covid 19 – What to look for from insurance policies to cover a trip cancelled if my itinerary includes a city hit by the coronavirus?

From this related question/answer, I understand that if a flight is cancelled because the destination city is unfit for travel due to an epidemic, the airline itself should refund the price of the air travel.

My question has to do with travel insurance coverage for separately booked travel arrangements. Say my flight is cancelled, but that I’ve paid separately for other travel arrangements, will Trip Mate travel insurance honor this as a “trip cancellation”, and cover my losses associated with non-refundable travel arrangements?

The only reason I’m using this specific travel insurance company is because the PDF is available and I thought wise people here could use this as an example to say why or why not losses would be covered. And possibly for what verbiage one should look for when selecting travel insurance that would indicate that an insurance product would cover non-airline travel expenses if the airline determined a place was too dangerous to fly into.

Link to PDF:

From the PDF:

Hazard means: (snip) c) Any delay due to lost or stolen passports,
travel documents or money, Quarantine, hijacking, unannounced Strike,
Natural Disaster, civil commotion or riot;

Then, under “Coverage > Trip Cancellation”:

  1. Natural Disaster at the site of Your destination that renders Your destination accommodations Uninhabitable. This benefit will not apply
    if the Natural Disaster has been forecasted or a storm has been named
    prior to purchase of this Policy.

  2. You or Your Traveling Companion being hijacked, Quarantined, required to serve on a jury, or subpoenaed within ten (10) days of
    departure; having Your Home made Uninhabitable by Natural Disaster; or
    burglary of Your Home within ten (10) days of departure.

But I don’t think the Natural Disaster definition applies:

Natural Disaster means earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane, blizzard,
avalanche, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or landslide that is
due to natural causes and includes an event that is directly due to
naturally occurring wildfire, earthquake, windborne dust or sand,
volcanic eruption, tsunami, snow, rain or wind, that results in
widespread and severe damage such that either the government of the
country where the Natural Disaster occurs issues an official disaster
declaration or the U.S. Government issues advice to leave the country
where the Natural Disaster occurs.

Sending a customised Google Maps itinerary – as-is – to Android phone

I’d like to have a customised route available on my phone for turn-by-turn navigation. BY customised I mean an A-to-B-to-C-to… itinerary that has been dragged at various points along the route, starting from the originally computed itinerary. Detour points added by dragging are represented by large white dots:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, as it stands now, Google Maps does not allow sending this to the phone without removing all detour points defined by dragging:

enter image description here

One workaround is to redefine each detour point not by dragging but by adding its specific location (address, or lat/long), in which case the custom itinerary can be sent to the phone as-is. This has to be within the limit of no more than 10 named detour points, but then again the same limit also applies to dragged detour points, before the message “Route cannot be modified further” comes on.

The problem is that, for long tours, while you’re on the road, if you accidentally do an extra back tap on your phone, the entire itinerary is lost, and the only way to get it back is to use the “send to phone” command on an online computer, which may not be available.

Any solutions based on Google My Maps don’t seem good, as they all lack turn-by-turn navigation. Even more advanced options such as saving the tour as a GPX are out of the question if you’re going to navigate with Google Maps Android, as it does not do GPX.

Is there any way (even hacky) to retrieve the custom itinerary directly from the phone, without the need to send it from the computer?

Cancellations – Itinerary if only one of the parties appears

I know that if one reserves a multi-leg itinerary and one does not show up on one of the legs, the rest of the flight can (will be lost).

I am curious to know what would happen if I had to book an itinerary for several people and one of the passengers does not register on one of the flights. Would the entire itinerary be in danger?

visas – Change of travel itinerary: Should I notify the consulate?

I received a multi-entry Schengen visa from the Spanish consulate in Mumbai for a meeting that was originally scheduled for January 9, but has now moved to January 23. The visa is valid for 45 days, so it will be valid throughout my stay.

Since I had to rebook my plane tickets and change my hotel (due to availability issues), should I notify the consulate about these changes? I have heard of people who cancel or revoke their visas due to similar things, hence my apprehension. Is there any possibility that sending the new itinerary to the consulate could cause problems with future applications or with passport control?

visas – Is it mandatory to use travel agencies in Canada for the itinerary?

No, absolutely and definitely not.

Canadian immigration is very clear that an agent should not do anything to apply for a visa. Everything can be done by the person making the request. In fact, Canadian Immigration actively warns about the false information that unscrupulous agents are presenting, claiming that an agent was necessary for some things.

Regarding the itinerary, all that is needed is a description of approximately what you intend to do and where in Canada you will go. You do not have to include reserved tickets or hotels. It certainly does not have to be created by a travel agent. Immigration understands that most people wait until they have a visa to reserve things.

visas – Is it possible to use an invitation letter along with an itinerary?

I will resubmit a visa application for Canada again, and I don't have a related relative, only a friend in Canada, therefore, I wanted to know something.

In part of my itinerary, I mentioned that I would visit a family friend. Is it necessary that I also receive an invitation letter from him? Please, I would like to determine this, just to be very sure.

Change of itinerary plan on the US tourist visa. UU.

On my DS 160 B1 / B2 visa, I indicated that I visit a relative and stay in his place. Can I change my flight itinerary when I enter the US? UU., Instead of visiting my relative, will I visit my friend and stay in his place?

Can I change the itinerary after obtaining a visa?

travel from Thailand by (route no schengen) to Cy
If I applied for the visa but the itinerary went through Dubai and after obtaining my visa to change the flight to Bahrain, will it be ok?

Thank you.

For the b1 / b2 visa, is it okay to change my actual travel itinerary from the original travel plans I described on the DS 160 form?

I received the b1 / b2 visa and I want to travel to the USA. UU. According to my original travel plans, I only gave 12 days for my trip while applying for the DS160 visa, but now I want to stay around 50 days to extend my time in the US. UU. For tourism purposes and follow-up meetings.

I also want to change my hotel (the place where you stay in the US in DS 160 form) since I found a cheaper and more convenient one.

As it is my first time travel, I am a little worried about these changes, since they are not in line with my original travel plans described in DS 160.

Is it okay to move on with the new plan or should I strictly book my flight and hotel according to DS 160 that I requested?

Can I enter Norway with an Iceland visa when I was not on my itinerary?

I received a visa from Iceland, but as of now I have the feeling of arriving in Norway, although I did not include it in my itinerary as a second country to visit. Can this cause me problems at the borders of Norway since it is not on my itinerary?