How to clear these email suggestions from the top of the iOS keyboard?

I have googled a few times but I am unable to get the answer I wanted. Most results are about the Mail app one way or another.

For me, my problem is actually as highlighted in the attached screenshot.

Above the keyboard there are two email suggestions for filling into the input boxes.

How can I remove them without the need to change any contact details?

enter image description here

Cannot use Ruble sign on Russian keyboard layout

With a Russian keyboard layout, I cannot access the Russian Ruble symbol ₽ with [Alt Gr] + [8].
Does anyone have a solution for this or is this fixed in newer Ubuntu versions?
I use Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

Linux / How to remap keys of a gamepad without affecting another keyboard

I have a Razer Orbweaver gamepad on which I would like to configure a custom keymap unter Ubuntu 20.04. The OpenRazer drivers only allow me to configure lighting, not keymaps. Other keymapping tools such as KeyboardingMaster didn’t work very well.

Out of the box, the keys seem to follow a default gaming setting mapping of the left side of a QWERTY keyboard.

I’d like to use tools similar to xmodmap to set the keys / key combinations, but I don’t know how to map only the keys of the gamepad, not my regular keyboard. As per xinput, the gamepad is recognized as its own keyboard, but the scancodes of the keys pressed seem to be the same as the ones of my regular keyboard. setxkbmap accepts specific keyboard ids, but it seems to accept only predefined layouts.

Is there a way I can remap just the gamepad’s specific keystrokes without affecting the normal keyboard’s output?

keyboard – Can you make Bluetooth hardware work out-of-the-box in Boot Camp?

I have a Bluetooth keyboard (the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic) paired to OS X. When I boot into Windows, the only way I’ve found to get it to work is to manually put it into pairing mode again and pair it through the Windows Add a Bluetooth Device option. But then when I reboot back into OS X, the keyboard is disconnected and I have to re-pair again. Is there any way to keep it paired to both?

Change keyboard laylout for Android on VMWare

I have successfully installed Android 7.1 on my VMWare Workstation Player 15 but I want to change the keyboard layout to a german layout. Does anyone know which config file needs to be changed to achieve this? Is there a way to to this while the OS is running or does one have to do it over the console in a debug mode?

Best regards

keyboard – Finicky external monitor with hobbled 2013 MacBook Pro

Hi so I have an early 2013 retina MacBook Pro that has very much seen better days. The lcd broke long ago due to a closing-the-laptop-with-something-still-inside accident; and because this was the very first MBP that required the retina screen, it was always too expensive to fix it. To get it to work I’ve been connecting it to an external monitor through the laptop’s HDMI port.

Recently though there was a water spillage accident that occurred, and now the internal keyboard doesn’t work properly (well more specifically, it seems to cause the power button to think it’s being pressed down constantly so the thing just boot loops infinitely).

Okay so no problem there, I just disconnected the internal keyboard ribbon like I had disconnected the internal monitor ribbon. I bought a wired USB keyboard and mouse to plug in and should be no problem.

And here is the thing: I am able to get it to work-sometimes—but for some reason now the external monitor thing is REAL finicky. Sometimes I will turn the thing on and plug everything in and I have to mess around for like ten minutes before the laptop finally gets the clue that I want it to use the external monitor that it’s plugged into.

Does anyone know why this would be so difficult? Often it requires me unplugging and plugging in the cable many times. I’ll try powering on and off a bunch of times. It always eventually works; but so far I haven’t identified any one particular thing that clues the computer in that, yaknow, “use the damn external monitor like you always do, please?”

Any thoughts would be helpful. It’s an early 2013 MBP with the internal keyboard ribbon and internal monitor connection severed. I use the hdmi port to hdmi input on the monitor, but I also have a thunderbolt2hdmi cable that Ill sometimes use through the MbP’s thunderbolt port to try and cycle through options when the hdmi2hdmi isn’t working.

windows – Typing Quotes on Keyboard acting wierdly

Recently something happened to my keyboard. I think that I accidentally changed some settings.

Whats happens is when I press single quotes ' , the quote doesn’t appear in the text immediately, but only after I press space bar/enter/next '.

Furthermore, when I press ' , nothing appears, but when I press a key like a, this is what gets typed-


I understand that this should be a feature or something, but I don’t need it. Its really annoying. How do we turn this off?

Other characters with this problem (which I noticed)-

  • Double Quotes " – This combined with a shows ä
  • Backtick/Backquotes ` – This combined with a shows à
  • Tilde ~ – This combined with a shows ã
  • Caret ^ – This combined with a shows â

My keyboard doesnt support or have language that i wish to use

I have wireless/bluetooth keyboard but it doesn’t have/support my native language and it’s layout.
is there are a way to add language to keyboard language settings?
Someone help pls

android 10 – What happened to my dotted underline in the keyboard suggestion strip?

I’ve recently upgraded my phone, and have mostly managed to get the keyboard back to how it was, with one exception. When I used glide typing before on my old phone (AOSP keyboard), the middle word in the suggestion strip had a dotted line underneath that allowed me to long-press on a suggestion (‘be’, ‘a’, or ‘so’) and get a popup list of more suggestions:

Keyboard before long-press

Keyboard after long-press

On my new phone (Gboard), this no longer happens and a long-press merely prompts me to remove the suggestion:

Keyboard before long-press

Keyboard after long-press

What happened to this functionality and can I get it back? Have they simply removed it? I found the former behaviour far more useful.

keyboard – Services Shortcut & Automator: No icon when launching app

I would like to have a shortcut to open my terminal emulator “Alacritty”. It is installed as a mac app (.app directory) and a standalone executable. (Installed via brew)

I made an Automator action for it, which I then could bind to a system-wide shortcut in the System Settings. The desired action would be:
a) The app launches with the icon and b) opens a new instance everytime the run the action (not just brings the current window to focus).

The following things were tried but failed in one way or the other:

  1. Use the “Launch Application” action from Automator. This won’t work, because instead of creating a new instance of Alacritty, it focuses the old one.
  2. Use the “Run Shell Script” action and just enter the binary path. This works, but the Alacritty instance doesn’t have its icon.
  3. Use the “Run Shell Script” action, but enter “open /Applications/”. This seems to work when I run it from Automator. However when I run it using the shortcut, it still lacks the icon.

Are there any other options I haven’t explored? Thanks!