I will write any script in html, css, javascript, jquery, php for $ 5

I will write any script in html, css, javascript, jquery, php

About this concert You want to add a new feature of your website or caught in some development problem?

I will write code in Javascript, JQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and SQL for you.

Characteristics of this concert are:

✓ HTML5 and CSS3.
✓ JavaScript integration / JQuery libraries.
✓ Custom Javascript scripts.
✓ Custom PHP scripts.
✓ Responsive Bootstrap.
✓ Cross-platform compatibility.
✓ HTML, CSS and JavaScript encoding in ClickFunnels.
SQL problems and queries.
✓ JQuery validation.
✓ Optimized and documented code.
✓ Optimization of speed.
Generic bug fix.

Concert service Categories:


Discuss the requirements before placing an order.

Thank you.


Website for developers with HTML CSS JS pro for $ 10

Website for developers with HTML CSS JS pro

You need a website, You are in the right place. I will design a responsive website for personal or deal needs I will support you at any time in the future. My jobs are fast and clean, you don't have to worry about the end result. I will help you at any time. I just need the content and the images. Do not hesitate to contact me before placing the order. .


Get an amazing React JS website or get your money back for $ 120

Get an awesome React JS website or get your money back

I am a professional frontend developer, currently employed in a web development company. I have worked for a renowned client in India and, therefore, I have gained enough experience in the field of front-end development. Here I intend to build a basic React JS website in a quick time span. Please feel free to ask questions.


Comparison of large documents in JS

I am creating a code that will compare two large documents to identify the changes. Is there a JavaScript library that accomplishes this or helps me do it?

Any orientation will be appreciated.

javascript – Problem in the design of elements with Ui material using Next JS

I'm having trouble using the Material UI with Next JS. The problem is this: when I am running the project with & n 39; npm run dev & # 39 ;, the application runs perfectly, however, whenever I run npm run build and then execute npm start (for production mode) apparently, some css or something else (I do not know what it is), do not show, on the screen, the same as npm run dev. Below is the image that shows the problem.

Insert the description of the image here.

I discovered something important, which is solved, for example, when I change CSS in the browser itself, in production mode.
Everything goes wrong, that is, all the codes, when I do the npm execute build and then execute npm start, due to the code marked in the img 1. Note that in img 4, the name of the class is identical to the style of makeStyles. I do not know what's happening, but the time npm execute build, the name of the class becomes different, and it creates a class called jss1, incrementing it. Help me please Thank you
Insert the description of the image here.
I'm using Next JS: https: //nextjs.org/

Material of the user interface: https://material-ui.com/


"name": "nextjs",
"version": "4.0.0",
"private": true,
"dependencies": {
"@ material-ui / core": "^ 4.2.1",
"@ material-ui / icons": "^ 4.2.1",
"@ material-ui / styles": "^ 4.2.1",
"clsx": "most recent",
"cross-env": "^ 5.2.0",
"next": "last",
"npm-check-updates": "^ 3.1.20",
"prop-types": "most recent",
"react": "most recent",
"reaccion-dom": "most recent",
"react-select": "^ 3.0.4",
"Style components": "^ 4.3.2"
"scripts": {
"dev": "next",
"build": "next build",
"start": "cross-env NODE_ENV = production && next start"

javascript: slider from scratch (html + css + js)

I would like a light on how to create a simple leader of sliders in the style of slippery but without using slippery slipper but rather create from scratch, because the forms that CSS style slippery slipper I have formatted, I do not fulfill what I want to create, I need to implement this slider of 3 or more images in a web page, if you can not answer here or even want to explain me better my installation is @ Eberth.Silva, thanks in advance.

Problem js: variable not defined [on hold]




How do I update the Django database or model with results of an operation in js?

The math operation, I'm doing it on the front with js, but when it comes to wanting, that result, be updated in the database, I do not know, how to do, any suggestions please?

html file

{% extends "templates / base.html"%}
{% block content%}
{% load staticfiles%}
{% now "Y-m-d H: i: s"%} 
{{user.Peti}} {{user.numero_employed}}
{% csrf_token%}
Type of request: {{form.petit}}
Reason: {{form.razon}}
Start date: {{form.periodo_init}}
End date: {{form.periodo_fin}}
Enter days to take
Enter hours to take
Remember, that you have {{user.d_pendientes}} days and {{user.h_pendientes}} hours to compensate
{% endblock%}

That is, this is a draft, which I use as an example, but I would like to know, if I have to use ajax necessarily or if with django in the view, I can save the result of the


calculation function ()


   var dias = parseInt (document.getElementById ('dias'). value);
   var hours = parseFloat (document.getElementById ('hours'). value);
   var dias_base = parseInt (document.getElementById ('const_dias'). value);
   var base_hours = parseFloat (document.getElementById ('const_hours'). value);

   dias_base - = days;
   base_hours - = hours;

   alert (dias_base);
   alert (base_hours);
} console.log (calculation);

And this is the views.py with the following function

def solit (request):
    args = {'user': request.user}
    form = addiForm (request.POST)
    if request.method == 'POST':
        if form.is_valid ():
            form.save ()
        return redirect ('index')
        form = addiForm ()
    return render (request, 'templates / add.html', {'form': form}, args)

sharepoint server – PnP js returns the call "The article does not exist"

I am running a small code to load a file into a SharePoint 2016 document library and to change the metadata.

Sometimes (but very often) my code returns an error "Error making the HttpClient request in the query [404] Not found "with the message" The element does not exist. I could have been removed by another user. "

This is my code:

pnp.sp.web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl ("/ sites / mysite / ConfigDL"). files.add (fileOgg.name, fileOgg, true) .then (function (data) {
var RelativeUrls = "/ sites / mysite / ConfigDL /" + fileOgg.name;
// Retrieve the document that has been loaded. Start
pnp.sp.web.getFolderByServerRelativeUrl (RelativeUrls) .getItem (). then (item => {
// start of the update Next, the Call to Doc list will update the base of the row in Item.ID
pnp.sp.web.lists.getByTitle ("ConfigDL"). items.getById (item.ID) .update ({
Number: "" + number + ""
}). then (r => {
alert (file.name + "upload successfully!");
}); // update end
}); // Retrieve end of information doc.
}); // Load final document

I do not understand why this error occurs randomly and what is wrong with my code. Any suggestion?

8 – The Advagg module minimizes css and js but does not add it or increase it

I am using advagg for minification, aggregation and verification of css and js. All files are minified, but not uglyfying and aggregation it happened

The modules that I enabled are

  • AdvAgg Bundler
  • AdvAgg Minify CSS
  • AdvAgg Minify JavaScript
  • Advanced CSS / JS Aggregation

My drupal version is 8.7.3