international travel – Are women allowed to have dreadlocks in the Maghreb region?

Uhm, actually depending on the country, now as Chris mentioned,Middle east and Maghreb region are very different culturally.
If you really meant Maghreb(which is the western area of north Africa, notably Morocco and Tunisia) then you have nothing to worry about, you can wear absolutely anything you want.
If you meant Middle east, then it really depends on the country. For example, in Dubai you can be whoever you want, where in Saudi Arabia, it mostly conservative.
I recommend trying YouTube, people are vlogging even in North Korea nowadays.

international travel – Are women allowed to have dreadlocks in the middle east?

My friend and I are planning to travel to the middle east (Maghreb region) once it is safer to do so. She has fairly long (maybe chest length) dreadlocks and we were wondering if we might run into any issues while there? She grew up in the west but has middle eastern heritage and so without being insulting does have a middle eastern appearance, so perhaps could be mistaken for a local while we are there? One of the first things we thought about are the challenges of wearing a burka or hijab with the long dreadlock hairstyle, since it isn’t easy to tie up into a small neat bun for example. Are there any specific things we should think about, or should we rethink our travel?

multiple domains – Encouraging self-canonical on international websites with legitimate duplicate content

We are selling the same products on several websites having country-specific domain names. The website template is always the same, and the content language normally differs based on country, except those sharing the same language. For example, the German translation is being used on both and Each of those URLs lists itself as a canonical.

Recently, Google started excluding our Austrian URLs marking them as Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user, and when I inspect the URL under the Coverage report, it says:


  • User-declared canonical:
  • Google-selected canonical:

Knowing the contents are indeed duplicate, I accepted this as the expected outcome – until I read how IKEA actually reported this as an issue during English Google Webmaster Central office-hours from January 24, 2020 session with John Mueller. The complaint was that Google had started to prefer their Austrian website for queries made from Germany.

IKEA’s setup is similar to ours, in that it has country-specific URLs with duplicate content (note the identical product descriptions on both pages).

These pages do not seem to have any country-specific signals other than the TLD in the URL, as well as a canonical tag pointing to a URL in that same TLD.

To me, the above has introduced a concept of undoubtedly legitimate duplicate content, since the products, while indeed being identical and sold by the same company, are offered to different markets. And in his response to the question, John has in a way agreed:

I don’t think there’s anything particular on your side that you’re doing wrong. Sometimes with different country versions that show the same content it’s a bit confusing on our side, but we should be able to catch that better.

That was over a year ago, and the issue (if there was any) should have been resolved by now. How do I encourage Google to rank every store in its own country? Most of the advice I’m finding is to make one website primary by linking all of the canonicals from the other website to it, but we want our websites to rank independently.

These questions are similar, but old, and the International Targeting in the new Search Console is now considered legacy.

cellphones – Are calls to international numbers charged at international rates if the caller is in the same country?

The person calling you will be calling your Australian number, so they will be charged whatever they normally pay for a call to Australia. As you are roaming, you will be charged for receiving the call at whatever your roaming rate is.

In most cases, the call itself will actually route via Australia and back to wherever you are! It’s possible that if your phone is roaming onto the same network as the person that’s calling you is on that the call will route locally, but there’s no guarantee.

The reverse case is very different. If you call a number in the country that you are in then you will normally pay a lower rate to make the call than it costs for you to receive a call, and the person you call will only pay their standard rate for an incoming call (which is free is many/most countries). Obviously the exact costs will depend upon your provider and what they charge for calls whilst roaming, but in most cases it’ll be cheaper for you to call someone in-country than for them to call you.

Depending on how long you’re going to be there, the best option is often to buy a pre-paid SIM in the country your visiting. You’ll get a local country number that people can call you on, and you won’t pay high roaming costs for calls that you make.

Transit through Mumbai airport from International to Domestic from Middle East

I am travelling from Kuwait to Goa via Mumbai. According to the latest guidelines I need to take a PCR test on arrival and get my receipt before I can take the connecting flight.

Can someone who has recently travelled tell me, do I just have to give the test and take my domestic flight or wait for the results, I have a 7-hour layover, is that enough?

international travel – Least Covid Restricted Country Europe

I am tasked with arranging an informal meeting of two EU citizens. It can happen in the EU or somewhere near (maybe even Arab countries). I will have to arrange the hotels and hopefully some public dining.

Which country has the least covid related restrictions (e.g. quarantines, closed hotels/restaurants)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

email – Is there some international captcha standard (possibly with some implementation alongside it)?

I am developing a Content Management System Agnostic (CMS-Agnostic) HTML-PHP-JavaScript-CSS contact form and I want to embed a captcha module in it.

I want my backend code (PHP in that case but it could have been any other communally-developed and widely-used backend computer language such as Node.JS) to call to some ready, “out of box”, international-organization-supervised and communally-developed, standard, FOSS-Gratis easy to implement Captcha service, just to protect my form and mark to email receiving servers (such as Gmail) that I took the step of further securing my form with a captcha.

Is there some international captcha standard (possibly with some implementation alongside it)?

internationalisation – Focus group for international non-native English speakers

I’m planning and moderating a series of remote focus groups with people around the world whose native language is not English. Their English speaking abilities will vary. I’m looking for advice regarding planning and hosting a focus group like this, including information about:

  • incentives (how much, what method, which currency)
  • most effective form of communication (oral or written–should I speak or type my questions? Should it be open to oral feedback or written only, similar to webinars?)
  • other considerations I’m not aware of and haven’t thought about?

The focus groups will be grouped by region.

Hoping someone can offer some guidance.

Checking in storage bags for the international flights

Can I check in storage bags (duffel bag) at airport (Japanese Airline)?

Where does the typical 23kg/32kg limit for checked in luggage for international flights come from?

23kg/32kg is the limit for checked in luggage for international flights: 23kg free of charge, 32kg if willing to pay. Where do these limits come from?