jailbreak – How do you limit iPhone speaker’s volume only?

The Volume limit only works on headphones.
(Settings —> Music —> Volume Limit)

How do you limit iPhone’s maximum speaker volume only, but not headphones?
Someone in my house blasts his music on full volume. I just want him to use headphones.

Please help. Thank you.

iphone – Pangu jailbreak 1.2.1 – error: please make sure

I’ve an iphone 4 and I want to jailbreak it. I downloaded pangu jailbreak 1.2.1, I installed the latest itunes version, I ran pangu as admin and I got the error: Please Make Sure You Have Proper Internet Connection.

I disinstalled itunes and the situation is the same.

Could you tell me how fix it please?

How do I jailbreak my iPhone 11 so it isn't locked by the operator?

Yes, I bought a Sprint iPhone 11 and also bought your unlimited data plan. I have been making my monthly payments for my services and my phone is Sprint is so full of bureaucracy and ridiculous charges that I'm sick of it. Basically, just stealing money from me and using bureaucracy for charges that are ridiculous, is there any way to separate me from Sprint's tyranny? Yuh

IOS secure enclave and jailbreak

If an IOS device is jailbroken, understand that an attacker cannot extract key material from the secure enclave, but could they use keys using CryptoKit inside the enclave to encrypt a password stored inside the keychain?
Or do the CrytpoKit APIs perform some type of system integrity verification before accessing the key material in the enclave to verify the system commitment?

Thank you.

exploit: is it possible to run an iPhone simulator with jailbreak to investigate iOS security?

I have read the series of iOS exploits from Google ProjectZero:


I want to try and replicate part of your work. However, I am not the owner of jailbroken iPhones running the respective versions of iOS.

Therefore, is it possible to run iPhone simulators with jailbreak to replicate and investigate iOS exploits?

If not, what are my options?

jailbreak – iOS 10: Storage almost complete Warning (but I have free space)

enter the description of the image here

I am running iOS 10.2.1, with a double H3lix jailbreak. The phone was receiving the "Storage almost full" warning before I released it. I restored the phone to the installation configuration, jailbroken it and ran two different cleaning applications, one of which is iCleaner.

I guess that any cache that iCleaner is looking at is the same that causes the warning. But, as you can see, I still have 9GB of free space on this device.

Is there any way to clear this cache and correct the free space shown in iCleaner and prevent the warning from being activated?

Pokémon go to iOS do not jailbreak

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rooting – What exactly does iOS jailbreak mean? Do you give root privileges for the device?

Everywhere on the Internet, jailbreaking is described as equivalent to rooting on an Android, but is it true?
For example, Android is based on the Linux kernel, therefore, rooting means flashing your binary, therefore, it gives you the privileges "sudo" or "root" as in Linux Ubuntu.
What is the equivalent process involved in an iOS jailbreak? Does it give a user the ability to run a terminal with sudo privileges and complete control over the device?

As I understand it, iOS is based on the BSD kernel that implements the jails using chroot syscall and jailbreak to eliminate this protection through exploitation. But is this equivalent to root privileges or is root locked even after jailbreaking your device?

I would be very grateful if anyone could clarify this. No article or book mentions this in the detail I require.

iPhone – Is there any way to install homebrew on iOS (with jailbreak)

I would like to install Homebrew on my iPhone with iOS 10.3.3, which has jailbreak and has Terminal and NewTerm installed.

When I run / usr / bin / ruby ​​-e "$ (curl -k -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" I get:

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libruby.1.9.1.dylib
Referenced from: / usr / bin / ruby
Reason: no suitable image was found. I found
/usr/lib/libruby.1.9.1.dylib: you can not
map segments on 16KB pages
/usr/lib/libruby.1.9.1.dylib: you can not
map segments on 16KB pages
/usr/lib/libruby.1.9.1.dylib: you can not
map segments on 16KB pages
/usr/lib/libruby.1.9.1.dylib: you can not
map segments on 16KB pages
Abort trap: 6

The command that I tried to use is the command that uses macOS to install homebrew.

Is there any way to successfully install homebrew on my iPhone?

This problem could be due to the fact that my phone is only semi-jailbroken.

Ruby is installed and my phone has semi-jailbreak (no settings, every time I try to jailbreak with the settings enabled, it crashes abruptly, it squeezes twice and gets stuck in the same place both times, and then restarts on iOS normal).

jailbreak – iOS 8 restarts every 5 minutes with a black screen after iFile attempts to archive 4GB of files

Yesterday I wanted to copy the images I have on my iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.1 on my PC and I could not think of anything better than archiving ~ 2000 images with a total size of ~ 4 GB with iFile. After 1 hour of the "Compressing …" screen I forced the closed iFile. The reopening worked well and no file was created, it's not surprising. I was curious to know if the space occupied by the file was clear, but I did not check the initial free space while at present it showed 17 GB. So I used a pinch that I was always using well to restart my iPad. And now it is stuck in an infinite process:

  1. Boots of the device.
  2. The Apple logo is replaced by a black screen that glows slightly.
  3. During the system uptime, the device can respring several times (I guess it's a respring. It shows the Apple logo for about 10 seconds, but it does not reset the SSH connection).
  4. After some time (average of 5 minutes, the maximum recorded is 9 minutes) the system is blocked and we return to point 1.

Here are some observations:

  1. After reopening iFile after forcing the shutdown, the disk space of the user's partition had 17 GB free, the disk space of the system partition had ~ 1 GB of free space.
  2. I can still SSH on the device during system uptime, access any folder, copy files, execute commands.
  3. System failure creates 3 files in / private / var / logs / CrashReporter /:

    • ./ResetCounter-{date}.ips. Your content:

      {"name": "Reset count", "bug_type": "115", "os_version": "iPhone OS 8.1 (12B410)"}
      Incident identifier: 9DC5E667-8EEF-430E-ADEA-DA1B7E1ADB16
      Locks report key: 44f27e88093f49a552a62bf30a13a62f532b1a51
      Date: 2018-11-22 17:30:00 +0300
      Restart count: 1
      Boot failure count: 0
      Startup failures:
      Start stage: 0
      Startup application: 2681261667
    • ./com.apple.networking.discoveryd.log. {date}. Your content:

      November 22 17: 30: 00.627089 user discoveryd_helper[246]: Basic Remote Control com.apple.discoveryd_helper starting the XPC server
      November 22 17: 30: 00.628076 user discoveryd_helper[246]: RemoteControl com.apple.discoveryd_helper XPC connection detailed 0x14d704ec0: start (pid = 98,  no root
    • ./Panics/{weird-numbers-with-date}.panic.ips. Now this is the shock dump, I suppose. While the content is ~ 330KB, here is the important part (I suppose):

      {"bug_type": "110", "os_version": "iOS 8.1 (12B410)"}
      Incident identifier: C758BD32-5122-4432-AB33-972A0FB1C1D2
      Locks report key: 44f27e88093f49a552a62bf30a13a62f532b1a51
      Hardware model: iPad5,3
      Date / Time: 2018-11-22 17: 30: 00.315 +0300
      OS version: iOS 8.1 (12B410)
      Debugger message: WDT timeout
      13s ago 3028b50 3028f9fd0ce63 3028r1fc8000 3000m0 / 1 3000nffffffff 2800m10004003 / 1 2800l1 2800u0 2600m10004003 / 1 2600l1 2600u0 2400m10004003 / 1 2400l1 2400u0 2200m10004003 / 1 2200l1 2200u0 2000m10004003 / 1 2000l1 2000u0 1800m10004003 / 1 1800c55 1800l1 1800u0 1800bff 1797d55 1600m10004003 / 1 1600l1 1600u0 1400m10004003 / 1 1400l1 1400u0 1200m10004003 / 1 1200l1 1200u0 1000m10004003 / 1 1000l1 1000u0 800m10004003 / 1 800l1 800u0 600m10004003 / 1 600c294 600g2 600l1 600u0 598d294 400m10004003 / 1 400g2 400l1 400u0 200m10004003 / 1 200g2 200l1 200u0 0m10004003 / 1 0G2 0l1 0u0
      Operating system version: 12B410
      Kernel version: Darwin Kernel version 14.0.0: Tuesday, October 7, 00:05:23 PDT 2014; root: xnu-2783.3.13 ~ 4 / RELEASE_ARM64_T7001
      IBoot version: iBoot-2261.3.32
      Safe start ?: NO
      Paniclog version: 3
      Core slide: 0x0000000007800000
      Core text base: 0xffffff8009802000
      Period: sec usec
      Start: 0x5bf6bbf9 0x00000000
      Dream: 0x00000000 0x00000000
      Stele: 0x00000000 0x00000000
      Calendar: 0x5bf6bd3d 0x000d0326
      Total cpu_usage: 19269891
      Thread job pri cpu_usage
      0xffffff808df31420 kernel_task 81 197773
      0xffffff808d489000 syslogd 4 237
      0xffffff808e3034e0 sshd 4 608067
      0xffffff808c848800 kernel_task 0 3750235
      0xffffff808c833560 kernel_task 0 4503697
      Panic task 0xffffff808c81fb20: 31906 pages, 164 threads: pid 0: kernel_task
      Panic thread: 0xffffff808df31420, backspace: 0xffffff8009ca7a20
      lr: 0xffffff80098db44c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7a80
      lr: 0xffffff8009e74ca8 fp: 0xffffff8009ca7f60
      lr: 0xffffff800a8c520c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7fd0
      lr: 0xffffff8009bede2c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7fe0
      lr: 0xffffff80098d126c fp: 0xffffff8009ca7ff0
      lr: 0xffffff80098cee64 fp: 0xffffff800514bad0
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed63f4 fp: 0xffffff800514bb20
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed180c fp: 0xffffff800514bb50
      lr: 0xffffff8009bd2aac fp: 0xffffff800514bbb0
      lr: 0xffffff8009ed186c fp: 0xffffff800514bc00
      lr: 0xffffff80099530c8 fp: 0xffffff800514bca0
      lr: 0xffffff80098d83a0 fp: 0x0000000000000000

Additional details:

  1. I'm not using iTunes, iCloud.
  2. Entering safe mode does not solve the problem. In fact, I do not even know if I'm in Safe Mode due to the black screen.

I guess that iFile has messed up some files or their permissions, but the system works fine for at least 5 minutes. Why is the screen black? How can i fix this?

Edit: here is complete crashlog.

Editg 2: As I mentioned earlier, I can execute commands through SSH. This is what I see when I execute. respring I send. The following output appears after the respring is performed:

rm: can not delete `/ tmp / RestoreFromBackupLock & # 39 ;: permission denied
rm: can not delete `/ tmp / SpringBoard_reboot_flag & # 39 ;: permission denied
rm: Can not delete `/ tmp / gg_address': permission denied