How do I delete preprinted events in calendar on IPad?

How do I delete preprinted “Public Events” on calendar on iPad. I need more space for personal events?

memory – Ipad 10.2″ for a PhD: 32 or 128 GB?

I hope this is the right community:

I’m a first year PhD student in Mathematics, and I plan to buy an Ipad 10.2″ with the Apple Pencil as I have seen that it can be quite useful to take notes when I’m at the campus, and it’s easily portable.

My main concern is about memory: I really don’t know if I should take the 32GB or the 128GB.

In order to provide additional information: as a Mathematics student, I’m sure I will use intensively Notability or similar apps, and I think I will need to download PDFs with papers and stuff like that. For instance, if I plan to take notes using the Ipad, will I run out of memory with 32GB?

ios – Problem sharing screen on Zoom on iPad with OS14

In case this helps anyone, I contacted Zoom support about this issue. This is what they wrote back:

“Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues after updating to the latest iOS. We have identified a bug and a fix will be included in our future 5.3.0 client update.”

EDIT: I know that this question has been closed, but in case someone is still dealing with this issue, this is what worked for me:

  1. Uninstall Zoom from your iPad
  2. Restart your iPad
  3. Download and re-install Zoom on your iPad

Doing the above solved the issue for me.

ipad – iPadOS: Creating files on SMB share

A new issue has cropped up for me—possibly since iPadOS 14 was released (last week as of this writing), but I’m not sure it hasn’t been around longer since it’s been some weeks since I last tried doing this and it worked. The issue is specifically with creating files on an SMB share.

My iPad’s Files sidebar has an SMB share (boringly called Shared and located on the Linux machine at ~/Shared) exported by Samba from an Ubuntu Linux workstation on my home network, the same network my iPad’s on.

It works for fine for editing files—meaning, if I open a file from an app supporting Files selection, or use the Files app itself to invoke an app using a long-press on a file in Shared, I can modify it, and those changes propagate to my Linux machine’s storage with no problem.

It also works for deleting files using the Files app, by long-holding on the file in Shared and selecting Delete Now.

The problem arises only when I try to create a new file. If I copy a file into it by what I think of as the “classic Windows method”—finding its original location, long-pressing to Copy, navigating to Shared and doing Paste, I get:
A cropped screenshot showing an error panel reading, “The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled // Operation canceled // OK”

which is an error panel reading,

The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled
Operation canceled

If I try to save a file into Shared directly from an app’s export sheet, I get the same:
A fullscreen screenshot from the Export panel of Vectornator showing an error panel reading, “The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation canceled // Operation canceled // OK”

I have tried restarting the Linux machine and ejecting and remounting the SMB share on the iPad.

One additional possible clue: I thought perhaps doing touch ~/Shared/two-boxes.svg on Linux prior to attempting the creation might work, since editing existing files works. I did this and then tried to paste the two-boxes.svg file, and got the box warning me of overwriting the empty file:

A “Replace Existing Items?” dialog

which reads,

Replace Existing Items
The file “two-boxes” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re copying?
Keep Both

Interestingly, if I select Replace, I get the same “Operation canceled” error, but then no two-boxes.svg file at all is left behind. On the other hand, if I select Keep Both, I get no error, but also nothing happens—the old file remains and no new file is created.

One final possible clue: if I go into Shared in the Files app and try to create a new directory, the Files app itself crashes immediately (I’m sent to the home screen and when I restart Files, it reinitializes its state). But oddly, even though it crashes, it worked: the directory is created and visible on Linux!

software recommendation – Which is the best animation and editing apps for your iPad?

I’ve been trying to find different animation software for my iPad and editing software. Right now I have the full version of Cute CUT and using an app called RoughAnimator if there’s any other apps or you wanna give me tips on how to use those programs better please tell me because I am a newbie and need some assistance.

Can you access an AirPort Extreme (5th Gen) disk from an iPad

I have a need to share data between a MAC (Catalina) and an iPad Pro (13.7) and do not want to send it up and down to iCloud due to demands on the home broadband (joys of living in the U.K. countryside).

I have a AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Generation) running 7.8.1 with a USB disk but every time I try to access from the iPad Files app it just reports ‘Could not be completed’ as it’s not supported.

Not supported error message

I tried by name, by IP and with / without the smb:// at the front but the above is the result. (I know afp:// is a no-go but Apple do not say this anywhere).

I’ve tried the USB on the family router but it impacts surfing and creates router crashes.

I could leave the Mac on and share the data directly but I’m trying to cut down power use (esp as it’s just gone up 8%) and the poor old Mac is 8 years old (hurry up ARM chips)… I know I could use an SD card and ‘sneaker net’ but I’m lazy…

Third party firmware for these boxes just does not exist – shame as the are solid boxes I think they were just a casualty of limited sales.

I’m not at a point to buy a NAS and do not to get a Pi to share the disk so was wondering if you have any ideas or know of an AirPort that can share its disks with an iPad?

ios – Apple Pencil 1st generation is not pairing/recognised by 7th generation iPad after installing iPadOS 13.7 update

My 1st generation Apple Pencil (bought newly) is not showing in 7th generation iPad (bought newly) under Bluetooth devices. This is happening since after iPadOS was updated. The other devices gets easily recognised and shows pairing pop-up but this doesn’t happens with Apple Pencil.

I tried all sorts of troubleshooting listed in article, suggested by Apple Support documents etc. but the issue is still unresolved. Before iPadOS updated it was working fine.

What could be going wrong and how do I resolve it?

network – Temporary connectivity failure on iPad

We have an iPad, two iPhones, and a MacBook Pro.

Three of them run apps that synchronize data with each other via a webserver dedicated to that app (not a general purpose cloud).

Occasionally, this app on the iPad will timeout trying to sync. When this happens, Apple’s App Store also fails to connect, but websites still work normally.

Also when this is happening, neither the iPhones nor the MacBook Pro have any problems, not even with that app (Anki). Rebooting the iPad, rebooting the router, and switching the iPad from the router to the iPhone hotspot does not fix it. It fixes itself after an hour or more.

What might this be?

ipad – Alternative for Apple books

We are doing a project in which the .epub files are generated using windows inhouse built applications and being verified using Apple Books application in Apple Ipad(5th gen). We have more number of windows machines but having less number of Ipad tablets and transferring data to ipad from windows is also taking more time.

Hence I wanted to do the same visual check on windows machine instead of Ipad. But so far I haven’t found any suitable Epub readers that is quite similar to Ipad. Windows reader reads .epub files but the alignment issues shown in Ipad are not shown in Windows readers precisely. I have tried Calibre and FBreader, both of them are opening .epub files but alignment not displaying same as Ipad. Is there any possibility to view .epub files similar to Apple Ipad in Windows machine?