vulnerability – Should a web application block access by old browsers such as Internet Explorer?

What is most common and secure is to only allow access to the webserver using TLS 1.2 or 1.3. This will naturally prevent older insecure browsers to access your website.

When allowing TLS 1.2, pay attention to its configuration, because some cipher-suites or parameters are not very secure. TLS 1.3 has the advantage to be fine without any particular configuration. Only allowing TLS 1.3 is more secure, but you might find it too restrictive.

When allowing insecure configurations (and thus older browsers), you might (or not, depending on the exact configuration) endanger users with newer browsers that would be fine otherwise. Indeed, an attacker might be able to force its target to use an old and insecure TLS configuration. This attack would be impossible if all TLS configurations allowed by the server are secure.

networking – Delay to reach website although it is permitted from ACL to VLANs with no internet access

I have a network with HP10512 Core switch, which is the gateway for Internet. I have added ACL to permit some VLANs to Internet and deny others.

We have some websites that should be reachable for all VLANs, so I added its IP address to the ACL to permitted as destination. When I open the website from VLAN with Internet access, it opens without problems, but when I open it from VLAN with no Internet access, it opens after too long time (about 5min) which is not acceptable.

I tried to add the website ( to the local DNS server in

Forward LookUp Zones

like this

entry in DNS

but no change.

could anyone tell me what the reason for this delay??or what can I do to let website reachable for all VLANs without any problems??

What is the Root app in Android and why is it connecting to the Internet?

The Root app is showing up in ProtectStar Firewall, but not the Settings app list with System Apps visible. It tried to connect to, an AWS (Amazon Web Services) IP address according to that app’s log. What is it doing?

Scenario: What would happen to Bitcoin if the internet would crash – world wide

What would happen to Bitcoin if the internet or power would be shut down for a moment, all over the world? Would this destroy Bitcoin or other block chain based money or technology?

networking – Program to continuously check availability of internet connection c#

I have a C# program to check if a hard coded host is available and if not, waits 5 seconds then checks again (this is a loop). How can it be enhanced?

using System;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace trial17
    public partial class Form5 : Form
        public Form5()

        static Ping p = new Ping();
        static string host = "";
        static byte() buffer = new byte(32);
        static int timeout = 1000;
        static PingOptions po = new PingOptions();
        static PingReply pr;
        static bool load = false;
//plays media if connected        
System.Media.SoundPlayer player = new System.Media.SoundPlayer("media file path");

        private void Form5_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            catch (Exception ex)
        async void conn()
                pr = p.Send(host, timeout, buffer, po);
                if (pr.Status == IPStatus.Success)
//label updated after connection
                    label1.Text = "Connected";
                    await System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Delay(200);
            catch (Exception) {

Cruella | Forum Promotion – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

I’m confused how Cruella is suppose to turn into the evil maniac from the animated movie and Glenn Close versions…. It is a weird backstory.


Wiregurd connected but no internet access

I was using a virtual machine for work and Wireguard was working fine on it but when I tried to connect with the same config to my laptop it’s connecting with no errors but no internet access
note: I stopped Wireguard on the virtual machine
I am using ubuntu version 20.04.2 on Lenovo ThinkPad E15
I tried running a different config and got the same problem and tried to reinstall Wireguard
I also tried it on a different laptop running windows 10 and tried to change my router but still the same problem

windows 7 – PC internet connection goes offline intermittently, but always comes back online when I turn on my cell phone

Intermittently, my internet connection will terminate (I get the yellow exclamation point icon in my system tray). When this happens, I can consistently bring it back online every time by turning on my Galaxy S6 phone. It’s been doing this for a few years and I am just now getting around to asking about it.

About my system

  • Windows 7 (come at me)
  • PC connects directly to cable modem
  • Phone connects to wifi
  • I use syncthing to sync between phone and PC. First thought is to uninstall syncthing, but the issue is very intermittent and might not occur for several days on end

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Your recommendation for a Country/Datacenter with cheap and stable internet connection

Hi there,

what is your recommendation for a Countrys/Datacenter with cheap and stable internet connection.
I would like to manage my own… | Read the rest of

networking – Phone connection sporadically dies after Laptop connected to internet over lan

We essentially have this problem for a while now where we get massive issues with our telephones when a certain laptop connects to the internet over LAN. People aren’t consistently able to call us anymore, our internet still works fine. We have around 10-16 devices running in our network, other laptops or devices work as normal and aren’t messing with our telephone connection. This laptop which does mess with it, somehow works normally in other networks. So this seems to be a problem with either our router or our telephone system as far as I can tell? Also, the problem doesn’t occur over Wi-Fi.

In hopes that it would be an IP conflict, we set static IP addresses for the telephone system as well as the laptop. This seemed to work for around a week, but today it got even worse. When the laptop connected over LAN again, we immediately had issues getting calls. So we disconnected the laptop again, yet the problems persists afterwards. If I had to guess I would say only half the people that are calling us actually manage to come through right now and even worse is that even if someone comes through, sometimes the whole call just dies.

The router is a so-called Digibox and the telephone system is from a german company called Auerswald. Does anyone have any Idea what this could be or perhaps point us in the right direction?