18.04 – Shortcut key to instantly change to a specific application window

One can switch between running applications with Super+Tab or Alt + Tab. This requires visual comments: you must look at the screen and press Tab or Shift + Tab a certain number of times to cyclically select the necessary application. This could be annoying if many applications are running and you need to switch between them frequently.

So, my question: is it possible (maybe there are some utilities) & # 39; link & # 39; A specific keyboard shortcut to a specific application to instantly activate your window without visual comments?

For example, in modern web browsers, you can press Alt + 1 to instantly activate the first tab, Alt + 2 instantly activate the second, etc. It would be wonderful to have similar functionality for application windows. press Alt + Tab + 1 and go to the browser, Alt + Tab + 2 and go to the source code editor, Alt + Tab + 3 to the mail client, Alt + Tab + 4 to the messenger, etc.

How to transfer money from Neteller to Western Union instantly?

I have many questions about exchanging Neteller to Western Union. So today we will discuss the possibilities of exchanging Neteller to Western Union. There are many valid reasons why someone would like to switch from a Neteller account to a Western Union money transfer. The main reason is that many countries are not compatible with Neteller for instant withdrawal due to its game fund to align this Western Union is the option through which anyone can get their funds instantly through Neteller.

So here is the turn, people should also remember that Western Union is also not providing online transfer service in some countries, but Western Union will still be available as offline stores worldwide. You can check your list of countries here as if Western Union online money transfer services were available in your country or not.

According to the investigation of the New York generals, the best way to exchange your money from Neteller or Skrill is ChangeBuz.

Now you are definitely thinking about what ChangeBuz is and how to use it.
Here I have all your answers:

ChangeBuz is one of the trusted electronic currency exchange houses owned and managed by ChangeBuz Holdings Inc. You can read more about ChangeBuz here.

Now, how to use it?

So here I have discussed the process with image and screenshot for your convenience through which you can easily move your funds from Neteller to Western Union.

In the first step, everything you need to visit www.changebuz.com must also have a verified account with ChangeBuz.

Now on the panel page of your account you will get this option "Place an order" like this:

Small size image

(Note that here I have hidden all my personal data with pink, everything you need to continue with red).

Once you visit this, you must select an electronic wallet from where you want to transfer. There are many other electronic wallets that you can select, such as Skrill, PayPal, Paytm, Bank Deposit, AliPay, etc. In our case, we select Neteller for Western Union as:

Small size image

After this, you will be redirected to the "Order Page" where you should mention:
The amount you need to transfer or transfer as:

Small size image

Then, you should mention all the necessary receiver details, such as:

Small size image

Mention all the correct information, as it cannot be changed after confirmation. Once you complete all the required information, you will be redirected to the "Order Confirmation Page", where you can re-verify your order with all the information. After that, you must make the payment to complete the transaction.

I hope all this information will help you exchange your funds from Neteller to Western Union instantly.

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DNS is secretly restored instantly and DNS servers are not blocked by Windows 10 firewall rules

I noticed that on a Windows 10 machine, if I let DNS be configured automatically or change DNS servers to OpenNIC addresses, they will be automatically reassigned to

Malware scanners detect nothing, but colleagues say it is a known attack vector to overcome DNS anonymity.

Only SpyHunter detects and reports this change, although I previously found evidence of this through tests. It also seems to override the DNS configured by the VPN software. It is forcing itself at the top of the list, so always check Google before considering OpenNIC as an alternative.

As a mitigation step, I tested custom inbound / outbound firewall rules to block all traffic on a wide range of IPs, but these rules seem to fail because I can still ping those IPs.

How can I find and correct the root cause and / or how can I completely block all DNS traffic to these IPs?

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Why is the Gmail calendar not updated instantly?

When I synchronize an external calendar, why doesn't the Gmail calendar update instantly? The Firefox calendar is updated instantly.

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HostFlyte is presented here for the first time with 4 different KVM plans from Buffalo, NY and Chicago, IL. We have been told that they provide high performance with 99.99% uptime and that these plans are implemented instantly with a fully managed control panel.

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Your WHOIS is public, and you can find your ToS / Legal Documents here. PayPal AliPay, WeChat and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, LiteCoin) are accepted as payment methods.

This is what they had to say:

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Buffalo, New York, USA UU.

IPv4 test:

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IPv4 test:

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