starfinder – Do you lose a turn/spell slot when casting a spell on invalid creatures?

CR is an out-of-universe concept, and your in-universe character does not know whether a creature is above or below the required CR. As far as I’m aware your character can select invalid targets for spells, and they will simply not work if they are not correctly targeted.

For an analogous example, if a spell requires the target to be willing, and you cast it on a target that is not actually willing, you still cast the spell but it has no effect. That will use your turn and your spell slot since your character didn’t know whether the spell was going to work until after they cast it.

In-universe in this situation your character would only know that the creature was unaffected, and would not know whether that was due to the creature’s CR or their Will save since either of those would result in the same lack of effect. If I were DM’ing that situation I would only tell the player that their spell didn’t succeed, and not that the creature’s CR was too high, but that is definitely up to the style and discretion of your DM.

One way to avoid this sort of situation would be to roll a knowledge check on your opponent before fighting them. If you roll high enough the DM could inform you (the player, not the character) of that creature’s CR as well as some of their other traits. The in-universe equivalent of that would be the knowledge of the creature’s relative strength, which would tell your Mystic that they shouldn’t waste their time and spell slots casting Fear on them.


The OP found a citation to support this answer. From the core rule book section on “Casting Spells”, at the end of the sub-section “Concentration and Interrupted Spells” it says:

If you ever try to cast a spell in conditions where the
characteristics of the spell can’t be made to conform, the spell
fails. For example, if you try to cast a spell that targets a humanoid
on a non-humanoid, the spell fails.

This would easily be extended to the CR example as the character used a spell where the conditions could not be made to conform to the requirements of the spell

theme – Invalid template file in module ”

I just installed a new theme, and as soon as I go to the front-end I get this exception:

1 exception(s):
Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionValidatorException): Invalid template file: 'Magento_Theme::newletter-popup.phtml' in module: '' block's name: 'home.script'

Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionValidatorException): Invalid template file: 'Magento_Theme::newletter-popup.phtml' in module: '' block's name: 'home.script'
<pre>#1 MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate->_toHtml() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:1110)
#2 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->MagentoFrameworkViewElement{closure}() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:1114)
#3 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->_loadCache() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Element/AbstractBlock.php:674)
#4 MagentoFrameworkViewElementAbstractBlock->toHtml() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:566)
#5 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->_renderBlock('home.script') called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:542)
#6 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderNonCachedElement('home.script') called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:206)
#7 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderNonCachedElement('home.script') called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:497)
#8 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderElement('home.script', false) called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:193)
#9 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderElement('home.script', false) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:594)
#10 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->_renderContainer('page.wrapper', false) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:544)
#11 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderNonCachedElement('page.wrapper') called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:206)
#12 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderNonCachedElement('page.wrapper') called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:497)
#13 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderElement('page.wrapper', false) called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:193)
#14 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderElement('page.wrapper', false) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:594)
#15 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->_renderContainer('root', false) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:544)
#16 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderNonCachedElement('root') called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:206)
#17 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderNonCachedElement('root') called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:497)
#18 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->renderElement('root', true) called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:193)
#19 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->renderElement('root') called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout.php:963)
#20 MagentoFrameworkViewLayout->getOutput() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58)
#21 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->___callParent('getOutput', array()) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138)
#22 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->MagentoFrameworkInterception{closure}() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153)
#23 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->___callPlugins('getOutput', array(), array(array('layout-model-cac...'))) called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/Interceptor.php:494)
#24 MagentoFrameworkViewLayoutInterceptor->getOutput() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Result/Page.php:257)
#25 MagentoFrameworkViewResultPage->render(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Result/Layout.php:170)
#26 MagentoFrameworkViewResultLayout->renderResult(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58)
#27 MGSMpanelBlockFrameworkPageInterceptor->___callParent('renderResult', array(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#)) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138)
#28 MGSMpanelBlockFrameworkPageInterceptor->MagentoFrameworkInterception{closure}(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153)
#29 MGSMpanelBlockFrameworkPageInterceptor->___callPlugins('renderResult', array(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#), array(array('result-messages', 'result-builtin-c...', 'result-varnish-c...'))) called at (generated/code/MGS/Mpanel/Block/Framework/Page/Interceptor.php:156)
#30 MGSMpanelBlockFrameworkPageInterceptor->renderResult(&MagentoFrameworkAppResponseHttpInterceptor#0000000060b00286000000003b09d81b#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/Http.php:120)
#31 MagentoFrameworkAppHttp->launch() called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/App/Http/Interceptor.php:24)
#32 MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor->launch() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/Bootstrap.php:260)
#33 MagentoFrameworkAppBootstrap->run(&MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor#0000000060b0029d000000003b09d81b#) called at (index.php:39)

When I try to go to admin, instead it gives me this:

1 exception(s):
Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException): Invalid Document 
Element 'add': Duplicate key-sequence ('Magento_Backend::mgs') in unique identity-constraint 'uniqueAddItemId'.
Line: 25

Exception #0 (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException): Invalid Document 
Element 'add': Duplicate key-sequence ('Magento_Backend::mgs') in unique identity-constraint 'uniqueAddItemId'.
Line: 25

<pre>#1 MagentoFrameworkConfigReaderFilesystem->read('adminhtml') called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/Model/Menu/Config.php:144)
#2 MagentoBackendModelMenuConfig->_initMenu() called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/Model/Menu/Config.php:111)
#3 MagentoBackendModelMenuConfig->getMenu() called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/Model/Url.php:365)
#4 MagentoBackendModelUrl->_getMenu() called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/Model/Url.php:325)
#5 MagentoBackendModelUrl->getStartupPageUrl() called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/App/AbstractAction.php:186)
#6 MagentoBackendAppAbstractAction->_processUrlKeys() called at (generated/code/Magento/Backend/Controller/Adminhtml/Index/Index/Interceptor.php:50)
#7 MagentoBackendControllerAdminhtmlIndexIndexInterceptor->_processUrlKeys() called at (app/code/Magento/Backend/App/Request/BackendValidator.php:175)
#8 MagentoBackendAppRequestBackendValidator->validate(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#, &MagentoBackendControllerAdminhtmlIndexIndexInterceptor#000000002dd89b3c0000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/Request/CompositeValidator.php:40)
#9 MagentoFrameworkAppRequestCompositeValidator->validate(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#, &MagentoBackendControllerAdminhtmlIndexIndexInterceptor#000000002dd89b3c0000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/FrontController.php:160)
#10 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontController->processRequest(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#, &MagentoBackendControllerAdminhtmlIndexIndexInterceptor#000000002dd89b3c0000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/FrontController.php:118)
#11 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontController->dispatch(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:58)
#12 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontControllerInterceptor->___callParent('dispatch', array(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#)) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:138)
#13 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontControllerInterceptor->MagentoFrameworkInterception{closure}(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153)
#14 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontControllerInterceptor->___callPlugins('dispatch', array(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#), array(array('default_store_se...', 'page_cache_from_...', 'storeCookieValid...', 'install', 'configHash'))) called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/App/FrontController/Interceptor.php:26)
#15 MagentoFrameworkAppFrontControllerInterceptor->dispatch(&MagentoFrameworkAppRequestHttp#000000002dd898420000000046a9b4a0#) called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/Http.php:116)
#16 MagentoFrameworkAppHttp->launch() called at (generated/code/Magento/Framework/App/Http/Interceptor.php:24)
#17 MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor->launch() called at (lib/internal/Magento/Framework/App/Bootstrap.php:260)
#18 MagentoFrameworkAppBootstrap->run(&MagentoFrameworkAppHttpInterceptor#000000002dd898540000000046a9b4a0#) called at (index.php:39)

Furthermore, when I run setup compile,

Fatal error:  Declaration of MGSMpanelControllerCategoryView::execute() must be compatible with MagentoCatalogControllerCategoryView::execute(): ?MagentoFrameworkControllerResultInterface in /var/www/html/Magento2/app/code/MGS/Mpanel/Controller/Category/View.php on line 129

Using SPF and DMARC records to combat invalid email subdomains

I have been able to confirm that bad actors are sending emails from nonexistent subdomains of my company’s primary domain.

Let’s say my primary domain is Email is sent from that base domain from my own mail system. Due to partnerships with a helpdesk provider, a e-commerce (storefront) company, and a CX/NPS provider, I also have three valid unique subdomains from which email comes from each (,, and

I have full DMARC w/ DKIM for all 4. With the invaluable assistance of DMARCian (a DMARC report aggregation & reporting service), I have confirmed that there are several sources of recurring email from other subdomains – ones that do not exist. For example, some unauthorized and unknown entity in VN is sending email from & Another source is sending from This last one is particularly of concern because the content of the few emails from this bad actor we’ve been forwarded is quite damaging to my company (we think it’s a foreign competitor in our fierce niche market behind it).

Unfortunately, my current DMARC polices are either monitor or quarantine; I can’t use a reject policy (that’s another battle.)

I am considering creating SFP & DMARC records for these nonexistent subdomains, with no allowed senders and a reject policy.

I’m not sure how effective this would be though. I also cannot think of any drawbacks, other than a bit of extra work to set it up and then maintain it when the bad actors start using different bogus subdomains. We’re always one step behind the bad guys, eh?

So… are there any drawbacks to what I am considering doing that I have not thought of? And do you think it’s worth the effort? Or is there a better approach to dealing with these bogus subdomains?

8 – Invalid CSRF token using flag.link_builder service (Flag module)

I have a REST route that returns a list of user accounts. I have a flag setup called ‘following’ as you can follow and unfollow other members. In my REST route, I use:

$flag_link = Drupal::service('flag.link_builder')->build('user', $member->id(), 'following');

which generates the link correctly as far as I can tell. In my javascript object I can see the link that was created. This is an example of the JS object of a user that I use on the front end:

    #access: true
    #action: "flag"
    #attached: {placeholders: {…}, library: Array(1)}
    #attributes: {title: "", href: "/flag/flag/following/3?destination&token=FS3qUJ8qDXd5aIqcn1lM459kYsfNuC5b_iePn_E1V5g", class: Array(1)}
    #cache: {contexts: Array(1), tags: Array(0), max-age: -1}
    #flag: {id: "following", label: "Following"}
    #flaggable: {}
    #theme: "flag"
    #title: {#markup: "Follow this person"}
  id: "3"
  name: "ronnie"
  url: "/user/3"

When I go to click the link it 403 forbiddens with the message message: "'csrf_token' URL query argument is invalid."

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

mysql – ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ‘uploadedDate’

Hi everyone i am getting an error trying to run the below query ERROR 1067 (42000): Invalid default value for ‘uploadedDate’

CREATE TABLE `filenew` (
  `originalFilename` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `shortUrl` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `fileType` varchar(150) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `extension` varchar(10) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `fileSize` bigint(15) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG */,
  `localFilePath` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `userId` int(11) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `uploadedUserId` int(11) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `totalDownload` int(11) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `uploadedIP` varchar(45) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `uploadedDate` timestamp DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP2 */,
  `statusId` int(2) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `status` enum('active','trash','deleted') DEFAULT 'active'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_ENUM */,
  `visits` int(11) DEFAULT '0'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `lastAccessed` timestamp DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP2 */,
  `deleteHash` varchar(32) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `folderId` int(11) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `serverId` int(11) DEFAULT '1'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `adminNotes` text CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_BLOB */,
  `accessPassword` varchar(32) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `fileHash` varchar(32) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `minUserLevel` int(3) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `linkedFileId` int(11) DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `keywords` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `description` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `isPublic` int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `total_likes` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_LONG */,
  `uploadSource` enum('direct','remote','ftp','torrent','leech','webdav','api','fileimport','other') CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL DEFAULT 'direct'  /* MYSQL_TYPE_ENUM */,
  `unique_hash` varchar(64) CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR */,
  `date_updated` datetime DEFAULT NULL  /* MYSQL_TYPE_DATETIME2 */,
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
  UNIQUE KEY `unique_hash` (`unique_hash`),
  KEY `shortUrl` (`shortUrl`),
  KEY `originalFilename` (`originalFilename`),
  KEY `fileSize` (`fileSize`),
  KEY `visits` (`visits`),
  KEY `lastAccessed` (`lastAccessed`),
  KEY `extension` (`extension`),
  KEY `userId` (`userId`),
  KEY `statusId` (`statusId`),
  KEY `userId_2` (`userId`),
  KEY `uploadedDate` (`uploadedDate`),
  KEY `folderId` (`folderId`),
  KEY `serverId` (`serverId`),
  KEY `fileHash` (`fileHash`),
  KEY `linkedFileId` (`linkedFileId`),
  KEY `statusId_2` (`statusId`),
  KEY `uploadedUserId` (`uploadedUserId`),
  KEY `keywords` (`keywords`),
  KEY `status` (`status`),
  KEY `uploadedIP` (`uploadedIP`)

I have tried many many fixes on Google and other forums but none of them worked, few things that i have tried are

Setting in my.cnf


Trying this


And many more, if someone could please help me out in this matter, i am not experienced in Databases i would really appreciate the help thanks alot.

**I am on centos 7 and MariaDB10.3.23-MariaD**

google analytics – AMP page error “invalid tag error” @charset

According to MDN, @charset:

cannot be used … inside the <style> element where the character set of the HTML page is relevant.

Since AMP pages are required to be UTF-8 encoded and they use meta tags to specify such, this falls under the case where the “character set of the HTML page is relevant”.

In short, AMP pages are not allowed to use @charset in a style tag.

Remove the @charset declaration from inside if your style tag, and the error will go away.

You can use the AMP Validator to help debug.

python – invalid literal for int () with base 10

I am doing the following program. The program is quite basic, it creates a file with data inside, it asks for a number of infected people in general, then it asks for the number of infected people of each one, then it compares the infected people of each one with those infected in general and makes calculations. The result of these calculations I want you to rewrite them inside the file from the beginning

def menu():
    op = 0
    while op == 0:
        print("1)Cargar infectados de hoy.")
        print("2)Cargar infectados de cada uno y hacer calculo.")
        print("3)Mostrar puntos.")
        op = int(input("Eliga opcion:"))
        return op

def datos():
    inf_t = int(input("Ingrese infectados totales de hoy:"))
    return inf_t

def carga(inf_t):
    print("Carga los numeros de cada uno:")
    rizzo = int(input("Rizzo:"))
    tete = int(input("Tete:"))
    gaston = int(input("Gaston:"))
    colo = int(input("Colo:"))
    simon = int(input("Simon:"))
    ciro = int(input("Ciro:"))

    if rizzo > inf_t:
        rizzo2 = rizzo - inf_t
    elif rizzo == inf_t:
        rizzo2 = -100
        rizzo2 = inf_t - rizzo

    if tete > inf_t:
        tete2 = tete - inf_t
    elif tete == inf_t:
        tete2 = -100
        tete2 = inf_t - tete

    if gaston > inf_t:
        gaston2 = gaston - inf_t
    elif gaston == inf_t:
        gaston2 = -100
        gaston2 = inf_t - gaston

    if colo > inf_t:
        colo2 = colo - inf_t
    elif colo == inf_t:
        colo2 = -100
        colo2 = inf_t - colo

    if simon > inf_t:
        simon2 = simon - inf_t
    elif simon == inf_t:
        simon2 = -100
        simon2 = inf_t - simon

    if ciro > inf_t:
        ciro2 = ciro - inf_t
    elif ciro == inf_t:
        ciro2 = -100
        ciro2 = inf_t - ciro

    return rizzo2, tete2, gaston2, colo2, simon2, ciro2

def calculo(rizzo2, tete2, gaston2, colo2, simon2, ciro2):
    j = 0
    x = (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    arch = open('puntos.txt', 'r')
    res_carga = (rizzo2, tete2, gaston2, colo2, simon2, ciro2)
    for linea in arch.readlines():
        x(j) = int(linea) + res_carga(j)
        j += 1

    r = x(0)
    t = x(1)
    g = x(2)
    co = x(3)
    s = x(4)
    ci = x(5)

    return (r, t, g, co, s, ci)


def escribir_archivo(r, t, g, co, s, ci):
    arch = open('puntos.txt', 'w')
    arch.write("Rizzo: " + str(r) + "n"
               + "Tete: " + str(t) + "n"
               + "Gaston: " + str(g) + "n"
               + "Colo: " + str(co) + "n"
               + "Simon: " + str(s) + "n"
               + "Ciro: " + str(ci) + "n")

def leer_archivo():
    arch = open('puntos.txt', 'r')
    for linea in arch.readlines():

def test():
    band = False
    op = -1
    while op != 0:
        opcion = menu()
        if opcion == 1:
            int_f = datos()
            band = True
        elif opcion == 2 and band:
            r, t, g, co, s, ci = carga(int_f)
            r2, t2, g2, co2, s2, ci2 = calculo(r, t, g, co, s, ci)
            escribir_archivo(r2, t2, g2, co2, s2, ci2)
        elif opcion == 3 and band:
        elif opcion > 3:
            print('Ingrese una opcion del menu.')
        elif band == False:
            print('Debe realizar la opcion 1 primero.')

arch = open('puntos.txt', 'a+')


But I get the following error

ValueError: invalid literal for int () with base 10: 'Rizzo: 0 n'

ValueError: invalid literal for int () with base 10: & # 39;& # 39;

Have a pandas data frame, which contains a column "counts" of type Int64, which is the nullable integer type.

country  date         counts
 US      2020-04-05    
 US      2020-04-06    
 US      2020-04-07    
 US      2020-04-05    0

There is part of the descending code to process this df, to force it to int, int(counts) causing this problem
In this case, the Data really missing, I couldn't fill 0.

Any way to avoid this?
tried: df("counts") = df("counts").astype("Int64") But it is not working.

how to resolve local water server windows 10 magento2.3.4 Invalid password. Please refresh the page

enter the image description here

Windows 10 local water server magento2.2 to 2.3 Invalid password. Please refresh the page. and your session has expired, click the addtocart, wishlist, subscribe buttons. magento2.3.4 error try below:

php.ini & .htaccess and users php_value session.cookie_lifetime 86400
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 86400
php_value max_input_vars 700000
php_value memory_limit 5G
php_value max_execution_time 18000
and take clear and rinse and
Php bin / magento configuration: update
php bin / magento setup: static-content: deploy
php bin / magento indexer: reindex
php bin / magento setup: di: compile
removed var / * pub / static / *

and setting lifetime 3600 http cookies only if
help & # 39; Invalid form key & # 39 ;. Update the page solution

networks: DHCPv4 route could not be established: Nexthop has an invalid gateway. The network is unreachable

a@localhost ~ (SIGINT)> service systemd-networkd status
● systemd-networkd.service - Network Service
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Tue 2020-05-05 00:31:23 UTC; 37min ago
TriggeredBy: ● systemd-networkd.socket
       Docs: man:systemd-networkd.service(8)
   Main PID: 930 (systemd-network)
     Status: "Processing requests..."
      Tasks: 1 (limit: 38422)
     Memory: 4.0M
     CGroup: /system.slice/systemd-networkd.service
             └─930 /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd

May 05 00:31:22 localhost systemd(1): Starting Network Service...
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): Enumeration completed
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: IPv6 successfully enabled
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd(1): Started Network Service.
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: Link UP
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: Gained carrier
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: DHCPv4 address x.x.x.x/32 via
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: Could not set DHCPv4 route: Nexthop has invalid gateway. Network is unreachable
May 05 00:31:23 localhost systemd-networkd(930): ens192: Failed

I masked x.x.x.x because it is my public ip server.

OS: Ubuntu server 20.04

I can send SSH to the server and the internet works, but I don't know why I am getting that error.