ios: Apple maps see the duration of the route without traffic

I go to the airport tomorrow morning to take a flight, the current time on the maps is shown as:


The average time to drive 25 miles considering that this is a highway route is around 30 minutes.

I want to see this route without traffic, since at 3/4 in the morning I doubt there is traffic.

How can I see this route without traffic?

I have tried:

1) Search for traffic configuration in the configuration application (no results found)

2) Go to maps -> information and disable traffic:


The route is still shown in red and the same duration. After deactivating traffic, I tried to restart the map application, etc.

I am on iOS 13.3.1. How can i fix this?

Call the native code from the Unity iOS build error

I created NativeCallProxy.cs in Unity

    public class NativeCallProxy: MonoBehaviour
        public static extern void iOSUnloadUnityGame();

        public static void UnloadUnityGame()
            // Now we check that it's actually an iOS device/simulator, not the Unity Player. You only get plugins on the actual device or iOS Simulator.
            if (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.IPhonePlayer)

and created two files in Assets / Plugin / iOS

#import "NativeCallProxy.h"

@implementation UnityBridgeAPI
id api = NULL;
+ (void) registerAPIForNativeCalls:(id)proxy {
    api = proxy;

Y NativeCallProxy.h

#ifndef NativeCallProxy_h
#define NativeCallProxy_h

@protocol UnityBridgeNativeCallsProtocol
- (void)unloadUnityGame;

@interface UnityBridgeAPI: NSObject
+ (void) registerAPIForNativeCalls:(id)proxy;

#endif /* NativeCallProxy_h */

and when I try to compile the exported project I get an error in Xcode.

enter the description of the image here

How can I solve it?

Shortcut application: the guy on the iOS device changed the screen time password and says no, help me catch it

My son has an iphone xs. We set a screen time code because he kept turning off the location of his phone. and then, when I looked at the phone, the same restrictions were blocked. I changed "share my location" to "always" or "allow." Now it has changed to "never" or is dimmed … and my son seems to have discovered the access code on the screen and changed it. I can no longer log in to the screentime password that I set. I wrote Now there are so many attempts that I have to wait more than an hour before trying again, says the alert. I have 87 attempts. It was changed.

I found an application that would locate the last password set and this application can't even find it. Phone location is still shared on my phone, but the location option on your phone is set to never share.

I also noticed that there were text messages in section 3 … that I had never seen. They told me that when the phone was updated, this came with it.

The shortcut application on the phone that I noticed allows a script option and things like that. Is this a new standard application update or was it something that was put on the phone?

Either way, I have access to the phone but I can't do anything and I don't know what access code was set.

How can I regain control over this device?

Android: cover photo duplication problem in the Facebook iOS mobile application

When I try to update / change my cover photos through the Facebook mobile application (iOS), a copy is created as a cover photo without retaining likes and comments. These are cover photos previously set in the cover photo album on my Facebook account. I am not making a new charge from the device. Such duplication does not occur when I test it on the Facebook application on Android, the Facebook mobile site and Facebook on the PC.

Do you also have the same problem in iOS? Is this a kind of error or failure? What could be the reason for this? Thank you.

Exit Unity to the native iOS application

I am working on the iOS application that will include some unit games.
And I investigate an opportunity to exit the Unity game to the native iOS application with the games list.
I know that the Unit provides methods Application.Quit() Y Application.Unload()

I have not tried but I am not sure that Application.Unload() It is the correct way to exit the unit to the native iOS application.

ios – Cordova info.plist The application Info.plist file – NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription and NSCameraUsageDescription

Hi, I have an application created with cordova and phonegap and when I upload the application from the xcode to the store, I get an email with the following text:

ITMS-90683: Missing purpose string in Info.plist: the code of your application
refers to one or more APIs that access confidential user data. The application
The Info.plist file must contain an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key
with a user-oriented chain of purpose that explains clearly and completely
why your application needs the data As of spring 2019, all applications submitted
to the app store that have access to user data to include a
chain of purpose If you are using external libraries or SDK, they can
Reference APIs that require a chain of purpose. While your application might not
use these APIs, a chain of purpose is still required. You can contact
the developer of the library or SDK and asks them to launch a version
of your code that does not contain the APIs. Learn more
ITMS-90683: Missing purpose string in Info.plist: the code of your application
refers to one or more APIs that access confidential user data. The application
The Info.plist file must contain an NSCameraUsageDescription key with a
user-oriented purpose chain that clearly and completely explains why your
The application needs the data. As of spring 2019, all applications sent to
App Store that accesses user data is required to include a purpose
rope. If you are using external libraries or SDK, you can refer
APIs that require a chain of purpose. While your application may not use these
API, a chain of purpose is still required. You can contact him
developer of the library or SDK and request that they release a version of
Your code that does not contain the APIs.

I just edited the config.xml file by adding the following, but the error persists


Imperative smooth scrolling in iOS web browsers

I recently wanted to use the scrolling behavior: smooth CSS rule or any other form of it (scrollTo with behavior: smooth) in a web application on iOS, but this scrolling option is apparently not exposed by the platform, so in effect neither from browsers like Safari or Chrome.

Why is this option not allowed? Is there any philosophy behind that decision? Or maybe the implementation of this function is already on the road map (I didn't find it)? I discovered that smooth scrolling as an option is implemented in the web kit, but I couldn't find any information on why Apple doesn't allow it to use it.

network – Question: Will an Apple Watch 4 work / pair with an iPhone 6 that has iOS 12.4? but is it NOT an activated phone?

I can't seem to find any reference to this scenario. I have the iPhone deleted, updated and configured with a new Apple ID. But I would rather not activate it since that would require a dedicated plan. I use an Android phone. The iPhone is a device that my wife has abandoned and that I am trying to configure with an Apple watch that, in my opinion, is the best smart watch. I am aware that I will not be able to see, answer or make phone calls, but having the rest would be great. Who knows, I could even convert if things go well. :] I bow to those who have an educated response. Thank you.

range – Swift IOS: highlight specific characters in the text

I am working with highlighting particular characters in a given text.

Here is my code worked,

let titleLabel: UILabel!
let myText = "கொக்கு"
let textToHighlight = "க்"
titleLabel.frame = CGRect(origin: .zero, size: CGSize(width: 100, height: 100))
let textStroke: (NSAttributedString.Key : Any) = (
    .strokeColor : UIColor.white,
    .foregroundColor :,
    .strokeWidth : -2.0,
let textTitle = NSMutableAttributedString(string: myText)
let textHighlightRange = (myText as NSString).range(of: textToHighlight)
textTitle.addAttributes(textStroke, range: textHighlightRange)
titleLabel.attributedText = textTitle

The other texts in which I worked and obtained the expected results, but only some specific words in Tamil languages ​​face problems,

Other languages ​​The text that worked well was,

let myText = "MyText"
let textToHighlight = "T"

let myText = "मानक हिन्दी"
let textToHighlight = "न"

Facing problems with the text,

let myText = "கொக்கு"
let textToHighlight = "க்"

ios: invitations to share calendar are not sent

I'm on an iPhone 11. I'm trying to share an iCloud calendar with other iCloud users.

When I write your accounts, the invitations are not sent (nor received) and each invitation is stuck in a pending state.

Any idea how to fix this?

Edit: the same problem occurs if I try to share a calendar with the iCloud web interface

Edit: I can't receive invitations to share too