Issue when importing the Android source code into Intellij-IDEA

I followed the standard process of importing android source code into IDEA.

Like this:

Why not navigate to but Message.class in jar?

Why not navigate to but Message.class in jar

Anyone knows how to fix it?

I have successfully built the source code.

Email issue


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custom post types – Getting meta in editor plugin, and event triggering issue

I have a Custom Post Type defined with custom-fields support. I then registered a meta field.

The first issue is that select( 'core/editor' ).getEditedPostAttribute( 'meta' )._vaenc_actu_roles_scope_roles always returns undefined on first call (before being updated by dispatch( 'core/editor' ).editPost). Also, when I save the Custom post Type the value isn’t modified in the database.

The other issue is, when check any of the checkboxes, on first click, isChecked() is properly called, on next clicks it doesn’t happen, but updateMeta() is triggered. If I fold/unfold the control or uncheck a checkbox, all the checkboxes do get updated by calling isChecked():

animation example of second issue

Here is my code:

class Metaboxes extends Base {

     * Setup user.
    public function setup() {
        add_action('init', ($this, 'init') );

    public function init () {
                'show_in_rest' => true,
                'single'       => true,
                'type'         => 'array',
                'default'       => (),
                'auth_callback' => function() {
                    return current_user_can( 'edit_posts' );

My javascript is like so:

const {registerPlugin}                              = wp.plugins;
const {PluginDocumentSettingPanel}                  = wp.editPost;
const {PanelBody, CheckboxControl}                  = wp.components;
const {useSelect, select, withSelect, withDispatch} =;
const {Fragment, useState}                          = wp.element;
const {__}                                          = wp.i18n;
const {compose}                                     = wp.compose;

const RolesControl = ( {isChecked, updateMeta} ) => {
    return (
            <Fragment intialOpen={true}>
                    label={__( "PRI", "vae" )}
                    checked={isChecked( 'vae-pri' )}
                    onChange={( value ) => updateMeta( 'vae-pri', value )}
                    label={__( "PRC", "vae" )}
                    checked={isChecked( 'vae-prc' )}
                    onChange={( value ) => updateMeta( 'vae-prc', value )}
                    label={__( "Certificateurs", "vae" )}
                    checked={isChecked( 'vae-certif' )}
                    onChange={( value ) => updateMeta( 'vae-certif', value )}

const RolesField = compose( (
    withSelect( () => {
        return {
            actu_scope_meta: select( 'core/editor' ).getEditedPostAttribute( 'meta' )._vaenc_actu_roles_scope_roles,
    } ),
    withDispatch( ( dispatch ) => ({
        isChecked ( prop ) {
            let meta = select( 'core/editor' ).getEditedPostAttribute( 'meta' )._vaenc_actu_roles_scope_roles;
            if ( meta ) {
                return meta.includes( prop );
            return false
        updateMeta ( prop, value ) {
            let meta = select( 'core/editor' ).getEditedPostAttribute( 'meta' )._vaenc_actu_roles_scope_roles;
            if ( !meta ) meta = ()

            if ( meta.includes( prop ) && !value ) {
                meta = meta.filter( arrayItem => arrayItem !== prop );
            } else if ( !meta.includes( prop ) ) {
                meta.push( prop );

            dispatch( 'core/editor' ).editPost( {meta: {_vaenc_actu_roles_scope_roles: meta}} );
    }) ),
) )( RolesControl );

const Render = () => {
    const postType = useSelect( select => select( 'core/editor' ).getCurrentPostType() );
    if ( 'vaenc_actu' !== postType ) {
        return null;

    return (
                title={__( 'Restrictions', 'vae' )}

registerPlugin( 'vae-role-scope-sidebar', {
    render: Render
} )

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Scaling Issue with Gnome Search – 20.04

Recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a laptop and have come across an issue with the search where the panel for settings overlaps the text underneath the icons. I believe this to be because of the scaling being too large however I have it at 100% on my 1920×1080 display. Would it be possible to have a scale smaller than 100% with fractional scaling? I have attached an imagine showing the issue. Any solutions would be much appreciated.


example of overlapping

magento2 – Watermark issue – Magento Stack Exchange

Currently we are running on Magento 2.2.6.
We have added a watermark for the base, thumbnail, swatch & small.

The watermark is appearing on the productlist page, but not in a good manner, see image.

But the worse thing is, it isn’t even showing on the productdetail page. Yes I see the image but not a watermark. Herefore i’m searching a solution. The first issue will be related to this older version of magento we are running.

enter image description here

Hopefully anyone has some experience for this topic and thanks for the help.



issue tracking – Anybody know of Something like Bugzilla or MantisBT, but with configurable workflow?

I own a small service company and would like to track customer interactions that don’t fit into my normal workflow, however they also don’t fit into the software-oriented workflow for the above two products.

Does anybody know anything where I can open a ticket and track it through any number of user defined states?

Linux-based, free, open source software only.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Where is the log of all the times my system has frozen so I can try and diagnos the issue?

Is there log file where it stores all the times I had to hard reboot my system after the desktop UI just froze?

windows – IIS High avability using ARR and NLB clustering issue with responsing

ive would to create an “ideal iis topology”… So i did everything what should i do in my opinion..
I did something like a MESH using 2 IIS Servers, 2 ARR (with NLB) servers and the WAN…
It’s look like this:

And my problem is, that after im accessing the ( with A record with WAN IP) NLB Cluster ( from NAT WAN (xx.xx.xx.xx) im always getting the ARR IIS default website, but i should get the website stored on IIS servers. I’ve the URL rewrite set to sent any request via round robin to the Server Farm (IIS1 and IIS2 are in the farm)…

Every site configuration and files are stored on the IIS servers.

I spend like 50h now to resolve my problem and i cannot find any response, im using also the MS Tutorials… If someone had similar issue and know how to resolve it please for help.. 🙂

c++ – Frustum culling issue at oblique angles

I am using the following algorithm to test if my camera frustum contains an axis-aligned bounding box:

bool is_box_visible(vec4 planes(6), vec3 aabb_center, vec3 half_extents)
    for(int i = 0; i < 6; i++)
        vec4 plane = planes(i);
        float aabb_radius = abs(plane.x * half_extents.x) + abs(plane.y * half_extents.y) + abs(plane.z * half_extents.z);
        float to_center = dot(, half_extents) + plane.w;

        if(to_center <= -aabb_radius) return false;
           return false;
    return true;

Usage code:

matrix to_view = cam->view;
vec4 planes(0) = cam.bottom_plane * to_view;
vec4 planes(1) = cam.top_plane * to_view;
vec4 planes(2) = cam.right_plane * to_view;
vec4 planes(3) = cam.left_plane * to_view;
vec4 planes(4) = cam.near_plane * to_view;
vec4 planes(5) = cam.far_plane * to_view;

vec3 aabb_center = vec3(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f);
vec3 aabb_half_extents = vec3(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f);

is_visible = is_box_visible(planes, aabb_center, aabb_half_extents);

It works correctly in most situations, as can be seen here (notice the is_visible checkbox is correctly checked):
enter image description here

But when looking from certain angles the function returns incorrect results:
enter image description here

Is this a limitation of this particular algorithm or is there a bug in my code?