c# – Encrypting Data with interception of SQL instructions generated by Entity Framework

WPF Application, C#, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework 6. I need to encrypt all data from user input, and do it apart from business logic. I’ve come to interception of SQL Queries generated by transferring LINQ expressions to SQL, and changing data from them to encrypted, in order to store only encrypted data. I’d like to know if it even possible, and how… And how to decrypt them back and show user only plaintext. I can’t change this method – i.e. i MUST intercept queries. Yet another thing – i must use methods from System.Security.Cryptography.
I have read https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ef/ef6/fundamentals/logging-and-interception this article – we use EF version of 4.1, this will not work. I had even checked through source code of EF6 on Github to check if i can override SaveChanges() method

Are browsers vulnerable to attacks of interception of the authorization code?

RFC7636 states that "operating systems must allow a custom URI scheme to be registered by multiple applications." Are web applications vulnerable to this attack? Could a web application link open a malicious application through a custom URI scheme?

magento2: A type error occurred while creating the object: Magento Framework Interception Config Config after the update to 2.3.2.

After executing the update from 2.2.8 to 2.3.2, I receive this error every time I execute a CLI command like update or clear cache:

main.CRITICAL: A type error occurred while creating the object: Magento Framework Interception Config Config, the return value of Magento Framework Interception Config CacheManager :: load () must be of type array or null, the string returned () ()

Any idea how to solve that?

Thank you!

game mechanics – Simple orbital transfer and interception equation

I am working on a game that has a game board made up of objects that orbit the center of the board. You can consider it as our solar system, but very simplified in terms of physics. All objects have a mass and gravity of 1.0. Its orbital velocities are simply a linear function of its radius from the center (Sun).

The player has a base, which in terms of our solar system would be Earth. The player needs to send a spaceship to another planet in a different orbit. The spacecraft has a constant acceleration (or deceleration) and unlimited fuel.

Simple example:

I need to find an equation for this spacecraft to go to one of the planets and intercept it. I have seen some web pages of orbital mechanics, but this is a little beyond my mathematical skills and I think it is too complex for what I am trying to achieve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: If this is more suitable for SE.Mathmatica, do not hesitate to move.

SSL interception – Am I trying to bypass the SSL anchor in an Android application using a couple of tools and am I facing this problem?

I will say everything from the beginning, I installed frida and objective by pip and pip3 respectively. I posted that I downloaded adb from the web and, using the adb script, I connected to my Android virtual device genymotion. (I checked if I am really logged in by getting shell access and listing the application installed on that device)

Android version on the Android virtual device genymotion: 7.1.1

Command I am using:

objection patchapk -s 

Error getting:

No architecture specified. Determining it using `adb`...
Failed to determine architecture. Is the device connected and authorized?

I am currently on a Windows machine with genymotion in vbox and Kali in VM. I am doing all this from my VM Kali, connected to the Android virtual device genymotion only through Kali. Can this be a problem in some way?

Let me know if you need other information.

Linear fit without interception

I want to fit the following model:
$ y_t = beta x_t + epsilon_t $

For that, I tried the following

In[3]:= Transpose[data]

Out[3]= {{0, 1, 3, 5}, {1, 0, 2, 4}}

In[5]:= LinearModelFit[Transpose[data], IncludeConstantBasis -> False]

During evaluation of In[5]:= LinearModelFit::fitm: Unable to solve for the fit parameters; the design matrix is nonrectangular, non-numerical, or could not be inverted.

Out[5]= LinearModelFit[{{0, 1, 3, 5}, {1, 0, 2, 4}}, 
 IncludeConstantBasis -> False]

What is my mistake?

How do TLS interception proxy servers work in case of TLS client authentication?

We have a load balancer that implements SSL interception for servers with TLS client authentication, how does the client certificate travel through this SSL disaster?

magento 1.9 – Magento1.9: Interception of the command register on the server side

I have to validate the shipping addresses before an order is placed, but I can not rely on a javascript front-end approach.

I'm trying to find the code I'll need to customize it, which will allow me to run a regular expression in the shipping address before approving an order.

If the regular expression matches, I'll have to return an error to the shopping cart page that says, "Sorry, we can not send to that address."

Any idea where can I find the code to do this?

I must approach it in this way because I can not send to certain states, sometimes even only to certain cities within certain states, so the mages built in regions do not eliminate it.

I already have this custom functionality to send only to certain states.

The problem is that I only have to restrict these locations in the area of ​​the shipping address, but not the billing.

I have already allowed billing to be any address by restricting the shipment, in the front. But there are ways to get the restricted address in the shipping field, such as "use billing address" for shipping, etc.

So, as an infallible way to ensure that there are no orders that arrive at very specific shipping destinations, I want to validate the address on the server side and prevent the order from being made if it matches my usual expression.

Any help appreciated.

ssl interception – One domain using the certificate from another domain

I recently searched Google for a website, for example, A.com and found B.com in the search result at the top. Actually, A.com should be at the top, since B.com has nothing in common or related to A.com, but Google shows it in the search results at the top. In fact, all meta tags / keywords are not there on B.com
Now, the interesting part is that when I visit B.com, the browser shows me a warning. I ignore it and visit the website. Interestingly, all the content is from A.com. Even the contact form sent is received by A.com. When I visit B.com without https, the original B.com is shown, while if I use https://B.com, A.com is displayed (the browser's URL bar shows B.com with a security warning)

one]Now I wonder why this is happening?
two]Has B.com installed the A.com certificate by mistake?
3]If so, how can you get a private key for that purpose?
4]Why is Google showing that website in search results?

jquery – Project Interception online Tape Save action button

Need to intercept the Save project online button. To perform some action before the Project Server update begins. Once my action is successful, I would like the original Project Server Save code to take over.

Below is the original HTML available


Also, I tried addEventListener as below

document.body.addEventListener (& # 39; click & # 39 ;, function (event) {
if (event.target.id == "Ribbon.Tabs.PDP.Home.Project.Save-Large") {
console.log (& # 39; click with the mouse button: & # 39;, event.target.id);
SaveData (_defaultVal, projectName, _curTAB); }}, false);

But unfortunately, I could not intercept the save click. However, if I try the mouseover it is working fine.

Any ideas ?