Is not it hard to believe that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died ten years ago today, enjoy your life now, will it be gone sooner than you think?

Yes, two icons (one in music and the other in action television shows), have died on this day, 10 years ago. I miss you both.

As for enjoying my life now … I have reached an agreement with my mortality. You're right. No one is young forever, and no one is alive forever, so I will make the most of the time I have while on this earth.

There is a person who dies or was born, literally, every second. Both events happened while you were writing this question.

World population clock: …


[ Politics ] Open question: Barbra Streisand says that the accusers of Michael Jackson were "delighted to be there" and that their "sexual needs were their sexual needs".

She also said: "He did not kill them."

Would he say the same if Trump were accused of sexually abusing young children? .

What is your opinion of Michael Jackson?

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