Applications: What are the two beeps my iPhone does before making the Bluetooth connection in this video?

Watch the video here:

I am using an application called Zello and I am activating a walkie talkie message using a bluetooth button called Pryme BT-PTT-Z.

In the video, you can hear that the iPhone emits 2 beeps before the loudest tone, which means that zello is starting to record my message. What are these 2 beeps and how do I turn them off?

The crazy thing is that I tried the same application and button with several iPhones that run the same software, and those phones don't make this sound! I have even tried other walkie talkie applications and they have the same problem. Therefore, there must be something specific to my iOS device or configuration.

Any help is appreciated!

web crawlers: when setting up a campaign, Facebook tracks my website using an Iphone user agent

Every time I am organizing a campaign on Facebook, I receive two visits from the automatic Facebook trackers.

The first I can identify as a robot and serve the SSR (HTML) version.

The user agent is:

userAgent: facebookexternalhit / 1.1 (+ http: //

enter the description of the image here

But after 500ms (see screenshots) revisit my website with an Iphone user agent, which I cannot correctly identify as a robot:

The user agent is:

userAgent: mozilla / 5.0 (iphone; cpu iphone os 13_3_1 as mac os x) applewebkit / 605.1.15 (khtml, like gecko) version / 13.0.5 mobile / 15e148 safari / 604.1

enter the description of the image here

And since I can't identify it as a robot, it gets the full version of Javascript from my website (which is a single page application) with the code for the Analytics log events. This is shown in my Analytics reports.

It usually shows the location of Irvine – California.

enter the description of the image here

And it is a bounce, since it only visits a single page.

This is normal? Has anyone seen this before?

Apparently it only happens when I'm setting up a campaign on Facebook. When I post links, it is only tracked with the robot's user agent.

iphone: how to get the amount of touchID or faceID registered

I am working on a project using react-native, where I am trying to show a switch box, to enable / disable the access code, which should only appear if the devices with touchID capability do not have touchID data (there is no fingerprint registered in the phone )

You can consider this example as a case:

On the device

Device: iPhone 8 (touchID compatible)

device password: set

TouchID of the device: not configured

In the application

It shows a switch that alternates between (Activate access code or Deactivate access code) (showing this because at least one access code data is present)

shows another switch that alternates between (Activate TouchID or Deactivate TouchID) (only if there is at least one fingerprint data)

I'm new to Swift and Objective-C, so I need help. Please give javascript code to this too.

iphone: you cannot add a new local calendar

I am using an iPhone 6 with iOS version 12.4.5. In the calendar application I have two calendars that synchronize with my employer's Exchange server.

Now I want to add a third local calendar. Enter a name, select "on my iPhone"one and choose a color. If I later confirm my selection, I do not receive a new calendar and there is also no error message.

What am I doing wrong?

one I am using the German version of iOS, so this is just my translation of the original "Auf meinem iPhone" option

How to really disable call ads on iPhone XR?

I have an iPhone XR and Bose 700 headset. Every time someone calls while I have the headset on, it sounds "Joe Schmoe is calling." I have already been in the iPhone configuration and set "announce calls" to "never". What else can I do?

network – Question: Will an Apple Watch 4 work / pair with an iPhone 6 that has iOS 12.4? but is it NOT an activated phone?

I can't seem to find any reference to this scenario. I have the iPhone deleted, updated and configured with a new Apple ID. But I would rather not activate it since that would require a dedicated plan. I use an Android phone. The iPhone is a device that my wife has abandoned and that I am trying to configure with an Apple watch that, in my opinion, is the best smart watch. I am aware that I will not be able to see, answer or make phone calls, but having the rest would be great. Who knows, I could even convert if things go well. :] I bow to those who have an educated response. Thank you.

Macos: can I preview iPhone photos on my MacBook screen before importing them?


I just took a lot of photos on my iPhone 6 to capture some good ones (I guess I'm a lousy photographer).

My MacBook Air has had chronically little disk space for years (I guess I'm a lousy system administrator).


I would like to preview the images on the big screen of my MacBook one at a time before deciding what to import to my laptop and which ones to delete on the phone regardless. it's possible?

Alternatively, if I import, say, one group of photos at a time to my laptop, then I delete the ones I don't want, can I simultaneously delete the originals from my iPhone from my MacBook? Does the Photos application have a "double delete" or "delete here and also on the IOS device" function?

I just want to do this locally using the USB connection, "without clouds".

There is a slider for preview images, but to the maximum they are still only thumbnail size, and the differences I am looking for require a full screen mode.

Thumbnail view only before import?

icloud: don't sync specific iTunes folders with a new iPhone

I simply switched to a new iPhone and synchronized all my photos from the old iPhone to iTunes and moved them to a folder & # 39; old & # 39 ;.

Once I logged into iTunes on my new phone, all my photos in the folder & # 39; old & # 39; They synchronized with a new device, which I am trying to avoid and simply keep the photos in the cloud.

Is there any way to unsynchronize a specific folder with a new phone?

ipad: is there any way to tell my iPhone to use a microphone other than my AirPods?

I use my AirPods to stream on YouTube. I don't have a computer, just an iPad and an iPhone. A friend bought me a USB microphone without thinking that I don't have a computer. So I bought a USB to Lightning adapter. The microphone has power, but the sound comes from my AirPods, not the microphone.

Is there any way to make this work? I only have wired and wireless AirPods and both have built-in microphones. How can I make my devices allow me to listen with AirPods but use the best microphone for transmission?

Thanks for any help!

Macos: is it possible to download an application and install it on iPhone / iPad using Finder?

Actually, after updating to Catalina, iTunes is divided into Music macOS application and Finder abilities. So, for backups and etc., we must use Finder, now I want to know:

Is it possible to download an AppStore application and install it on iPhone / iPad using Finer??