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centos7 – block ips with csf using a custom regex from a custom log file

I have wordpress on two web server nodes behind a loadbalancer server (all of them have CSF). All of them are centos7 and also directadmin is installed (if relevant). and I log “failed login IPs” on web nodes in a file in order to use this custom regex on it:

if (($globlogs{CUSTOM1_LOG}{$lgfile}) and ($line =~ /^(d+.d+.d+.d+)/)) {
     return ("Failed WordPress login from",$1,"wordpresslogin","5","80,443","3600","0");

The regex is placed currectly in /etc/csf/
this works on both web servers. But I figured out this is not what I need to do, to block those IPs. I needed to log those IPs on the loadbalancer, so I wrote this script and add it to the cronjob to run every minute:




wget -q -O - "$WEB1_IP""$LOG_URL" | tail -n+2 > "$LOG_PATH"
wget -q -O - "$WEB2_IP""$LOG_URL" | tail -n+2 >> "$LOG_PATH"

Then I add the same regex to CSF on loadbalancer with the new log path.

But It’s not working. IPs get blocked on web nodes but won’t on the loadbalancer server. I don’t know how csf and lfd reads those logs but the only difference between web nodes and loadbalancer is that on web nodes, the log file is being written line by line. But on loadbalancer the log file is being written at once and gets replaced every minute. Can you help me?

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ubuntu – Set up KVM host with multiple VLANs and multiple public IPs

I’m trying (and having a hard time) to setup a clean KVM environment with: an Ubuntu (20.04) host (with a single NIC), multiple ubuntu KVM guests, 2 public IPs, and one Vlan per IP.
Basically something looking like:
ideal structure

My needs are:

  • Having 2 VLANs for my guests no communication between machines on different VLANs
  • Each VLANs corresponding to a public IP, with a single NIC
  • All guests having access to internet, but not necessarily accessible from outside (“one way”, classic NAT?)
  • Some guest acting as servers, accessible from the internet (“two way”, port redirection?)

I didn’t find any online resources about how to achieve this architecture and none of my attempts

have yet been successful.
I think I can achieve it with the right combination of bridge and (NAT) VLAN but some of my research indicated that I might need routing with Iptables.

Is it possible to achieve this structure and, if yes, how?

linux networking – how to configure multiple IP’s on multiple NIC cards on same server

I have a CentOS7 server with integrated 4 NIC cards. Eth0 is setup for public IP and works just fine servicing an apache web server. My intent is to setup the second NIC card with its own different public IP to serve as a ntpd server. Back story is the server that’s running the ntpd server (with its own IP) is going away. And I want to co-host the ntpd services on the same server as the web server.

Any lessons learned on how to setup the ifcfg-eth1 to not screw with the routing of eth0? The IP’s are on the same subnet, same gateway, same netmask.

No VMs. Just bare metal.

Many thanks for any lessons learned or what to watch out for. If you have achieved this already, would you mind posting your ifcfg-eth*? Thanks.


(BIM) Chatbox – premium chat for IPS

Admin submitted a new resource:

(BIM43) Chatbox – (BIM43) Chatbox

About This File

View attachment 19050

This is very simple chat system with the basic features:

  • Ajax chat, auto update.
  • Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page.
  • Sound notification. User can toggle on/off.
  • Admins/Moderators can block users…

Read more

How to know IP’s connected to storage in Google Cloud Services

Is there any way to know the IP’s that have downloaded (or make any connection) to a public file stored in Google Cloud Services ?

enter image description here

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Auto updating attack signature Firewall, WAF, IPS & IDS to secure Azure services?

We have the need to secure the Application Gateway and hundreds of API exposed to the Internet as part of our production environment, Using the existing builtin, Azure services, How to make it secure from Unknown Threat or 0-day attack exploit?

As per my understanding, we must manage or manually update the OWASP exploit Default protection policy in the Application Gateway-WAF settings.

Or if there is no automated Attack signature update or dynamic update heuristically solution from Azure that can update the Threat signature dynamically, is there any 3rd party vendor WAF+IPS&IDS or Firewall appliances/service that can do it automatically?