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linux – How to get IP Aliases as source IP on the target machine?

I have the configuration where the client and the server are connected to the same switch.
On the server, I created a bond0 network link between two interfaces e0a and e0b. The IP bond0 is The server has an NFS share where the client can read and write.
On the Client, the e0b interface has I have created the aliases in the same interface e0b: 2, e0b: 3
I have mounted nfs share on the client using,

After assembly, I am reading and writing to the NFS share on the client using the open source traffic generator fio.

I am checking the "ESTABLISHED" output of "netstat" on the server. I'm getting the ESTABLISHED connection only with this IP.

I'm thinking of establishing several sessions as in the traffic generators, for example, Lanforge.
How can I get the session with an established connection with alias IPs?

DNS problem after changing the NS IP server

Have small hosting company.
Two weeks ago I changed server and IP.
In hosting NS change to new IP.
But half of the work site half do not!
Some I can see, but others can not.
How can I make a faster IP update on all the DNS servers in the world?
Is it another problem?

Thank you

Use a VPN or other solutions to use my friend's IP

I hope they are fine guys. my friend is in another country I need to use your IP to connect to some websites. I could say that I need a VPN to hide my IP. except that I do not pay for this. So I guess I can come up with an easy setup for that, right? I just need to have the IP and I do not want to bother my friend so much or try to use a remote desktop or similar methods. Something to connect to when I want without calling him always. So I searched the Internet and there are many methods (Windows VPN, open VPN and …) and it complicated me. Could you help me with your matter?
Thanks in advance

Career – How does programming compare in a work-for-work study with a study that develops its own IP?

Is it ultimately the same or is it a harder job? Are the experiences valued equal when hiring programmers?

I know that there will be variations from one study to another and even from one project to another, but I am only interested in the general trend.

Windows: Firewall logs with local IP contact local IP over the Internet

I noticed some strange behavior in our firewall logs: a computer in our subnet sending UDP packets on port 161 to an IP on subnet (we do not have a subnet like that), and packets continue to through the LAN to WAN policy. I have installed Sysmon on the computer that is creating this connection, but I do not know what to look for in it. Does anyone here have an idea of ​​what is happening?
I'm sorry if I'm not giving enough information. I do not want to spoil myself by giving too many details.

networks – Netplan Static IP Trouble

I have trouble understanding why I do not get a connection in my static ip with netplan.

My ip is
My address reserved for my device is
Ethernet interface: enp1s0.

This is currently the aspect of my 50-cloud-init.yaml file.

version 2
processor: networkd
dhcp4: no
addresses: []
      gateway 4:
Name servers: [,]

With this I can not ping, there is a temporary error in the name resolution error and when I try to ping, the network is not accessible after applying my network plan. If I go back to the generated yaml file, I can ping both of them right after applying it.

After applying the network plan, the Ethernet interface shows my static IP as the address but I do not see my reserved address attached.

The spacing seems correct to my understanding for the yaml file. Only the use of spaces and without tabs and the restart I still can not get a connection.

Any suggestions or recommendations?