explorer: How does skill damage interact with the Possession spell?

Let's say a magician throws possession in a bugbear. Now, this bugbear has spent some time in questionable places and has contracted both Filth Fever and Mindfire, the first is a disease that causes Dex and Con damage, the latter is a disease that causes Int.

The wizard still owns the bugbear when the diseases have their next skill damage tick. Who receives the damage of the skill: the bugbear or the magician?

The second paragraph of the possession the description of the spell is read as follows (emphasis mine):

If you succeed, your life force occupies the host's body. The soul of the host is imprisoned with you, but you can still use your own senses (although you can not exert any influence or use purely mental abilities). You can communicate telepathically with the host as if you shared a common language, but only with your consent. You maintain your intelligence, wisdom, charisma, level, class, base attack bonus, base salvation bonuses, alignment, and mental abilities. The body retains its strength, dexterity, constitution, hit points, natural abilities and automatic abilities.. A body with additional limbs does not allow you to perform more attacks (or more advantageous attacks with two weapons) than normal. You can not activate the extraordinary or supernatural abilities of the body, nor can you cast any of its spells or similar abilities.

Because of this, I assume that only the body (the bugbear) would get the Dex and Con damage from Filth Fever, although I can not find any decision about it. But what about the Mindfire Int damage?

Who gets the damage int? The magician, the bugbear or maybe both?

It seems to me a difficult question because there two minds in the same body, unlike similar possession spells like magic jug that eliminates the original soul of the body.

On a related note (and if this should be a separate question, I apologize):
How would you like spells Weak mind Work by targeting a body inhabited by more than one mind?

Image processing: How to write a Python code and what should I learn if I want my code to interact with another application?

I like to play some game & # 39; x & # 39; only if my brother is currently online, let's say fortnite, so fortnite has a launcher, Epic Games Launcher, which displays a list of friends online on the right side of the launcher's window. Now, I want to write a code such that the code takes an image or something similar to the window of lauchería and then it centers in the side of the window of the friends in line and it checks if there is some "xyz & # 39; online (basically, image processing and text recognition). ), I would love this in python.

dnd 5e – How does Heat Metal interact with a tracking freeze?

Are there rules around spells that cancel each other out? For example, I cast the heat metal on the armor of a target in round 1. In round 2, I use an additional action to make the target regain the damage of the burn, and throw the frost on the target. objective.

Does the damage and the effect of freezing have any adverse effect on the heat spell of the metal or vice versa?

Tools: How can we allow remote players to interact effectively with a physical table battle map?

Part of our table group in person moved to six hours of the campaign. We have been dealing with distance by setting up several laptops, one with the players on the screen and the camera pointing at the DM; another with a webcam pointed at the grid board. However, this is uncomfortable and results in a lot of "I move three boxes to the left No, the other one to the left No, one more box that way" or "Can you move the webcam so that can we see? ", Etc.

We would like to find a way for our remote players to reliably see the entire table at once, and be able to point to specific squares on the board.

We are aware of online / virtual tables like Roll20, but we do not want to use them for several reasons. For the purposes of this question, We only look for real meat space solutions.

How can we allow our remote players to have:

  1. A top-down, or otherwise all-encompassing, view of a physical table combat grid, such as one drawn on dry erase dungeon tokens;
  2. The ability to indicate individual squares or other characteristics in the grid?

Note: Although my question is similar to this question, it accepts virtual table solutions and does not solve our problem.

route finder – How does the shield of the force ring interact with archery?

I'm curious if there's any clarification of the rules that involves the shield shield ring with archery.

I know people will say you can deactivate the ring, make a full attack and activate the ring, all in the same round. That somehow seems bad to me, and possibly it is an example of using RAW to defeat RAI. On the one hand, how long is the shield during the round?

I think it goes against the common sense that the only time someone can attack me is when the shield is up, no matter how short the time.

Interact with the web browser from python 3

not to give so many detours what I want to do is replicate a function of kde that allows you to control applications or websites in which there is some active playback of music or video by means of multimedia buttons that are on the keyboard so I resort to you to advise me on how to make that connection or interaction with the browser with python 3.
First of all, Thanks

python – Entry of chess moves with touch screen – How do my entries interact with a chess program?

I am trying to make a touch screen interface in Python where I introduce algebraic chess moves (A1, C4, etc.) to perform my movements and then read algebraically the movements of the computer (D7, D5) so that I can respond and so on until The end of the game. So far I have written code for buttons and I can get legitimate movements printed in python. My question is how to start to make the python program interact with a chess program that will receive my movements through the tactile entry of python and respond with a movement that can be displayed largely on my screen. I'm not trying to build a chess board with pieces and squares, I just want the 4-digit inputs and outputs, this is meant to play with a real board on the table next to the touch screen.

dnd 5e – How does the gaseous form interact with the conditions of grip and containment?

Among other things, Gas form The spell allows a creature

Pass through small holes, narrow openings and even mere cracks

The spell does not make the creature explicitly immune to the conditions of grip or restriction, so, presumably, despite being gaseous, the creature can still be attacked or restricted. However, it seems that the ability to traverse small cracks unhindered would allow a gaseous creature to escape any non-hermetic mundane constraints in a manner similar to the Freedom of movement, since the spaces between a person's fingers and the rings of a pair of handcuffs seem to fit the previous definition of what the creature can go through.

So, can a creature affected by Gas form to be caught or restrained? If so, can he escape from a claw or non-magical constraint, not hermetic, using his ability to traverse small spaces?

Pathfinder: How does Wild Shape interact with the Animal Soul endowment and the Animal Growth spell?

The description of the Animal Growth spell specifies that the target must be an animal (Gargantuan or smaller). Therefore, only creatures with the type of animal are valid targets, which is not the case with most of the standard races available to players (most of them are humanoid type).

The characteristic wild form of druid states:

This ability works like the beast shape me spell, except as indicated

the except as indicated here part changes some duration, cost of action or other details, but does not change anything about what I will now detail.

Beast Shape I is a spell from the Trasmutation school and Polymorph high school. It is stated in the Polymorph rules that:

While these spells make you look like the creaturegiving him a
+10 bonus in the Costume skill controls, they do not give you all the
Abilities and powers of the creature.

(Emphasis mine)

Therefore, as it is not explicitly mentioned anywhere in the description of the Beast Form spell or the Druid's Wild Form feature, the Savage Form does not alter the type of Druid creature, it only does so Appear like an animal.

The feat Animal Soul states:

You can choose not to allow spells and effects to affect you if they would not be able to affect both your original creature type and the animal creature type.

This feat only allows that they are not affected by some spells if they can not affect both creatures and types of animals, which may be a useful defensive feature, but as for the descriptions Beast Form and Wild Form, it never has the intention of give The type of animal. Therefore, having this feat or not does not change anything in the situation.

Unless the druid in your group is already an animal (which I doubt), he does not qualify as a valid target for the Animal Growth spell, even when using Wild Form.

Now, even if this combination does not work, I will respond to your concern about multiple AC bonds and skill scores, since this situation may occur in other circumstances.

An important rule to know about bonuses is:

Most of the bonds have a type, and as a general rule, bonds of the same type are not cumulative (they are not "stacked"), only the highest bonus is applied.

Very few types of bonds accumulate among themselves (for example, dodge bonuses), and if you have any questions, you can consult it on this page, in the bonus table. If it is not explicitly stated that a bonus accumulates with itself, as for the dodge bonus, it does not. However, untyped bonuses accumulate with themselves.

Therefore, if this combination of Wild Form and Animal Growth would have worked, since both skill score bonuses are size bonuses, the druid would only benefit from the higher one. It would have been the same for the natural armor bonus to AC.

Unit: you can not interact with anything in the game view

I am working on a menu with several buttons and input fields. For a while, everything worked fine, but suddenly, each button and input field does not react when clicked, as if everything was disabled. This problem is only happening in one of my scenes. My canvas has a graphic raycaster and my buttons have attached methods.