Italy – Could you walk the Via Appia Antica from Rome to Brindisi?

I really like walking and history. I verified that the Appia Antica route could still be traveled through Rome. However, it ends abruptly on Google Maps. Is there a guide / travel guide that can help me follow the historical route as I try to walk from Rome to Brindisi? It's possible?

Why are conservatives so opposed to the kind of socialized health care countries like Italy and Spain?

While tragic, it is to be hoped that this crisis will show that a single payer system like Spain and Italy is much better prepared. Retirees may be denied care, but they are old and no longer contribute to the economy. When they die, the inheritance tax on their wealth helps maintain the system.

Italy now has more deaths than China. Thoughts?

Italy is one of the most unhygienic and disorderly countries in the west. It is not uncommon in countries like Italy, France and Spain that people only shower twice a week.

However, India would make even the dirtiest parts of Italy look like restored decorum. India is just plain nasty.

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The best tours in Rome Italy 2020

The best ways to explore Rome A complete guide

Most tour guides are very expensive and costs can range between 340 and 360 euros per day. That's huge, but you can follow my guide to explore Rome and if you follow my steps you can definitely reduce daily costs. Let's see the steps:

Take a tour on Vespa through Rome.

Walk through the center of Rome.

Explore Rome by bike.

Discover the city with Roma Pass.

Eat your way through Trastevere.

See the eternal city from above.

Tourist tour of Rome by tourist bus with free stops.

Rome on Segway.

For more information on The best tours to do in Rome.

Coronavirus kills 200 people in Italy. Do Italians have a weak immune system?

No, those Chinese bat eaters feel the need to come to Italy and spread their disease and kill innocent people. There is a reason why you don't see "Bat" on the menu of Italian restaurants. Italians are strong, it is those children who eat bats who spread their disease throughout the world.

Can I fly back to Italy from Pakistan after 4 years my residence card expired in 2016

I was in Pakistan due to illness, now I fully recovered. The expiration year of my residence card (permisso di siggiorno) was 2016. Can I fly back to Italy after all that? If I fly back, what is the procedure to return and kindly tell me the procedure for the renewal of the Pakistan residence card?

event-based effects: is it safe to travel to Italy?

As stated, the best thing you can do is keep in mind:

  • Official guidelines and expert advice.
  • Possible travel restrictions
  • The medical situation if you need treatment there or at home.

The decision depends on your personal risk tolerance No one can do that for you. It can also depend on factors such as the importance of travel for you.

Official Notices (as of 02/29/2020)

  • The CDC and the US state department. UU. They advise against all non-essential trips
  • On the other hand, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs only advises against traveling to the regions really affected. The same for the German RKI (its version of the CDC) and the government
  • The EDC (European Center for Disease Control) advises against traveling to "areas with community transmission", but currently considers that the outbreak in Italy is "located"
  • WHO does not seem to give specific advice to travelers, apart from taking "precautions"

Everybody The official advice on precautions comes down to: Washing your hands; and avoid coughing / sneezing on other people.

Also, keep in mind that your travel insurance will usually pay when your home The government discourages travel.

(Future) Travel Restrictions

It is impossible to say how or how quickly the situation will change.

WHO advises, and countries have implemented, entry and exit controls for countries at risk. There are currently no general travel restrictions for Italy;
But that could change if the situation changes. Some workplaces also have policies for people returning from areas at risk.

If there are controls, you may even get caught when you have respiratory diseases and / or "mundane" fever. it is flu season, regardless of COVID-19

Medical care

by none Travel should verify your medical insurance and make sure you know how to access medical care. All Western European countries have good public health systems and, in general, high quality care is available. While EDC sees a "moderate" risk to the health system, it is unlikely that all of Italy will flood next week.

Other factors

  • The EDC currently considers the general risk "moderate." While new cases are expected to appear, there are currently very few.
  • 80% of cases are mild, 20% serious, one of 4 or 5 of which is critical.
  • The mortality rate is not known exactly (it is estimated between 0.5% and 3%), but it is certainly much higher than the normal seasonal flu (0.1%).
  • According to current statistics, older people seem to be at greater risk (of dying when they have it, not getting it), and men more than women. Even so, there are cases in which healthy and middle-aged people have died from the disease.

Italy: is car re-treatment needed for Zone B in Milan?

On the urbanccessregulations website it says:

Area B covers most of the territory of the city of Milan. It is a limited traffic area without access and circulation for the most polluting vehicles, in addition to those with a length greater than 12 meters that transport goods.

The city of Milan will establish a website where registration can be done soon.

Then continue indicating the vehicles (mainly heavy vehicles) that can enter after registration.

It does not say you have to register your vehicle.

I am not an EU citizen, I have a family residence in Italy. Can I travel to the United Kingdom without a visa?

I am an Egyptian man married to an Italian woman. We live in Italy I have a residence card for a family member of a union citizen issued from Italy. Is it possible to travel with my wife to the UK without a visa?enter the description of the image here