Within Japan during the 180 days of temporary visa reset

I was wondering if any of you have any experience with these types of questions since I have been very worried and have not received a definitive answer.

So, I've been to Japan twice in 2019:

April 7 to 16 (9 days) and
September 12-December 12 (90 days)

And I have booked another flight:
February 13-May 13 (90 days)

Simply put, I loved my stay last time and I intend to return 90 more days to spend as much time as possible with my loved one.

About a week after booking my flight, I did a little research and came across information that said I cannot stay in Japan for more than 180 days for a period of 12 months on a temporary visa. While technically I will be in the country when my days "restart" is it safe to assume that I will be fine and that I will not be banned / fined for an excessive stay?

I have been very stressed about this recently and I don't know if I need to change my return flight or not to be sure and depart technically before the "180 day restart day".

Thanks for your help!

legal – Is it okay to take photos at Misawa Air Base Japan?

I am an enthusiast of military airplanes, when I go to other countries I make sure to take a look at their air base and occasionally take photos when they allow me, but I usually schedule those trips at scheduled air shows and exhibitions. I am scheduled to go to JP for a business trip and plan to make a side trip to Minawa Air Base, to take some photos with the planes. Is this allowed?

Japan: is it possible to have multiple work holiday visas (not from the EU)?

When I am approaching 31, I am thinking of trying work vacations. I am considering New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Would it be possible to request all three and then continue to change countries later? I know that once I get the Australian, I have 12 months to use it, which theoretically would allow me to spend 2 years in those three countries. Does that 12-month buffer also apply to New Zealand and Japan?

I am a German citizen

Take computer parts to Japan

This year I want to move to Japan to study and I want to bring my computer as parts such as processor, motherboard, RAM, VGA, SSD and HDD.

Can I bring them to Japan and will I have to pay a tax, since it will be for personal use?

Japan: What is the most picturesque train route between Nagano and Kyoto?

We will take the train between Nagano and Kyoto in a few weeks. It seems that there are two options:
– Nagano to Nagoya, then change and follow Kyoto (we will do this part in reverse a few days later on the way to Tokyo).
– Nagano to Kanazawa, then change and follow to Kyoto.

Both take about four hours and are included with our JR pass. As such, the tiebreaker could be the sight. What is the most picturesque route?

Safety – Which months in Japan decreases the probability of a natural disaster?

Typhoons hit Japan mainly between May and October with the peak in August and September. They can touch land anywhere in Japan, but not everyone does. Approximately seven each year pass over Okinawa, while only three arrive on the main islands. Later storms are generally more powerful than the previous ones.

Earthquakes are unpredictable and can occur at any time and have any strength. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes and are equally unpredictable. Most earthquakes are small and only result in a few seconds of gentle shaking at most. This can be disconcerting for someone who is not used to them, but they do not cause damage. Great earthquakes and tsunamis are rare.

Japan is well prepared for all three events. Only in exceptional cases is there a significant threat to security.

[JAPAN] Placement of Tokyo premium KDDI TELEHOUSE = $ 105USD

Hi everyone
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Japan: what neighborhood to visit and eat with 5 hours of transit in Tokyo, Sunday night from 6 pm to 1 am?

I will have a transit of ~ 5 hours on Sunday night in Haneda, from 6 pm to 1 am less customs and transportation from Haneda. I know I can only have one chance to visit Tokyo. What neighborhood would you suggest visiting that has the following: vibrant life like the Shibuya crossing, traditional small alleys with good street food, street food, amazing traditional sushi (it would be my only meal in Tokyo, I want to make it worthy), shrines and temples (which can be visited partly at night)

Also, any recommendations on a good sushi place with reservation or without a line? I can't afford to wait during my short trip.

The center-east of Tokyo does not seem so surprising attraction of Tokyo. I am not interested in the Tokyo tower or similar modern buildings. I heard recommendations for Shibuya.

Japan – Do stores on Takeshita Street open on January 1?

Some, if not most, stores are open.

Long answer
Note that I have not visited Harajuku in New Year, so my information is second-hand and most of my references are in Japanese.

When looking at Yahoo's questions and answers (like this and this), I receive mixed signals: some say that many stores are open, and others say that most are closed (also note that some of the posts are old, so that the situation may have changed)

A quick search tells me that food stores are open, and larger malls like Laforet Harajuku and Omotesando Hills are also open. I checked some stores on the list (requires a good amount of digging) and most of them had regular or holiday hours. One or two were closed (they probably looked for 7 or 8 stores).

Seeing this video of Takeshita in 2017 (taken around 3pm), I think it's safe to say that many of the stores were open for business. However, someone with first-hand experience could say something better than me.

Also note that Harajuku station is one of the closest stops to the Meiji Jingu Shrine, so it will be full on New Year.

US citizens – Denial of entry into Japan because there is no visa. Can I sue the airline?

You cannot sue the airline.

Check the documentation you received when you booked your tickets. You will find somewhere a clause that explicitly states that you are responsible for making sure you have all the documentation required for your trip, including visas that may be necessary.

He hasn't said what happened after he was denied entry, but I imagine the airline took him back to his point of origin. The airline will have incurred costs in doing this, and they could also have been fined by the Japanese authorities. It is possible (but I don't know how likely) they will come to you for the money.