Ireland: The Irish visa was rejected three years ago. How to reapply?

My boyfriend was denied a visa to Ireland based on:

F :- Finances shown have been deemed insufficient
F :- Finances:- evidence provided is deemed insufficient or incomplete - bank 
     statements do not cover a six month period immediately prior to the application
OB :- Obligations to return to home country not shown - e.g. no social, economic or 
      professional ties in home country shown
OC :- Observe the conditions of the visa - the visa sought is for a specific purpose and 
      duration:- the applicant has not satisfied the visa officer that such conditions 
      would be observed 

This decision can be appealed within 2 months from the date of this letter. The appeal must be in writing, addressing all the reasons for the denial.

He did not appeal this. This was in 2014. He wants to come to Ireland. Do you have to address this or can you reapply for an Irish visa?

Job offer without visa sponsorship for Ireland

I received a job offer from a company based in Dublin, Ireland.

The employer told me that they will not be able to sponsor the visa, but that they can help with the required documents.

I am living in India, is it possible to get a visa with just the offer letter? without sponsoring the employer's visa?

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