Mobility scooter rental in Bergamo, Italy

Does anyone know of a company that hires mobility scooters in Bergamo, Italy?

VPN or IP routing HELP (ITALY +)

Hi guys,

It's not 100% if this is something the WHT community can help me find or the right section, but I'll try.

I am trying to find a VPN service or some type of network that I can rent that has multiple IP within Italy, but not only 1 city (as most of the cheap VPN providers offer as Nord VPN, Express, etc.).

I just need to have an external IP in at least 5/6 of the main cities in Italy and, apart from Milan or Rome, I can't find a service that has something like this. Of course, it should only be a basic tunnel / proxy with privacy.

Anyone can help me determine if I just need to hunt all VPN companies or if there is a better way to lease / use multiple IPs in one country (for now Italy, but I probably need to have France / Spain) in the future.

Thanks for any advice, etc. It is not really my field.

I lost my Spanish ID (TIE) and I want to go to Italy

I have a student visa in Spain and I had a Spanish residence card or TIE but it was in my wallet that was stolen. My visa has expired and I want to travel to Italy, but my duplicate TIE appointment is not until January. Can I get a Return Authorization to travel? Will you allow me to leave the country and return only with this document? Will this document be accepted by Italian immigration?

Thanks in advance.

Italian residents: can I go out and re-enter Italy with a student visa and without permission?

My permanent (first) appointment is in February, and I want to go home (Brazil) at the end of December. Although I do not have permits, my student visa is still valid and has several entries. The flight has a stopover in Portugal in both directions, leaving and returning to Europe.

Is it okay to return with the permanent receipt and student visa?

Thank you

schengen – Being in Spain as an international student, with an expired TIE, can I travel to Italy and return with only a return permit?

I am currently a Dominican student who stays in Madrid, last August my visa / TIE expired, since then I have been doing all the paperwork and everything I need to do to renew it, unfortunately it will not be done until some time in the first months of 2020 .

This December, my whole family will come to Europe for the holidays, they plan to stay in Madrid for a couple of days and then we plan to go to Italy for the rest of the holidays. Knowing this, I just got a permit to be able to leave Spain and come back, but in that permission it says "not valid for transit through the Schengen States", I am a little confused about this, what does it mean? Do I need to obtain a different permit? Is this enough?

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My husband is Italian and I am African living in Italy with permanent stay. Can I travel to the UK without a visa?

If your trip is after the Brexit date, there may be problems.

We I do not know when it will be Brexit, it could be this Thursday, and we I do not know that, if applicable, the transition rules apply. While there is likely to be an orderly transition period and that EU citizens and their dependents are not rejected at the border, anything it's possible.

boat in Italy

Hello everyone. I think a lot about where I can find yachts in Italy. I want to rent it for a week to travel with my family. How can you advise me?

trains – How reliable is public transport in Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy? Do you have contactless trips?

I have to change the flights in Cagliari on Sunday night and I will have about 2 hours off between the two, so I decided not only to sit in the terminal but to run to the city. I have an interest in history and transportation (and maybe food, but this calendar definitely doesn't allow for a good meal).
I made the following plan:

18:55 arrival

19:11 / 19:44 Take the train from Elmas-Aeroporto to Cagliari station

Walk from the station / port to Republicca to take a tram only for a few stops, then return with another and walk back to the train station (or by bus).

20:40 / 20:44 / 21:00 Take the train back to the airport.

This are my questions:

  • How reliable are schedules and trains? Should I expect them to arrive on time?
  • What is the easiest ticket issuance option? Do they make contactless trips? (I have an account debit card in euros) I looked at Trenitalia and the ticket description says it is only valid at the given time, but I cannot know for sure which train I can take. Can I buy train tickets before traveling? Is there a return ticket? (However, the price is so cheap that I don't mind paying two singles, the main limitation is time.
  • What would you suggest visiting (walking through) in the old town of Cagliari? Based on the search for Tripadvisor and Google, I hope Bastione Saint Remy is the biggest success.
  • Are tram schedules reliable? It seems to be a 20 minute service on Sunday night. Do the same trams return from the final station? (they have a return time of 6 minutes there) What is the fastest ticket issuance option for trams? I only found Italian on the tram website, so it doesn't help much.
  • Can I rely on Google Maps (my usual transit application) for bus stops, arrival times and route? (returning to the train station)
  • Emergency question: what is the best way to take a taxi to the airport and how much would it cost me approximately?
  • Additional question: can you suggest a restaurant or a street food place to try the local cuisine very quickly? Probably takeaway or standing tables.

Thank you if you can answer any of the above.

Driving – Rent a car for a day and leave it in another city in Italy

I want to rent a car in Italy, is it possible to take it in one city and leave it in another? In this case, from Bari to Naples.

Also, is there a minimum number of days for a rental? One day is probably enough in my case, but 2 days should also be fine.