windows – How can I change a Google Chrome flag with a keyboard shortcut?

How can I change a Google Chrome flag (chrome://flags/) with a keyboard shortcut?

For example, I’d like to map a keyboard shortcut to set chrome://flags/ #enable-force-dark to enabled.

I use Google Chrome on Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

suspend – I have pressed fn+insert key by mistake and my screen blanked and keyboard and mouse are also not working. How do I get it right?

I have recently updated to Linux 20.04 Lts but sometimes it suspends and although the power switch stays on, nothing works. I am unable to wake my laptop by pressing any key or with mouse. This time I pressed fn + insert and the screen has gone off and neither keyboard nor mouse works. But if I switch off the laptop and reboot it again everything works fine but all my unsaved work is gone. Please help me to get out of this situation.

Which kind of compressed air product should I use to clean keyboard?

My Macbook Pro 2018 15′ keyboard is having many mistypes and double types. I believe the problem is dust under the keys. So I wonder: Which kind of compressed air product should I use to clean keyboard

applications – Using personal keyboard in work profile (Shelter) on Android 10

I am using Shelter to create an isolated space for apps which I don’t trust very much and to disable them when I am not using. Shelter works by creating a work profile in Android and registering itself as the administrator, thus granting it rights to disable apps.

This has been working great in my Android 8 phone, but I recently got a new phone which comes with Android 10, and unfortunately it looks like I can no longer share the same keyboard in work profile apps. This is important to me because I use KeePass2Android
to store my passwords and it provides a virtual keyboard to automatically input credentials into any text field.

Is there any way to get back the old functionality and be able to use personal keyboards in work apps?

keyboard – how to disable system autocorrect?

Gboard has a toggle to disable/enable spellcheck completely, but using 3rd party keyboards such as AnySoftKeyboard shows this annoying red-underline and suggestion-box spellcheck and it cannot be disabled. the spellcheck is actually part of the Android system, not part of AnySoftKeyboard.

how can i disable spellcheck for the whole system
how can a dev implement a toggle to disable the spellcheck like Gboard does?

keyboard shortcuts – Paste Without Formatting won’t work safari

I am able to use the “Paste Without Formatting” option in every browser except Safari. In Safari, neither the keyboard shortcut (Shift + Cmd + V) or menu>paste without formatting works. When I right-click, the option to paste (Cmd + V) is there, but paste without formatting is greyed out, along with several other options.

Screenshot of Menu

How can I fix my iPad Magic Keyboard when everything works except the trackpad?

I’ve got the Magic Keyboard (the one with the hinge that holds the iPad Pro suspended in air above the number keys) and everything works except the trackpad. I can go into the settings app General > Keyboard > Hardware Keyboard and the brightness reacts when I slide the control.

Hardware Keyboard settings showing brightness control

What can be done to fix this so the trackpad works?

Set British PC Keyboard layout on iPad

I use the “British PC” layout on macOS, and I’ve started using a keyboard with my iPad (iOS 13.4.1), and I want to use the same layout on it. However there’s only “British” and “International – PC” neither of which match the British PC layout. Is there a way to change the keyboard layout to match the macOS layout?