Magic Keyboard fn key does not have desired behavior with arrow keys

I have a 2020 MBP running Catalina. I just bought a magic keyboard for ergonomics, but the fn key (note: not the F1-F12 keys) doesn’t modify the function of the arrow keys in the same way it does for my MBP’s keyboard.

For example:
While using vim in terminal, my fn + up arrow = page up on my MBP. On my magic keyboard it is a single line up (the as when I don’t press fn at all).

I’d like my magic keyboard “bindings” to be similar to the MBP’s keyboard. Is this possible?

keyboard – Macbook air 2015 trackpad short

I recently spilled some water on my macbook and it stopped working. I opened it up and cleaned all corrosion I found. Thankfully, it booted up but I noticed that the trackpad and keyboard were not working. The trackpad got very hot to the touch. A chip on the trackpad board was getting very hot as soon as it boots up. The chip that gets scorching hot is shown in the image below:

This is the chip that gets scorching hot

Now the reason I’m stumped is because I replaced the trackpad with a new one, and the new one gets hot in the exact same place as the old one. So I guess this is caused by some other problem other than the trackpad itself. I am very unsure what it could be though which is why I’m asking here. To make sure it wasn’t caused by the keyboard I ran it with the keybard ribbon cable disconnected but the short is still there. Also I should note that when it is connected the keyboard caps lock light flickers.

In order to not do further damage I’ve been running it with the ribbon cable for the trackpad disconnected. I would run it like this forever if I could but I believe this causes the SMC to freak out, so now my system is very slow and has the fan on full blast constantly.

keyboard – Does certain Fn key like F11 does not work for services which are linked to automator?

So I did a small automator to toggle wifi on/off. I put that in services so I can assign a shortcut in keyboard in system preference.

I can assign F12, F10 all seems good but when I assign F11, when I press F11 it does not do anything but give me a error sound… However assign F11 to other non-service like mission control totally works… Wondering if F11 or other Fkeys have certain program or what’s the logic behind this?

I’m using Apple Wireless Keyboard (latest) with my Macbook pro on Catalina

brightness – TeckNet mechanical keyboard lights not controllable

I’ve got a TeckNet mechanical keyboard with LED backlights, when I had the keyboard plugged into Windows, I was able to hold the function key down and turn the lights off, on, rotating etc. Also change the brightness.

I’ve plugged it into Ubuntu 21.04 and none of these features seem to work. The keyboard seems to be stuck on the rotating light scheme.

Does anyone know any way of managing the lighting on this keyboard?

windows 7 – Can’t type keyboard but all lock keys (caps lock, screen lock, num lock are all light up)

First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I have an usb keyboard. Yesterday, I unplugged it from the PC (OS: Windows 7. And the PC was off when I unplugged the keyboard) to clean the dust from my keyboard. Nothing major, like flipping it upside down and shaking it and also wiping the dust off the cable. When I plug it again (the PC was still off), all the LED lights from 3 lock keys are all on but pressing the lock key doesn’t turn it off. I didn’t think about it and unplugged it so the light doesn’t interfere with my sleep. Next morning when I plug it in to use it after turning the PC on, I can’t type anymore (All 3 lights are on whenever I plug the keyboard in but can’t be turn off).

I try restarting the PC but it doesn’t help. I try uninstalling the keyboard driver but upon reboot the driver doesn’t automatically reinstall so now I’m also missing the Keyboards Submenu (I remember it was a Standard PS/2 Keyboard driver that I uninstalled but I could be mistaken) in Device Manager. I try plugging the keyboard into my laptop (try both usb port) and it doesn’t help (the 3 lights are still on every time it plugged in) but when i plug my laptop mouse into the laptop usb port then the mouse is still working fine.

Any help about the keyboard or the missing driver is appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone

P/S: Should I try manually install a keyboard driver for my PC. If so, how can I search for the appropriate driver? Should I search by the motherboard of the PC and the OS?

I think my Bluetooth Keyboard has a keylogger, how can I tell, and can I remove it?

I have a Redragon K530, and I’ve noticed that it periodically uses a massive amount of bandwidth and completely saturates my bluetooth dongle. It’s very annoying because other devices connected at the time become inoperable when this happens. The bandwidth spike also happens as the keyboard is turned off.

I don’t get why a keyboard would use high bandwidth normally, so I’m guessing it’s sending data collected over time.

I haven’t installed any of the software offered by redragon for the keyboard, so whatever data its sending isn’t going anywhere, its just clogging the pipes.

Is there a tool like wireshark that can look at what it is sending, and can I stop this thing destroying my connection?

keyboard shortcuts – Windows suddenly thinks I pressed the windows key all the time but i haven’t

I have the problem that somehow all keys I press execute like I press the key with the Windows key.


  • If I press ‘e’ the Windows explorer opens
  • When I press ‘i’ the settings open

It’s like I pressed the ‘win’ key all the time, but I have definitely not pressed the Windows key

I already tried to press the key again that it disappears and searched the internet but I can’t find something useful

It mostly happens when I play GTA V

I don’t know if it’s a Hardware problem or something else. I already reinstalled the Logitech G Hub, but the problem is still there.

And I can’t work like that bc I have to restart my PC every time this happens


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro/21H1
  • Keyboard: Logitech G 910
  • Software: Logitech G Hub

I hope someone can help me because it’s really annoying

keyboard – MacBook Pro does not start anymore, only Trackpad responds

I used my MacBook Pro (Late 2017) in the recent days, but suddenly it had an unexpected shutdown and the screen went dark. What I saw before the immediate shutdown was a notification, but I wasn’t able to read anymore since the shutdown occurred just a few milliseconds.

Well since then, I can’t start the MacBook anymore. I can press the button and I can feel, that the Trackpad is active, so it is „clickable“. But unfortunately there is no screen turning on or any component running else on the Mac.

Does anyone had something similar in the past or is there a keyboard shortcut to get to some recovery tools? I just wanted to ask before I go to a repair store since the warranty has expired.

Mark checkbox "completed" in Google Docs checklist using keyboard

I see that the checkboxes in Google Docs’ checklists can be marked completed by clicking with a mouse. Is there a way for me to mark them completed using only the keyboard?

macos – Annoying white rectangle follows cursor around after wrong keyboard shortcut

After making the wrong keyboard shortcut, a weird white rectangle appeared around my cursor and followed the cursor around.

(I was trying to make the shortcut that arranges icons by kind)

Inside the rectangle the screen was almost normal but kind of pixelated. I couldn’t take a screenshot but I recreated in Illustrator:

enter image description here

It was extremely annoying and I had to log out of my session and back in to finish work.

What did I trigger and how do I get out of this horrible thing if it ever happens again?