customs and immigration – Am I over-staying in the Philippines? Japanese Dual citizen

I have been living in the Philippines since I was a kid. I was born to a Japanese father and Filipino mom, which makes me a Filipino citizen. A few days ago, I inquired about getting a Filipino passport ( which I haven’t owned since I never thought I needed it and my parents never got me one since I lived here. And i currently own a Japanese paasport. Unexpired). The officer told me that under the Nationality law in Japan, I could no longer get a ph passport because I’m past the age of 22 ( the age that Japan limits a japanese citizen to be dual). And that I’m currently a japanese citizen only. I have never returned to Japan since I got here. Does that mean I have been over staying here in the Philippines? How should I proceed?

dietary restrictions – How do I ask Japanese restaurants in writing not to serve me any meat?

A relative’s doctor commanded him to eat NO meat, but he can still eat seafood. We don’t speak Japanese. We’re thinking of printing our question on paper, then showing the paper to

  1. Japanese restaurant staff before we enter.

  2. and chefs who work behind the counter. kaiseki or omakase chefs pick ingredients for us, and we can’t pick ingredients. I want them to see our paper just for assurance. Can someone proof read Google’s translation please? Japanese Stack Exchange bans translation requests.

Sorry, I don’t speak Japanese. I can’t eat meat for medical reasons. I mustn’t be served any meat. But I can still eat seafood. Can I avoid meat at your restaurant?

こんにちは。 すみません、日本語は話せません。 医学的な理由で肉を食べることができません。 肉を出してはいけません。 しかし、私はまだシーフードを食べることができます。 あなたのレストランで肉を避けてもいいですか?

Why do japanese companies dominate the camera market?

Because doing something just good enough is not even an option in Japanese culture. Do it right, do it the best you possibly can, strive for perfection. It is a reflection on you as a person and the collective culture.

The western corporate practice of planned obsolescence is not something that would have been considered in Japan when Canon, Sony and Nikon Et-all started making cameras, (and everything else japan makes.) That has change somewhat for some things as the world is taken over by Mega-corporations dependent on continued conspicuous consumption. A Toyota of today is not a Toyota of 1972.

These are my words from my understanding of the Japanese Culture and mindset that was forged from century’s of striving to be the best and do it right.

Why do Japanese companies dominate the camera market?

Because they produced the best, people recognized that and purchased their products, and because of the their cultural mindset they spent the profits on seeking to do it even better.

mg.metric geometry – A theorem like Varignon’s theorem, Japanese theorem for cyclic quadrilaterals and Butterfly

I am looking for a proof of a like result as follows and Higher-dimensional generalizations?

Let $A, B, C, D$ be four point with lengths of $AB, BC, CD, DA$ are $a, b, c, d$ respectively. Let $F in DA, E in AB$ such that $AE=AF=frac{da}{a+b+c+d}$ construct point $A’$ such that $AEA’F$ is a rhombus (See Figure). Construct $B’, C’, D’$ cyclically, then:

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ form a parallelogram (like Varignon’s theorem)

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ form a rectangle if $ABCD$ is convex quadrilaterals cyclic quadrilateral (Like Japanese theorem for cyclic quadrilaterals.

  • Four points $A’, B’, C’, D’$ are collinear with $AC$, $BD$ have the same midpoint if $ABCD$ is the concave cyclic quadrilaterals (Like Butterfly theorem)

enter image description here

Japanese Keyword Hack

What are the best possible methods to secure a website from a Japanese keyword hack?

According to Japanese legend… | Money Maker Discussion

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keyboard – How to type Japanese with kana input in a たていすかん (109-key) layout using a 104-key ANSI layout

I want to practice typing with a kana input たていすかん keyboard layout, however I don’t have an 109-key たていすかん Japanese keyboard.

After browsing, I found that a lot of QWERTY/104-key keyboards are actually sold in Japan, and they have specific key combinations to emulate the 変換、無変換、半角 / 全角 / 漢字、and ひらがな / カタカナ / ローマ字 keys.

I’m an Ubuntu Linux user. Is there a way to make my computer treat my 104-key layout as an 109-key one, and allow me to use kana input?

javascript – JsPDF not supporting Japanese language

I am using JsPDF for my react project and facing some issues while saving pdf for Japanese version but it is working fine with English version.

Sometimes it is printing some random special chracters and
sometimes it prints nothing on pdf.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my code

import React from "react";
import jsPDF from 'jspdf';
import "./styles.css";

const HelloWorldJapanese = 'こんにちは世界';

export default function App() {

  downloadPdf = () => {
    const doc = new jsPDF()
    doc.text('Hello world!', 10, 10)'a4.pdf')

  downloadJapanesePDF = () => {
    const doc = new jsPDF();
    doc.text(HelloWorldJapanese, 10, 10)'a4.pdf');

  return (
    <div className="App">
     <button onClick={this.downloadPdF}>Download Pdf</button>
     <br />
     <button onClick={this.downloadJapanesePDF}>Download Japanese Pdf</button>

SandBox Demo:

Japanese, Chinese and Thai Backlinks

Hay DP-ers, Im looking to build links in Japanese, Chinese and Thai. but dont know where to start with the languages, can anyone help, or should i really be looking for native speakers?!

i dont speak any of these languages, but I thought ppl in DP might?

If you know anyone who has experience of link building in either Japanese, Chinese or Thai, or you are a native speaker in these languages and have experience in SEO in the relative google TLDs, then i would love to hear about your experiences here in this thread….

traditionally, its the same game but in a different language, but then the Japanese language is literally backwards from what i know, so instead of – i went to kick a ball – its – ball kicked went I – and thus – my keyword research is backwards… or is it? pow pow…

Many thanks DPers!!!!



Ubuntu 20.04 Ibus Anthy Japanese input stopped working

Since I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 ibus-Anthy input stopped working. The ibus-daemon is running, Anthy is installed, the input-switcher comes up, the Anthy control-panel thing appears (in Anthy mode) but the Romaji input is never converted.

I should be able to switch keybaord to Anthy, start typing fu bu pu and have that automatically come up as ふ ぶ ぷ. But it just stays in the Latin alphabet.


Any advice much appreciated. I’m using Cinnamon Desktop, but it fails the same way using whatever the Ubuntu default is (Unity?). I can’t do my homework like this.

EDIT: It’s not just LibreOffice, gnome-terminal, gEdit, etc. are all broken too.