask for a 2FA key (like yubikey) online and I want to know if someone could duplicate any key I ordered during shipping.
I do not want to discuss if someone could access my package. I want to know if someone can access my package during shipping or even after I receive it, could I duplicate my password?

And if they can, and they also have my password, that means they can also access my account (Gmail) after configuring 2FA authentication, right? What happens with blocking my account?

And can you tell me what key would be compatible with several online accounts and, preferably, with offline use in Linux (Ubuntu) as well?

Why can I change the keys / values ​​of a site's cookies in the development tools, but not the console?

I spent at least 2 hours trying to change the cookies of a website, such as Facebook, through the console. It seems that if I deactivate c_user in the dev tools, I disconnect. But when I tried to do document.cookie[0]= "c_user = 0", nothing happens.

Press all keyboard keys [C#]

I would like to know how to simulate the pressing of all the keys of the keyboard without any exception.

I've tried it with a foreach with Keys from System.Windows.From but nothing.