Personal item size

When an airline defines the maximum sizes of an element such as "x = 30 cm, y = 40 cm, z = 10 cm", are the sizes of the x and y axes interchangeable? For example, could you bring an item whose dimensions are x = 40 cm, y = 30 cm, z = 10 cm?

SharePoint designer workflow to copy an item from the list to another list that includes a search field

I need to merge 2 SharePoint lists into a third list. I am using the copy item command in the SharePoint designer. I also tried the create element command.

Both work well until I reach a search field. The search field is not copied. I tried to create a local variable but it doesn't work either.

I am using SharePoint Designer 2013 for an Office 365 implementation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

online sharepoint: interrupt list and list item REST inheritance

You may have access "Contribute" to the list, which will allow you to view, add, edit and delete items in the list, but do not make any changes to the list itself.

What you need is the "Edit" permission, because that adds the ability to manage lists, which will allow you to change the permissions set in the list itself.

Here and here are two Microsoft articles that explain permission levels in SharePoint.

dnd 5e – How do I make a flat-travel group use survival / spell slots for food / drink instead of infusing a Replicating Magic Item from the architect?

You don't seem to want to explicitly reject the alchemy jar, just make sure it's not being used in excess. As a GM, you have a variety of tools that you can use to encourage other behavior.

Descriptions, descriptions, descriptions.

exist at least Two situations that you can describe that will help foster variety among your players.

  1. Describe the mealtime for the characters.

When describing mealtime, highlight the monotony of the alchemy jar's approach. It is the same food over and over again. Players will get tired of hearing the same description over and over again.

  1. Describe the smells that the characters find

When describing an area, be sure to attract the smells and flavors that the characters will find. Finding an NPC in a camp should include the smell of roasted rabbit in the fire. When walking through the forest, you can smell droppings that indicate good hunting grounds. Upon entering an inn, you can smell the aroma of the cakes that arrive from the kitchen. An abundant description of the food they see can further encourage the desire to real food.

Remember that you can give inspiration to reward good role play. Consider the reward of inspiration if there is a fight over the monotony of the alchemy jar approach.

Add NPC to the group

Whether through a rescue mission or escort or a random encounter, increase the group size so that the alchemy jar approach is not feasible. They will have to rely on the use of additional means to support themselves and their fellow NPCs. This can be through the spell Create food and water or Goodberries or hunting.


The NPCs that encounter the party will probably notice the lack of portions that the party carries and will be curious. If the part is not being discreet with your jar, you may be wondering what the jar is doing and encourage them to show the properties of the jar. In the desert, it will be a valuable asset and could also attract the attention of the most unpleasant types.

Dead Magic Zones

The party can find areas of dead magic in their travels. Magic items have their properties suppressed when they are in this area. He would use this in moderation since the architects depend on the magic objects, but it would be an unpleasant surprise to find that his jug does not work.


Add food / water to items found during looting or when completing meetings. Only finding these elements in nature can encourage the party to take a break from the alchemy jar's approach.

Let players try this approach. If they end up trusting him, you can use it to hook frames. A part that depends on a trick will have to be creative when that trick is stolen or ineffective.


It should be noted here that the infusion of Replicate Magic Item requires that an article of the appropriate type be infused. For the alchemy jar, a 1-gallon non-magical ceramic jug is probably the appropriate element that is required. If they do not carry a replacement jug, they cannot replicate the alchemy jug.

In addition, when Alchemy Jug is replicated, the previously infused jug loses its magical properties. By allowing the artisans in the game, you or your players can take advantage of this for a scam. Sell ​​the infused Magic article and replicate it in the morning. Previous Magic the article is now mundane and the party (or scammer) benefited without loss. Just be sure to add rewards when this ruse is discovered.

StaleElementReferenceException: obsolete item reference: the item is not attached to the page document

I'm having trouble clicking a button, I've tried it in different ways, but I can't find the way.

enter image description here

quoteitem – Magento 2 – Get all the options of a budget item

I need to get all configurable items related to an item in the cart. For example, if the cart item is "XL", then I need to get all the other options like "S", "M" and "L" along with their attributes.

I receive all items in the cart using the following method:

$items = $cart->getQuote()->getAllVisibleItems();

And then I try:

foreach( $items as $item ) {
  foreach ($item->getOptions() as $option) {
    // Here I need to get the attributes for each option but I'm not sure how to go about that

Is getOptions() the way to follow?

Thank you!

woocommerce – Add parameter to cart item url

I am adding custom data to a variable product. On the single product page, I have a drop-down menu (controlled variation) and a JavaScript application that allows the user to design a poster. When the poster is finished, it is stored in a database and an identification is returned. Then I save the ID in the custom field and the custom product can be added to the cart. I show the identification in the cart item and in the order as well. But if I want to edit the article after adding it to the cart (by clicking on the article in the cart) I only get the variation value (as part of the GET URL)

It is more than likely that a customer can have two (or more) items in the cart of the same variable product with the same variation selected (but with different custom values). These elements would have exactly the same URL and there is no way I can differentiate them.

I would like to add the value of my custom field to the url.

Is there a way to do it?
Or does anyone have a different approach to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance

dnd 3.5e – Can you put marvel ring / item enchantments on weapons and armor?

If you have too many rings / charms / etc., can you add effects to your weapons and armor, such as adding Jump to your sword for a Frost Evasion Mark or making a series of minor improvements to end up with a Dwarf Plate of Healthy Elves (+ 2) (Boots) Resistant Elves (Cloak) (+1) Wise to see the minutes with ogre power (+2) Protection (+1)?

(This means you have the exploits for weapons / armor manufacturing and spells and stuff)

fast – Why does the item with the navigation link in the list turn blue?

Embed my item in the list (row) in the navigation link

And my article became blue click

Here is my code:


struct ToyRow: View {
    var category: String
    var toys:(Toy)

    var body: some View {

        Group {

                VStack(alignment: .leading){
                ScrollView(.horizontal, showsIndicators: false){
                    HStack(alignment: .top){
                    toy1 in
                    NavigationLink(destination: ToyDetail(toy: toy1)) {
                        ToyItem(toy: toy1)




so creating NavigationView doesn't help, it turns gray

WooCommerce cart does not display content when an item is added to the cart

I created a WooCommerce store for a customer, everything worked perfectly when I delivered the website. He added some add-ons and I'm sure he changed some more things. Now there are a couple of broken things on the site. The biggest problem is that the cart does not work properly. The cart page works as expected (shows the empty cart page) until an item is added to the cart and then the page content is no longer displayed.

You can try it at

I have deactivated all the add-ons to see if that was the problem, it was not.
I am not entirely sure what the problem is.