Can I have Google Photos delete backed up images on my iPad yet leave the ones in albums intact?

I use Google Photos on my iPad Pro to save a cloud copy of all my images. As we all know, once the photos are backed up on Google Photos, the program gives me an option to delete the photos from my tablet to clear some storage space. The problem I’m having is that on my iPad I have a few albums (about 100 photos total), and when I try to clear the space, it tells me those will be deleted too. How can I just delete the iPad All Photos library (which are backed up) but retain the ones in albums on iPad?

macbook pro – Extracting diagnostic logs from iPad 2 with macOS Catalina

I have an iPad 2 from wich I want to extract the diagnostic logs.

The use case is a failed activation that blocks me from using the iPad and restoring it with my Laptop. I have a separate question for that.

The iPad probably has iOS 9.3.6 installed but I can’t say that for certain as I can check.
The MacBook has macOS 10.15.7 (19H114) installed.

When connecting the iPad Finder just shows me the failed activation message after trying to activate it. I can’t figure out how to get the logs as suggested by @bmike in the other question.

Ipad 3 cover not deactivating screen

My iPad 3 with the original apple cover seems to stay turned on (display is on) when the cover is closed. This causes massive battery drain. Restarting did not fix this issue.

Anyone here has the same issue or any solutions?

Syncing photos from Mac with iPad

My Mac and my iPad are synced so I can get messages and take pictures with both. When I take a picture with my Mac it doesn’t show up on my iPad, vice versa.

How can I get Mac photos to my iPad?

If someone can answer this I will be very thankful!

ipados – iPad 2 activation required and failed (out of nowhere, not activation lock)

I have an iPad 2 and out of nowhere it requires an activation. It is connected to my WIFI and I did not have to enter my Apple ID.

The activation however fails, and it tells me to connected it to iTunes. When I connect it to my laptop it tries to activate it but also fails. I’ve tried it for a week now and came to the conclusion that this is some kind of software bug. The error message is (translated):

Your iPad could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try to activate it with iTunes or try again in a couple of minutes.
If the problem persists talk to the apple support.

I tried to restart it and do a shutdown. I can’t restore it since on the laptop it goes strait to the failed activation message.

I know this device is fairly old but I use it every now and then. It was working just fine before this. Also the apple stores are currently closed where I live due to COVID. Does anyone have any ideas?

network – USB C to Ethernet on IPad Air 4 in hotel

The wifi in my hotel room has been dropping video calls so I got a USB C to Ethernet adapter and plugged it into my iPad Air 4 running the latest iOS. Ethernet settings appear in the settings app and show an IP address but nothing will connect to the internet.

Apple Support was at a loss so I called the hotel’s internet provider and the agent said she could authorize my device for internet. Great. But she needed a specific address from my iPad. She said it’s a USB key. I have no idea what this means or where to find it in iOS.

Any ideas?

iPad Books damaged PDF file

My book was working fine. I annotated it and had notes in it. One time I was using split view and when I was done, the file would no longer open in Books. I sent it to my mac but it wouldn’t open there either. I used this website to try and repair it but it didn’t work. The other websites had a file size limit so I couldn’t try anything else. I checked the file size and it was 170MB. The original PDF is 5MB. I’m not sure if this happened because of the size of the annotations. What I care about most right now is restoring my notes and annotations and I wanna know if that is possible.

This is how it would normally show up in my library:
enter image description here

But now the cover is gone and I get the following error when I try to open it:
enter image description here

And the error when I try to open it on my laptop:
enter image description here

Would a polarizer filter work on the ipad camera to stop screen glare reflections on eyeglasses?

Would a polarizer filter work on the ipad camera to stop screen glare on eyeglasses? Or would screen glare reflections still be present on the eyeglasses?

Bigasoft iPad Video Converter v5.5.0.7676 Multilingual | Nulled Scripts Download

Bigasoft iPad Video Converter v5.5.0.7676 Multilingual

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Home Page –

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iphone – RE: iMessage on iPad and MacBook

Good Afternoon,
I need to disable iMessage from my MacBook and iPad. No matter how many times I utilize the Apple ID and password request in iMessage on my MacBook and iPad, I find it open and running almost everytime I log on. I share these devices with someone and have told him I only want messages on my iphone. How can I take care of this once and for all? please and thank you?