shortcuts app – Unable to launch automations via NFC tags on iPhone 11

I’m trying to create a shortcut through the shortcuts app that triggers whenever I tag a specific NFC tag.

I created the shortcut and when it asked to tag the NFC tag, it recognized it properly. However, when I tried to exit the shortcuts app and tag it from the home screen, it doesn’t launch my shortcut. It’s as though the NFC chip is not enabled in the background.

I tried on other iPhones and it worked properly. Is this an iPhone 11 issue?

applications – How can I transfer the numbers from my old Android phone onto my new iPhone if I lost the old Android phone?

I lost my old android phone. Decided to try out an iphone just to get literate. I’m wondering what the process is for transferring my contacts from my old android phone (which i don’t have access to) to my new iphone.

I’m using Verizon as a provider, so might be able to leverage their cloud, though I am not sure if that’s an option. I’m wondering if anyone else has done this before, and / or knows of a standard way to go about it.

iphone – Upgrade iOS 12 to iOS 13?

Seemingly I cannot update using the older IPSW files, only iOS 14.

I have an iPhone 7 test device with iOS 12, and I only want to update to iOS 13 (iOS 13.7).

Every attempt failed with basically the “not authorized” error. Tried with Finder, and iMazing.

How can I update to only iOS 13 (without jailbreaking)?

ios – Cannot add my own music to my iPhone using the Music App

New iPhone user here.

I have a few mp3s from music that I recorded myself.

I cannot seem to find a way to add them to my phone.

I have them on ‘Music’ on my computer and can play them normally, however, when I try to drag them to my phone nothing happens … I can do the same thing with any other mp3 but not these ones.

Am I doing something wrong? How may I accomplish this?

Is the iPhone X still waterproof if the glas over the camera is damaged?

Unfortunately I damaged the glas over the camera on my iPhone X

enter image description here

I wonder if it still is waterproof now?

Apple removed chargers from all of their iPhone package

As reported by various news outlets, Apple, the American-based phone and PC giant has decided to remove all chargers from their new iPhones packages. The company claim they have done so in order to reduce waste products from their company. A lot of people are understandably getting imitated by this, since now they have to buy those chargers separately, adding to the overall cost. Some critics even say that this move is not for the sake of environment – it’s just for the sake of extra profit…

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applications – Gesture for Entering Fullscreen Viewing in YouTube on iPhone 12

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 12 from an iPhone 8 Plus and have noticed a change in functionality in the YouTube app that I’m not sure what to attribute to. I prefer to keep my phone orientation-locked in portrait, and when in the YouTube app, have gotten accustomed to using a pinch gesture to take videos in and out of fullscreen viewing, which one might otherwise do by rotating the phone, or tapping on the video to bring up the player UI, and tapping again on the fullscreen button. This behavior was consistent on my iPhone 8 Plus and on my iPad, but does not appear to work on the iPhone 12.

I’m not sure whether this is unique to the iPhone 12, more recent iPhones in general (ones with different aspect ratio screens than the 8 Plus, or ones with the notched screens), a recent update to the YouTube app, or something true of all video players (YouTube is the only app I watch video content in) on these devices. It appears that a swipe down gesture in fullscreen will exit fullscreen viewing, but there’s no similar gesture for entering fullscreen viewing.

Is there something I’m missing here, or am I relegated to two taps to enter fullscreen viewing? (Not the end of the world, obviously, but less convenient than before.)

What is the technical difference between transferring from an old phone and an iCloud restore when setting up a new iPhone?

In the past, I don’t think it mattered but in iOS 14 and watchOS 7 I am finding the iCloud backup to be the best option due to a bug or migration failure that I and several others here experienced.

Apple says it’s fine to do an encrypted backup, and that will work, but the unpairing of the watch and validating the backup to iCloud was what helped me restore all my data.

It’s not entirely clear if Apple does some cleaning once the data is in iCloud or if the mechanics of the restore step and the repairing step re-runs a data migration step that fills in the gaps. Presumably, that would also run if you transferred device to device but for some reason Apple only mentions computer and iCloud setup in the support articles and when I talked with support and engineering about my issue before these articles were published.

So far, iCloud has bailed me out three times ( shelf and two friends) and we did make a computer backup, but didn’t try them first. I set up two fast Macs with content caching that saves/serves iCloud data so iCloud restored fly for me and happen faster than a new backup to the same computers over USB. I could see the opposite direction wing much faster for other setups, so my solution might not be optimal for all, but it works well for me.

I would not rely on direct migration to fix this and would do what Apple says, on the original device if possible and work with Apple support if you fail to fix it after one go.

ios – iPhone 11 Touch Hit or Miss the Sweet Spot Bug

I have a new iPhone 11 and I just switched from Android.I noticed some touch issues with the phone

1.The calender month view touch is a hit or miss .I need to tap again to open the month.
This also happens when I need to go back from the month using the back option on the top left corner.Need to tap again to make sure it hits the sweet spot.

2.Noticed this when using Apple Chat support too on safari, the send message button is a hit or miss.

3.I updated to IOS 14.1 as per apple’s advice.Does not help.

Basically the the touch is not working as intended when I tap sometimes,it seems I need to focus and apply the right amount of pressure to hit the sweet spot.

Did any one experience this issue?
Kindly advice.

Wifi Reception iPhone 6s Vs XR

I got a brand new iPhone XR and noticed that the it has quite poor wifi reception compared to iPhone 6s. On speed test I got 18.03mbps on 6s while only 4.92mbps on XR! Could this be due to thick XR body or should I get it checked. I noticed youtube videos take time to load on XR compared to 6s!

Is this normal or shall I get it checked out?