Physical: the vertical thrust does not allow the object to fall instantly [UNITY]

An object (Wall) moves continuously forward on the X axis with a simple script:

public float speed = .2f;
void FixedUpdate()
    transform.Translate(speed, 0, 0);

He is pushing another object (Penguin), which is affected by gravity. You can also "jump" with a script of:

public void Jump()
    transform.position = new Vector3(transform.position.x, transform.position.y + 1.15f, transform.position.z);

When jumping, over a certain speed value, such as 0.2f, the penguin does not fall to the ground until it reaches a velocity vector of around (0.0, -10.0f, 0.0).

Set the speed to 0.02f It makes it fall instantly.

How can I achieve the same result with a higher speed value?

I attached the configuration of the two objects in the inspector:enter the description of the image here

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Why does MySQL Workbench crash forever in queries that run instantly through the command line?

This query (and similar ones) does not run in MySQL Workbench but returns results almost instantly when I use SSH to log in to the server and then log in to MySQL and paste the query into the terminal there.

What can I change about MySQL Workbench (or my queries or my tables) so that queries like this are completed quickly instead of blocking indefinitely?

I doubt that I need to index my tables more (or differently) since executing the same query through the command line works fine.

Currently this returns ~ 12k rows.

    SUBSTRING_INDEX(x.fullNameFilled, ' ', 1) AS 'first_name',
    IF(INSTR(x.fullNameFilled, ' ') = 0,
        SUBSTRING(x.fullNameFilled FROM INSTR(x.fullNameFilled, ' ') + 1)) AS 'last_name',
        x.* FROM (
    IF ((c2.fullName IS NULL OR c2.fullName=""), c2.emailAddress, c2.fullName) AS fullNameFilled,
    contacts c2
        LEFT JOIN
    call_flows cf2 ON cf2.contact_id =
        LEFT JOIN
                SEPARATOR ', ') AS tag_labels
    LEFT JOIN contact_tags ON = contact_tags.tag_id
    GROUP BY contact_id) gc ON gc.contact_id =
            tags t
                LEFT JOIN
            contact_tags ct ON ct.tag_id =
                LEFT JOIN
            contacts c ON = ct.contact_id
            (t.label LIKE 'unsub%')
                OR (t.slug IN (
            contacts c
                LEFT JOIN
            call_flows cf ON cf.contact_id =
                LEFT JOIN
            webcasts w ON w.contact_id =
            (c.revenueCollectedAlready >= 7)
                OR (cf.appRating <= 1)
                OR (cf.attendance = 'flaked')
                OR (cf.receivedOffer <> 'No offer yet')
                OR (w.momentOfOfferUtc IS NOT NULL))

) x
 LIMIT 20000;

Windows: is there a way to clone a computer, create a duplicate (physical or virtual) and make the changes made in one replicate instantly in the other?

I suppose what I am looking for is a continuous data protection solution, but it also has a constant availability. Then, if one machine or another failed for any reason, there would be no recovery time, and the other machine could be used in the same way as the original, immediately, without the necessary recovery time. Is there such a configuration? If not, what is the best I can do?

python: is it possible to print a recognized speech instantly, without waiting for the end of the sentence, using SpeechRecognition?

I am creating an application with a transcription function and I have searched many resources for a built-in SpeechRecognition library option to generate text instantly without waiting for the end of a sentence. Like when you enter a voice query in the search bar or inside the translator. Do not find. I concluded that this does not exist. Now I am thinking of alternatives to create this function manually.
Can I do this by stopping the recognition after each word and placing it in a matrix, issuing it and then starting recording instantly again? For the recognition of a complete sentence, the incredible speed of performance of these tasks would be useful. Hmm, or can I add an additional process here that will process each word, work with the matrix and will not require interruption of recognition?

Using Python, PyAudio, SpeechRecognition.

The basic construction is:

import speech_recognition as sr

def voiceRecognition(self):  
    with sr.Microphone(device_index=1) as sourse:
        r = sr.Recognizer()       
        audio = r.listen(sourse) 
        recognizedQuery = r.recognize_google(audio)



18.04 – Shortcut key to instantly change to a specific application window

One can switch between running applications with Super+Tab or Alt + Tab. This requires visual comments: you must look at the screen and press Tab or Shift + Tab a certain number of times to cyclically select the necessary application. This could be annoying if many applications are running and you need to switch between them frequently.

So, my question: is it possible (maybe there are some utilities) & # 39; link & # 39; A specific keyboard shortcut to a specific application to instantly activate your window without visual comments?

For example, in modern web browsers, you can press Alt + 1 to instantly activate the first tab, Alt + 2 instantly activate the second, etc. It would be wonderful to have similar functionality for application windows. press Alt + Tab + 1 and go to the browser, Alt + Tab + 2 and go to the source code editor, Alt + Tab + 3 to the mail client, Alt + Tab + 4 to the messenger, etc.

How to transfer money from Neteller to Western Union instantly?

I have many questions about exchanging Neteller to Western Union. So today we will discuss the possibilities of exchanging Neteller to Western Union. There are many valid reasons why someone would like to switch from a Neteller account to a Western Union money transfer. The main reason is that many countries are not compatible with Neteller for instant withdrawal due to its game fund to align this Western Union is the option through which anyone can get their funds instantly through Neteller.

So here is the turn, people should also remember that Western Union is also not providing online transfer service in some countries, but Western Union will still be available as offline stores worldwide. You can check your list of countries here as if Western Union online money transfer services were available in your country or not.

According to the investigation of the New York generals, the best way to exchange your money from Neteller or Skrill is ChangeBuz.

Now you are definitely thinking about what ChangeBuz is and how to use it.
Here I have all your answers:

ChangeBuz is one of the trusted electronic currency exchange houses owned and managed by ChangeBuz Holdings Inc. You can read more about ChangeBuz here.

Now, how to use it?

So here I have discussed the process with image and screenshot for your convenience through which you can easily move your funds from Neteller to Western Union.

In the first step, everything you need to visit must also have a verified account with ChangeBuz.

Now on the panel page of your account you will get this option "Place an order" like this:

Small size image

(Note that here I have hidden all my personal data with pink, everything you need to continue with red).

Once you visit this, you must select an electronic wallet from where you want to transfer. There are many other electronic wallets that you can select, such as Skrill, PayPal, Paytm, Bank Deposit, AliPay, etc. In our case, we select Neteller for Western Union as:

Small size image

After this, you will be redirected to the "Order Page" where you should mention:
The amount you need to transfer or transfer as:

Small size image

Then, you should mention all the necessary receiver details, such as:

Small size image

Mention all the correct information, as it cannot be changed after confirmation. Once you complete all the required information, you will be redirected to the "Order Confirmation Page", where you can re-verify your order with all the information. After that, you must make the payment to complete the transaction.

I hope all this information will help you exchange your funds from Neteller to Western Union instantly.

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