8 – Save the response of an item's Ajax callback in a custom FieldWidget plugin

I have created a field widget for text fields in a content type. If a URL is entered into the text field, an ajax event callback is triggered on change and the URL is parsed to get the Open Graph tags if they exist in the field.

The ajax callback also converts the image link from the OG tag to an image tag and adds it to the field container. However, I cannot save the value of the scanned image. I would like to save it as the parsed image value.

I'm thinking of adding a hidden text field that would save the value of the parsed field by allowing the ajax callback to add the new image tag to that field. Or better perhaps save this image value in another field in content type like text area.

What other solutions are recommended for this problem?

redirect: in SP2016 online, after adding a new item and clicking save, the site was redirected successfully to a new page, but the new item's data was not saved

I used the code below in my online SharePoint project (2016). While the redirection part works perfectly, the new element, however, is not saved. Can I ask if someone ever had the same problem in this way? Here is the script that I used:

I have tried many different alternative solutions … for some approximations, after clicking on the Save button, the data is saved, but the page goes to & # 39; AllItems.aspx & # 39 ;, not the one I specified; for other approaches, after clicking on the Save button, the page is redirected to the one specified correctly, but the data is not saved … no approach works either to redirect or save. Any ideas? Please help! Thank you!

Google sheets – Assign a value to the cell based on another list of cells of the item's value

Here is the situation: I have a column I with the heading as "Design" and column J with the heading as "DETAIL", then I have a column K with a header like "TYPE_W". OK in this last column K, I selected cell phone K2 until K22 and added a data validation criteria: LIST OF ARTICLES so DETAIL, DESIGN, OTHER, then what I want to achieve is:

If I select in K2 "DESIGN", I want on a cell phone I2 the value = Y, if DESIGN is not selected, then I want the value to be empty in I2, then the same for cell J2 if the value selected in K2 is "DETAIL", then I need to J2 A VALUE = Y otherwise I need an empty value, so of course I want this for all the cells below I Y J that a value in K If nothing is selected because nothing is imputed in that row, can anyone help?

How to submit a link to the current item's workflow status page

I would like to send an email from WorkFlow that includes a link to the current WorkFlow status page of elements – wrkstat.aspx, is this possible?