jsfiddle: OneTrust cookie management does not save my local host settings

We use OneTrust on our public website to manage cookies and comply with GDPR. It works well on our stage and live sites, but it never works on my local host.

We have pages with jsfiddle inlays to show examples of our open source code and the violins are not loaded. We only see one error shown:

enter the description of the image here

If I click on the link, a pop-up window appears that gives me cookie options and I select Allow All But nothing changes.

Javascript working on jsfiddle but not on the wordpress site?

This is the code I want to include in the wordpress site: http://jsfiddle.net/EFM9b/1/

The results are not displayed on the wordpress site, but it works on JSfiddle

Pointers to get something to work out of jsfiddle

Any indicator for the next jsfiddle to work out of jsfiddle, please, guys?

I did a lot of things, but I never wrote a javascript word and, generally, I resolved things on my own, but after a whole day I decided that I can not learn a full language to maybe discover a prayer and ask for help.

Linux Server and I even saved the jsfiddle page, loaded it to the server and it still works as it is in the saved page format. With my own page, I tried to load different javascript and jquery libraries and organize or do what I can think of, but only a blank page with no clues in the background.

Maybe I should somehow start javascript or something before showing on the div?