air travel – Can I reschedule a Non refundable international Flight ticket (AirFrance+Jet Airways; Barcelona-Pairs-India) with minimal additional charges?

Your ticket is non-refundable, but possibly changeable with a fee. So you probably can change your return date by paying the change fee plus the fare difference. You just need to call the airline office where you bought the ticket from, presumably in India (since you said you will return to India).

Now, before you call them, there’s a bit of homework you can do. If your date is flexible, try to see which date is the cheapest. As I stated before, you will need to pay the change fee plus the “fare difference”. If you’re lucky to find the same fare on the new return date, you will only need to pay the change fee. On the other hand, if you pick a date with only expensive fares left, then you may pay a lot more than you would like.

Nonetheless, you will have to call the airline office or the agency in India to find out the exact amount.

airports – Can I check-in and clear security at the international terminal in Atlanta for a domestic flight?

Yes. The TSA does not care what terminal you use, and the documentation requirements do not change in any way. You are entering the same sterile area no matter which checkpoint you go through. The international terminal is the site of a pilot program using CT scanners instead of traditional X-ray machines, so who knows if that will speed things up or slow them down. The upside is that electronics no longer have to be removed from bags.

In some cases, if you need services at the checkin desk, that may be an issue as some airlines either do not have a desk in the international building or do not provide services to domestic passengers there. Just to be safe, I would be sure to get my boarding pass printed in advance or on my phone. If you have to check a bag, I would definitely call ahead and make sure.

The airport would rather you not do this, as it messes up predictive staffing, but that’s their problem not yours. No rule against it.

By the way, the reverse of applies if you have an international flight going out of ATL and want to take MARTA or park in the domestic garages and avoid the long bus between terminals. The only thing you can’t easily due is get back from an arriving international flight to the domestic terminal if you have to check bags because you won’t be able to re-enter the secure area to take the train, so you’ll have to take the bus.

air travel – Why does one sometimes have to go through two subsequent security gates at El Alto International Airport (LPB, La Paz, Bolivia)?

I took a flight from El Alto International Airport (LPB, La Paz, Bolivia) to Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport (CUZ, Cusco, Peru), and passengers for this flight (boarding gate R20) were required to go through two security gates that directly followed each other, while for some other flights passengers didn’t have to go through the second security gate.

Why does one sometimes have to go through two subsequent security gates at El Alto International Airport (LPB, Lima, Peru)?

That seemed redundant as the second security gate was only scanning the passengers’ luggage while the first security gate was scanning passengers’ luggage and bodies, but I’m assuming there is a good reason for it. The second security gate didn’t require passengers to remove anything from the luggage before the scan.

customs and immigration – transfering from international to domestic flight at IAD – Dulles airport

I will be flying from Viennna, Austria to Dulles and then to Savannah.
Our flight from Vienna is operated by Austrian airlines and will arrive a B-gates. Our flight to Savannah is operated by United and will be leaving from D-gates.
I am traveling alone with my son so I will have a stroller that makes it a bit slower/harder to get around.
I am reading different things on different websites and wondering if anyone could advice me how to get from B to D. I know we will have to go through immigration and customs and even collect our luggage and re-check them. Will we have to go through security again? Where is immigration located?

Connected question, but this time we travel the other direction: Connecting flight at IAD Dulles with stroller

international travel – Do I need negative covid test for transit through France (CDG)

I have booked Santiago, Chile (SCL) – Paris (CDG) – Manchester, UK (MAN) for Dec 30. Both arriving and departing flights from France are in terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle.
However, it’s not clear to me if I need a covid test or not.

The airline, Air France, gives me this message (my bolds)

Updated on 24 December 2020, 03:00 PM Paris local time
Air France has been informed of the new decree specifying the conditions of entry or transit in France and Overseas Territories.
This particularly concerns the acceptance of antigenic tests, which must now enable the detection of N protein of SARS-CoV-2.
These new conditions only concern antigenic tests, there is no change concerning other tests such as PCR or RT-Lamp.
The list of all tests accepted is available on the following French Health website

However, going by this info

  • If you are transiting for less than 24 hours in an international zone;

I am led to believe I don’t need anything more than a couple of declarations to be on my way? The transit is around 5 hours. This is my first time flying though and I’m not sure what counts as an international zone. I suppose by not exiting terminal 2E I am never really entering France?

I will be using my Italian passport by the way, and I must enter the UK before Dec 31st at 11pm due to brexit, in case anyone was wondering about this ridiculous trip I’m forced to make in such convoluted times.

I forgot a piece of jewelry in Hong Kong, can I get someone to give it to me in the airport while staying in international area?

No, this is not possible. The transfer/airside area of the airport is outside Customs, and it’s not possible to bring things in or out of this without going through Customs.

The only possibility would be if your friend happens to be boarding a flight at a similar time, so you could meet airside. In more normal times, one option would be for them to buy a fully refundable ticket, use it to enter the airside area and meet you, then refund the ticket and exit. But this seems like an awful lot of hassle, and while I’m not familiar with HKIA’s current setup, with COVID restrictions in place I’m not sure it’s even possible for outbound pax to meet transiting pax or if they would risk quarantine if they try to exit from airside.

We choose the name for the international marketplace

Good day,we choose the name for the online marketplace with new and used goods such as electronics, clothing, etc. It will be in English and other world languages. We would be very interested in your opinion what name do you think is the best so-called "catchy" pronounceable and memorable? (for English speakers but also for other speakers) You can choose from the following:
Code (markup):


We choose the name for the international marketplace

forms – How to design an extensible, international backoffice customer registration flow

I’m looking for tips or guidelines on metaphors or UX patterns that could be helpful when (re)building a backoffice UI for registering new SME (Small/Medium Enterprise) customers and registering sales related to the same.


  • Our system runs in multiple separately maintained customer environments, each with a target customer group (the SMEs) that may comprise one or more countries
  • SME information is often fetchable from external sources if you have a unique identifier such as an Organization Number (and a country, since Org numbers are seldom globally unique)
  • External source availability will differ from setup to setup, and will depend on the country of the SME being registered. For some regions official registries are available, for some the cost may be prohibitive and for some there simply will not be sufficient information sources to do a proper external lookup. UX solution needs to handle that sometimes information has to be keyed in

Any tips or pointers much appreciated, as I haven’t been able to find many articles on this probably very common scenario.

wordpress – Is it OK for SEO to use a number for the URL path rather than a slug of ugly percent encode international characters that don’t redirect properly?

Google doesn’t put much (if any) SEO weight on the words in your URL path. Using just a number is not going to hurt your search engine rankings directly.

Using words in your URLs does have some indirect benefits for SEO and usability. See Are keywords in URLs good SEO or needlessly redundant? for full details. In summary:

  • They can help click through rate from the search engine
  • The let users who see the URL have some idea what the URL is about

You can use breadcrumb markup in your pages that shows up instead of the URL in the search results. That will give you the click through rate benefit even if your URLs don’t have keywords in them.

When the URLs are percent encoded, you don’t get the usability benefit of giving users an idea about your content before clicking whether or not you have a keyword slug.

Using just a number as the URL isn’t going to hurt SEO and usability compared to a percent encoded Persian slug. As you point out, it even has some SEO and usability benefits.

I wouldn’t recommend using English URLs unless the vast majority of your audience in bilingual. Users tend to get turned off of URLs that are not in a language they understand.

international travel – Asking whether I can apply for a health insurance with the link below

Allianz is a multi-national insurance company. The page you present solicits enrollment in travel insurance from Allianz in Italy. There’s a bit more to it than just filling out the “card” on the first page.

When one fills out the card, one is taken to another page, where one must choose various kinds of coverage, or decline those coverages. Finally, the customer must actually pay for the policy. Standard practice would be to do so using a credit card.

After the customer fills out all the requested fields on the various web pages, and makes the credit card payment, the insurance will be in force for the calendar term specified and the coverage(s) selected. Allianz may well not even send you an enrollment card, but only provide the possibility of printing out a confirmation page.

Finally, Allianz is far from alone in this field: many, many companies sell travel-related insurance of many types. Make sure you read all the pages to understand what might be covered, and what might be excluded.

Many buy insurance; many travel without it. Whether this is “worry-free” is a matter of opinion for you alone.