How can I stop Homekit devices being unresponsive in the Home on iOS (but not macOS or vendor apps)

I have a bunch of Homekit devices (some plugs and lightbulbs), and they’re all happily configured in the Home app on my iPhone (14.1). Periodically (daily), some of them will stop being responsive in Home and just say “Not Responding”. This will happen on multiple iPhones in the house, not just mine. Typically it’ll clear up later in the day several hours later.

However, the devices are always just fine using either the vendor app on the same iPhone, or using the Home app on my Mac.

I’ve tried killing the app to make it refresh, to no avail.

All devices have been upgraded to latest firmware. All iOS and macOS devices are on the latest OS releases.

Wifi signal in the areas they’re in is strong, and they’re controllable just fine if I don’t use the Home app, so it’s not a signal issue either.

Any other tips or tricks?

It’s pretty irritating to have scenes only half work when a bunch of the devices just fail to respond.

iphone – Upgrade iOS 12 to iOS 13?

Seemingly I cannot update using the older IPSW files, only iOS 14.

I have an iPhone 7 test device with iOS 12, and I only want to update to iOS 13 (iOS 13.7).

Every attempt failed with basically the “not authorized” error. Tried with Finder, and iMazing.

How can I update to only iOS 13 (without jailbreaking)?

ios – Cannot add my own music to my iPhone using the Music App

New iPhone user here.

I have a few mp3s from music that I recorded myself.

I cannot seem to find a way to add them to my phone.

I have them on ‘Music’ on my computer and can play them normally, however, when I try to drag them to my phone nothing happens … I can do the same thing with any other mp3 but not these ones.

Am I doing something wrong? How may I accomplish this?

ios – Apple Developer Pay Out Currency

When selling an app or in app purchases in the Apple App Store and having customers paying in USD, EUR, GBP etc, does Apple do the conversion and then pay you in your native currency i.e. for me £GBP as I am based in the UK or do they just pay out in $USD?

Can you select which currency you wish to be paid out in, or can you connect multiple bank accounts to be paid out in each currency?

ios – iPhone 11 Touch Hit or Miss the Sweet Spot Bug

I have a new iPhone 11 and I just switched from Android.I noticed some touch issues with the phone

1.The calender month view touch is a hit or miss .I need to tap again to open the month.
This also happens when I need to go back from the month using the back option on the top left corner.Need to tap again to make sure it hits the sweet spot.

2.Noticed this when using Apple Chat support too on safari, the send message button is a hit or miss.

3.I updated to IOS 14.1 as per apple’s advice.Does not help.

Basically the the touch is not working as intended when I tap sometimes,it seems I need to focus and apply the right amount of pressure to hit the sweet spot.

Did any one experience this issue?
Kindly advice.

ios – Debug-iphonesimulator vs. Debug-iphoneos

ld: library not found for -lAFNetworking
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

If I run on normal physical device, the app runs. But on the simulator i get that error.

I visit the folders Debug-iphoneos( where everything is there) but in Debug-iphonesimulator I don’t see AFNetworking.

I am facing this issue after upgrading to xcode 12.

Unity 2020.1.8f1 cannot build xcode project for iOS

We recently updated a project to Unity 2020.1.8f1
But it will not build the xcode project for iOS because of missing plist key value pairs.
This is really weird cus, before, I would build the xcode project, then fix the plist stuff, then build to iOS.

Here are the errors Im getting when I try to build.

enter image description here

WebCamTexture class is used but Camera Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean &)(at / Users / bokken / buildslave / unity / build / Modules / IMGUI / GUIUtility.cs:189)

Microphone class is used but Microphone Usage Description is empty. App will not work on iOS 10+.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&) (at /Users/bokken/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:189)

I tried adding this script to Editor folder in assets

    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEditor;
    using UnityEditor.Callbacks;
    using System.Collections;
    using UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode;
    using System.IO;
    public class AddStuffToplist {
        public static void ChangeXcodePlist(BuildTarget buildTarget, string pathToBuiltProject)
            if (buildTarget == BuildTarget.iOS) {

                Debug.Log("adding plist stuff");
                // Get plist
                string plistPath = pathToBuiltProject + "/Info.plist";
                PlistDocument plist = new PlistDocument();
                // Get root
                PlistElementDict rootDict = plist.root;

                rootDict.SetString("NSCameraUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                rootDict.SetString("NSMicrophoneUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                rootDict.SetString("NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription","Natcorder unity asset uses this");

                //rootDict.SetString("Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description", "Natcorder unity asset uses this");
                //rootDict.SetString("Privacy - Microphone Usage Description", "Natcorder unity asset uses this");

                // Write to file
                File.WriteAllText(plistPath, plist.WriteToString());

I get exactly the same errors if I use Privacy – Microphone Usage Description or NSMicrophoneUsageDescription as the key for example.

Also the debug line I added “adding plist stuff” never shows up in the console, so maybe this script is not working?

ios – Sync of iPhone copies all songs every time

Macbook Pro 16″ running the latest version of Catalina,
iPhone XS running iOS 14.1

I sync the phone and computer using a lightning cable, I don’t use iCloud.

Sync used to take five minutes, now takes over an hour.

I have about 20 GB of music on the Mac, I would like a copy of all of it on the phone.

Two months ago I had all the songs on my phone and when I synced the phone to the computer it took about five minutes, very few songs were updated.

Today when I sync my phone with my computer every single song is copied from the computer back to the phone in spite of the fact that all the songs were already on my phone when I plugged it in. These songs haven’t been updated and most haven’t been played between syncs. I want to say it started with iOS 14 but I am not certain.

This is new behavior. I haven’t changed any settings on the Mac or the iPhone.

This happens every time I sync my phone.

My questions:
What is causing this and how can I stop it?

iphone – iOS can’t add some widgets to home screen

I have downloaded iOS 14 and really like the new widgets, but I can’t add some widgets to my home screen. For example, Nord VPN is has a widget to quickly connect/disconnect to the VPN. I can add this widget to the view to the left of the first home screen(screenshot below).

I cannot figure out how to add this widget to my home screen.
I can add the default iOS apps like weather and calendar to my home screen just fine.

(Also the Pacer app also has this same issue.)

enter image description here

iphone – Ringtones not playing in hearing aids with iOS 13.2

I know there has been a lot of discussion about “alert notifications” (text,etc) and I know the latest ios13.2 (I think…) Apple shut them OFF again… but someone alerted me to the fact the ringtones NO longer go the hearing aids either, even though it’s still an option in accessibility?

I normally have them set to off but I just toggled it to “on” and did a test and sure enough, ringtone did NOT go my aids … (OPNS1 rechargables; iphone X) Anyone know if Apple just shut off all the alerts/tones with 13.2 (or .1 or …)