applications – Google Device policy issues on my phone

I have a Realme 1 though this is a problem with many phones.

I’ve to install device policy on my device to encorporate with my college email id but now there’s a new request from device policy to encrypt the device by enabling “require password when device start-up”but there’s no encryption on my phone.

Now I’ve multiple questions :

  1. Is there any way to get encryption or is there a hidden setting on my phone?

  2. Is there any way to get around the device policy as it risks privacy issues on device?

  3. Can I give certain permissions to device policy so that my college can’t access everything on my phone?

  4. Is there a way to make a work profile (P.S. I’ve tried to make one but it says your IT admin doesn’t allow that)?

How does creating and initializing a map in Java using an anonymous class potentially cause memory leak issues?

I’ve seen code that creates and initializes a map by extending HashMap (via an anonymous class) and initialization block as follows:

   final Map<String, String> headers = new HashMap<String, String>() {{

According to

Note that, we must try to avoid this initialization technique as it
creates an anonymous extra class at every usage, and also holds hidden
references to the enclosing object and might cause memory leak issues

Why might this cause a memory leak issue?

connection issues – Is there any ways to connect TV and laptop at the same time with one mobile phhone?

I need to debug (android app programming) with a Samsung Galaxy 20+.
The app is about displaying two different screens on dual screen. I want the mobile and the TV can show the built app right away after I build the project from laptop because I need to plug and unplug keep and forth to debug and also it’s also hard to debug because I can’t see the debug log properly.

So, Is there any Y shape C cable or is there any possible ways?

issues while opening PDF files received on whatsapp directly

When I try opening a pdf file that I receive on whatsapp directly by clicking on the whatsapp message, I get the message ‘You may not have a proper app for viewing this content’. I already have pdf viewers installed on the phone (google pdf viewer, adobe acrobat reader). I can open the file when I open it via a file manager. How can I open the pdf files by clicking directly on the whatsapp message?

Excel file issues in OneDrive

I was working on an excel file from past 1 week. This file was saved only on One drive and not on my disk. Till yesterday everything was fine.

But today when I open the file, everything I worked from Tuesday was gone! The file contained only the work from Monday!

Is this a bug? or something else? It would be really helpful if someone could help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

charging – Bootloop and random restart issues in android (Gionee A1 plus)

My Gionee A1 plus started acting strange a month ago. It would often restart whenever I received any SMS notification and then boot up just fine. I tried using an earphone and keeping the phone in silent mode, as reducing the notification sound levels didn’t help. This fixed the problem for a few weeks until 2 days ago while using my camera, it suddenly decided to restart but got stuck in a bootloop(the boot logo kept popping up and disappearing again and again). I managed to turn it off by plugging it to a charger where it went to charging mode.

After a bit of research, I entered the stock “Android recovery mode” and cleared the /cache partition but that did not fix the issue. I panicked as I did not have a twrp or any other recovery tool installed. I didn’t even have USB debugging enabled. However, after a bit more strolling I found that fastboot could detect my device(after rebooting to bootloader) and then ran the command fastboot continue and my phone booted up alright. But now my phone can’t use the “Ultrafast charge mode” which makes the charging process 5 times longer and the battery drains really quick. What’s more the phone restarting by itself has become often(I can’t even use my camera) and its always the bootloop. I have to use fastboot to boot in again.

I created a backup of my data and then did a factory reset on the device to no use.

Do I need to flash a stock ROM to my device or am I missing something? I am inexperienced in this domain so please guide me on how to fix this issue. I have attached snaps of my Recovery and Factory modes.

Recovery mode

Hardware details

fastboot commands

TLDR; phone ends up in bootloop after suddenly restarting while in use, battery drains faster, no ultrafast charging, clearing cache and factory reset doesn’t help.

c++ – Constant Buffer Alignment issues

I have issues with constant buffer member alignments.
I have the following C++ struct:

namespace Renderer {
    using DirectX::SimpleMath::Matrix;
    using DirectX::SimpleMath::Vector3;
    using DirectX::SimpleMath::Vector2;
    struct alignas(16) CCameraMatrixBuffer
        Matrix ViewProjection;
        Matrix View;
        Matrix Projection;
        Vector3 CamPositionWS;
        int CameraUnderwater;
        Vector3 CamDirectionWS;
        unsigned int RoomNumber;
        Vector2 ViewSize;
        Vector2 InvViewSize;
        unsigned int Frame;

and this HLSL counterpart:

    cbuffer CameraMatrixBuffer : register(b0)
    float4x4 ViewProjection;
    float4x4 View;
    float4x4 Projection;
    float3 CamPositionWS;
    int CameraUnderwater;
    float3 CamDirectionWS;
    unsigned int RoomNumber;
    float2 ViewSize;
    float2 InvViewSize;
    unsigned int Frame;

however, when i debug the shader, CamDirectionWS shows the following:

enter image description here

The 1024.000f is part of the ViewSize (the resolution).
Can someone tell me whats wrong with it?

USB Issues – WD19TB dock – Dell XPS 15 laptop – Ubuntu 20.04

I have a Dell XPS 15 (4K OLED) running Ubuntu 20.04 connected to the Dell WD19TB dock.

The dock has connected to it:

  • 2x4K external displays
  • Ethernet
  • USB receiver for my wireless keyboard/mouse

It mostly works (ignoring fractional scaling weirdness). The main issue I have is that sometimes the USB drops meaning my keyboard/mouse stop working. Sometimes its just for a couple of seconds, other times I need to reboot my machine or plug/unplug the dock. I already have “No Security” set for Thunderbolt and Ubuntu shows the dock as “Authorised”. I’m unsure how to proceed.


Zoom meeting phone camera issues

I am trying to give lectures using Android phones back camera. The camera quality on zoom is low. Is there any advanced camera settings on zoom such as locking focus,exposure? tia

theming – Theme a subscriber field in Simplenews issues

I need to address my subscribers in a more personal way. Thus I added fields for Mr./Mrs., firstname, lastname to the subscription block, and data gets collected nicely.
However, I can’t see how to theme these fields in simplenews-newsletter-body.html.twig.

In the header of this template there’s an example printing the subscriber’s (built-in) mail.

 {{ simplenews_subscriber.getMail  }}

Trying the same as {{ simplenews_subscriber.field_lastname }} doesn’t do anything. I tried a lot of variations to this approach, but to no avail.

What’s the secret of getting custom subscriber fields to print with Twig?