ios: why doesn't an iPad connect to an iMac (via a lightning cable) to synchronize, after following all the `trust` steps?

When trying to connect a new iPad (iPad Air, third generation) with 13.3 to an older iMac with MacOS 10.11.6, the iPad / computer (cable) connection is never successful.

All indications are followed correctly:
Trust This computer is selected.
Do you want to allow this computer to access this iPad? Yes
The password was entered correctly on the iPad.

Then the computer simply hangs on the indicator
To allow access, please respond on your iPad...

… until the waiting time with a response from
iTunes could not connect to this ipad. You do not have permission.

What's wrong? Apple has not intentionally allowed the use of old computers / MacOS with newer devices?

ipad: is there any way to tell my iPhone to use a microphone other than my AirPods?

I use my AirPods to stream on YouTube. I don't have a computer, just an iPad and an iPhone. A friend bought me a USB microphone without thinking that I don't have a computer. So I bought a USB to Lightning adapter. The microphone has power, but the sound comes from my AirPods, not the microphone.

Is there any way to make this work? I only have wired and wireless AirPods and both have built-in microphones. How can I make my devices allow me to listen with AirPods but use the best microphone for transmission?

Thanks for any help!

Macos: is it possible to download an application and install it on iPhone / iPad using Finder?

Actually, after updating to Catalina, iTunes is divided into Music macOS application and Finder abilities. So, for backups and etc., we must use Finder, now I want to know:

Is it possible to download an AppStore application and install it on iPhone / iPad using Finer??

How to transfer all my photos from my Canon camera to my iPad mini in Wi-Fi?

Both answers to your questions. They are outlined in the manual as noted by Andy Blankertz. Manuals are generally not very good at telling you what you cannot do, but they are generally good at telling you what functionality was created. In this case, you must deduce the fact that you cannot do exactly what you want with an all-in-one button, but you must repeat a few steps.

The only option to download "all images" would be to select each image individually using the instructions on page 142, and repeat as necessary for each batch of 50 images as indicated on page 141.

This may sound tedious, but just to give you an idea of ​​how the Canon software is evolving, the EOS Remote application with which I have to work on my DSLR only allows you to download a single image at a time and does not even allow you to select several images (even less 50).

Page 142 of the SX280 manual:

enter the description of the image here

Page 141 of the SX280 manual:

enter the description of the image here

IPad error: "APP_NAME cannot be installed, try again later" when updating or reinstalling downloaded applications

Each of my applications, every time I try to update, reinstall, install a new application, has this error:

Cannot install APP_NAME, please try again later

I've tried everything from turning my Wi-Fi on and off to logging out of my Apple ID in the app store, doing a full restart and logging in again. Does anyone have any solution that I don't think was in Other answers?

PD: this is not a duplicate of the iPhone will not install the default application previously deleted:

  • About a different mistake. Mine only happens when downloaded applications are downloaded again and almost any application is updated, the error of the other users only applies to the default applications that he deleted.
  • In a different operating system. iOS of unknown version, I am on iPadOS 13.3.
  • With the solutions that I specifically mentioned, I already tried it in my question or I could not try. I don't have cell data, the solutions required cell data or simply restarted the device.

Can an RX100V transfer files to a 3rd generation iPad through a USB-C to Micro-USB cable?

I want to quickly transfer raw images and video files from a Sony RX100 to a 3rd generation iPad Pro through the USB-C port built into the iPad. Will the camera, connected directly to the iPad with a USB-C to Micro-USB cable, allow me to transfer the files through the built-in device? Records application?

Can I change the Wi-Fi search behavior of the iPad?

I have several kiosks for ipad in a whole building. We are using jamf for MDM.

When we have network or Wi-Fi maintenance and the Wi-Fi is disconnected for a while (one hour) I notice that Some iPads will have stopped searching for Wi-Fi during that period and will not recover automatically when the Wi-Fi is back online. So I need to visit them manually and rejoin the WiFi network.

Is there any way I can configure the devices to never stop trying to join?

ios: I use an iPad Pro with Termius, and when I try to start my SSH server, it shows [nodename nor servname provided, or not known], What should I do?

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem? I use an iPad Pro and use Terminus, I try to start the server, but it shows the name of the name and the name of the server provided, or Help unknown!

ipad: direct access from the home screen to interactive PDF

I have an interactive PDF stored locally (with a navigation that includes hyperlinks to other pages) on iPad. I can open files or books and view them interactively, but is it possible to create a shortcut with a custom icon and place it on the home screen as if it were an application? I know this is possible with URLs, but I need it to be available offline so it can't be in the cloud.

I have read answers to similar questions here, but those are very old solutions that require a connection or no longer seem to be valid.

ipad – Help to identify "" MessageExtension-Madrid "in ios records

Interested in the following Ios log fragment. Trying to figure out what my always mysterious Ipad is doing. No tracks found online.

-My device has no jailbreak and I don't have any Apple applications installed other than Netflix.

-I do not use Imessage or any other message service on the device.

-All application permissions are disabled

 Jan 17 22:40:47 Adams-iPad SpringBoard(UserNotificationsUIKit)(51) : Loaded extension for categories ( MessageExtension, MessageExtension-AudioRaise, MessageExtension-Madrid, MessageExtension-MadridGroup, MessageExtension-SMS ) with attributes: {
    NSExtensionPointName = "";
    NSExtensionPointVersion = "1.0";
    NSExtensionVersion = "1.0";
    UNNotificationExtensionCategory =     (
    UNNotificationExtensionDefaultContentHidden = 1;
    UNNotificationExtensionInitialContentSizeRatio = "0.7";
    UNNotificationExtensionOverridesDefaultTitle = 1;
    UNNotificationExtensionUserInteractionEnabled = 1;```