air travel: is it safe to fly over Iran?

I am a pretty nervous traveler, and recent events with Iran accidentally shooting down a passenger flight do not help. I am flying from Istanbul to Bangkok on Saturday with Turkish Airlines, and looking at the flight route, much of the flight will go over Iran. Many airlines (mostly American and European) currently avoid Iranian airspace, so why do many Arab airlines, such as Turkish Airlines, still fly over Iran?

Are Canadians justified for being angry with Trump and the United States for the demolition by Iran of a Ukrainian plane carrying 63 Canadians?

Yes, I think they are because, regardless of the responsibility of any individual or organization, nation, etc., the fact is that without this alert of greater state of security services, this catastrophe never occurs.

Or maybe you could explain why you think they would hold the US accountable. UU. Or Trump for the death of his loved ones? Should it be some reason or another? Am I right or not?

Here is a clue to determine logical thinking … try to put yourself in your situation and from your perspective …

It is curious, in fact, you ask Americans basically other Trump supporters, regardless of my point of view when I am the one who is not American and I do not have what you will logically have, that is, a partial opinion … but That's against the United States, and that's why the ROTW really doesn't like the United States … keep asking your Canadian neighbors …

[ Politics ] Open question: How should we take revenge on Iran for tearing down the passenger plane?

I say bomb one of their cities and threaten to bomb another unless they submit to America.

[ Politics ] Open question: There is no loss of American lives, the 2 worst dead terrorists in the world. Iran backed down. America wins THANKS TO DONALD TRUMP! Are you not proud?

If it is not, there is a plane that leaves every few minutes to Iran, Cuba or Venezuela … GO! grundoon Het dummass … "intelligent people" believe what they see and know it's true, which means we don't believe you or CNN. Communist apostasy: Iran OBVIOUSLY deliberately erred to save the face. Are you really so stupid?

Iran – Travel to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel to Dammam in Saudi Arabia, next to the Persian Gulf and across the water from Iran, this Friday. I am very concerned about the events in Iran and Iraq in recent days and the increase in tension in the region.

Is there anyone currently in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia who can give a personal idea of ​​the current situation in Saudi Arabia? I would like to hear from someone on the ground about whether there has been any indication of danger, threats or increased tension in the region … will it be safe to travel at this time or is it better to cancel my trip?

Iran is using ballistic missiles against US forces. Is Donald Trump going to be blamed once again for the lunatic strip?

Donald was the one who started it, so why shouldn't he be blamed? He broke a treaty that the United States signed, making our word useless. He then imposed more economic sanctions on Iran. What has that accomplished? Well, Iran is now restarting its nuclear weapons program and we are in a shooting war with them. Yes, Donald is brilliant.

Could the stampede in Iran be more fun?

I can only say what I saw. But it was completely manufactured. I have never seen such a stampede in my life. Everyone used the same game plan. They grabbed the roof and doors. There was no friction. You saw it on television. They grabbed him and said: "Down!" and the march began, and everyone simply fell. Some people jumped on their shoulders, and went back up, and others were kind enough to step aside, and left again. There was no friction. What you see in the video, is this guy, who was standing behind me, whose head was beaten, right in front of me.

[ Politics ] Open question: Has this debacle in Iran shown that Republicans learned nothing the first time they touched the hot stove in Iraq?

[Politics] Open question: Has this debacle in Iran shown that Republicans learned nothing the first time they touched the hot stove in Iraq?

[ Politics ] Open question: I'm glad to see that all the scammers are ready to go to war with Iran, isn't it … from the comfort of their armchairs and walkers?

[Politics] Open question: Is it good to see that all scammers are ready to go to war with Iran, isn't it … from the comfort of their armchairs and walkers?

[ Politics ] Open question: Iran stopped enriching uranium with Obama, but now it will restart uranium enrichment with Donald Jennifer Trump. Did Trump make us less safe?

Obama got Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program without firing a single shot.

Donald Jennifer Trump, being an ignorant emotional impulsive, made the region less safe by killing one of its top government officials.