administrator – How to run an installed Application as an admin?


I’m running Catalina 10.15.7.

I run my macOS system as a limited user (I have admin credentials for admin tasks).

This mostly works fine, but it seems many apps, and sometimes Apple themselves, expect most users to be running their systems as admins.


Anyway, I had a program installed (Disk Drill), which was running fine, and then prompted me to install an update. I installed the update, and now when I run the program I get an error window that Disk Drill can only be run by admins and then the app exits.

If I launch a terminal window and switch to the admin user and launch the app from the terminal, it starts just fine.


How do I get this app to run as an admin?

Attempted Solutions

I tried changing ownership of the .app and .app/Contents folder to that of the admin user, but this didn’t seem to make any difference.

google – Is it possible to have deep links open in the mobile app when installed rather than going to AMP pages?

We have both app indexed deep linking + amp pages support for one of the product on our websites.
Initially the flow was that if a user has app installed the link used to take user to app and if app is not installed it used to show AMP page and flow is taken control by AMP app.

But recently even though user has app installed, it is shown AMP and flow goes in AMP funnel.
Do we have control of taking the user to desired funnel. Example our native app funnels perform better than AMP funnel. So we want the behavior is discussed above (native > amp)

And is this AMP > native behaviour happened recently or announced somewhere or our app is a part of some kind of A/B Google is doing.

linux – In what folder should a minecraft server conventionally be installed?

This is a question about Linux systems conventions.

I want to set up a minecraft server on my Linux server, and it got me wondering, in what folder should I install it? And more generally where should I place servers I need to manually install?

Should it go in /var, I’ve seen a few peoples do this but isn’t that folder reserved for files that might be changed by programs during runtime?

/opt seems like the best candidate, I understand that servers are normal programs, but to me it feels like /opt is not made for programs that need to run h24. Am I wrong?

Or should it reside in its own /home/mcserver folder?

linux – I messed up badly – I have 4 python versions installed and my programs are still not running

I’m on mint; it came with python2.7 as default. As you you know it’s outdated and – soon- no longer supported, so I went ahead and installed python3.5. Couple days later, a program is asking for a module which i don’t have so i went ahead and start installing packages and modules here and there, but one day i was stuck with a certain module ain’t supported by python3.5. (As you probably guessed) I went ahead and installed another python version python3.7, and I was like “hey I might face such obstacle again with this version” so I installed the latest python version python3.10. This is all in a month or so. The interesting part i found out later that some of these versions are missing .so libraries and I was replacing them with modules, for example, I replaced on python3.7 with _ctypes leading to the requirement of ffi which doesn’t exist for python! Yeah I know i messed up…my question is what’s the best approach here? Python2.7 is the default python2 and python3.5 is the default python3. I read in other platforms to uninstall non-default versions using purgewhich i tried with python3.10 and it lead to “failed to start session” error when logging in, so i had to reinstall desktop-environment. Can Someone share some of his wisdom?!

docker – launching container with systemd installed hangs

I am trying to resolve the issue of getting running services in a container. When I try to start a service or check the status of a service using

# systemctl start nfs
Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted

I hit on the article failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted
I followed the following steps:

  1. Pull centos image

  2. Set up a docker file like the one below:

    FROM centos
    MAINTAINER “Yourname”
    ENV container docker
    RUN yum -y update; yum clean all
    RUN yum -y install systemd; yum clean all;
    (cd /lib/systemd/system/; for i in ; do ( $i == systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service ) || rm -f $i; done);
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/
    rm -f /etc/systemd/system/.wants/;
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/;
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/;
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/;
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/
    rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*;
    VOLUME ( “/sys/fs/cgroup” )
    CMD (“/usr/sbin/init”)

  3. Build it – docker build –rm -t centos7-systemd – < mydockerfile

  4. Run a container with docker run –privileged -ti -e container=docker -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup centos7-systemd /usr/sbin/init

docker build in step 3 succeeded. When I try to run the container, the shell hangs. I can see from a new shell that the container is running. But when I try to attach from the new shell, the shell becomes unresponsive too. Any ideas what could be going wrong?

How can I recover my gsa license its installed on VPS

Please I need help to recover my gsa license its installed on VPS and I got the license it doesn’t work really well 

kubuntu – How to delete kde-plasma installed using tasksel in Ubuntu 20.04 completely?

Today I decided to only test kde-plasma, so I installed it on my machine, Ubuntu 20.04.
How can I delete it completely? I’ve tried all of commands down below but still some of it’s dependencies like Konsole exists on default Ubuntu desktop. It also caused some problems like when I move applications, It just like has a lag.

sudo apt-get remove plasma-desktop
sudo apt-get autoremove

This one also:

sudo tasksel remove kubuntu-desktop

untagged – How do I prevent apps from getting installed onto my Pixel?

I’d like to prevent any apps from being installed on my Pixel.

I tried this with Google Family Link, but you can install apps rated E.

I also tried this with AppBlock, but I can install apps from from my computer.

I’d like the primary user on this phone to no longer be able to install apps at all.

An acceptable solution would be to password protect installing new apps, so that someone with the password could install apps.

Can Reporting Services be installed on a clean remote server, then create new SSRS databases on existing SQL Instance with SSRS installed?

Can Reporting Services be installed on a clean remote server, then create new SSRS databases on existing SQL Instance with SSRS installed?

Have a SQL Instance with Reporting Services working – Lets call it “SQLinstance1”.
A new vendor/product needs its own instance of SSRS/ cannot share SSRS.

Is it possible to take a clean Windows server (no SQL installed)lets call it “Hal” , run SSRS installation ,then create ReportServer and ReportServertempdb on the SQLinstance1 (with different db names)?

Resulting in 2 separate SSRS envs:


If this isn’t possible what are other options other than installing using another SQL instance?


applications – So, I have an app called “ww_easteur001”, never installed it, and it behaves… weird I would say. Need help with it

So, I never installed this app, it just appeared at some point on my phone. I didn’t do anything at first, thought it was something related to android because it has an android icon.

The problem is that sometimes, when I would of opened Chrome, it would of opened with a site already on it (something with some kind of clickbait game) and a ww_easteur001 notification. Sometimes that notification just popped up without anything happening “apparently”. I unistalled it a while ago, thought that it was gone, after a few weeks it appeared again. Uninstalled it again, appeared again, etc.

Today I looked closely and I saw that it had access to my Phone (calls and numbers), Messages and Storage, and I found out that at some point a message was sent to a number not in my contact list that seemed like pure gibberish. (My luck that I don’t have credit atm, so the message didn’t go through). I obviously suspected that app.

So… Need help. I’m not entirely sure what I should do (I know I should of done something the first time when I saw it, but I was dumb), I’m not sure what it does exactly, but definitely not something good. I cannot find anything online about it / similar experiences…

Now, worst case scenario I can just reset the phone and/or buy a new one, since this one is trash anyway, but I’m still confused about what’s all this about, and I may or may not be a little bit scared to what it has done this whole time.


Model number: Xylo P

Android version: 7.0

enter image description here

enter image description here