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Inmotionhosting alternatives? | Web Hosting Talk

I was a happy customer with Liquid Web but the recent covid situation killed my business. So I had to cancel my Liquid Web dedicated server and I moved to InmotionHosting.

But right from the first week, the support has been less than satisfactory. Migration issues, “Concerned team does not work weekends”, False promises during live chat, Reps saying it does not fall into our scope of work, being billed for a custom backup request and no response form support for 2 days. To top it all, their network failed for a good 24 hours.

My month #1 has been quite an eventful journey.

I am seriously contemplating moving to a better host..

This is my current specs:

Intel® Xeon® E-2134
3.50GHz Turbo 4C/8T
1TB SSD M.2 OS/home/data
Software RAID Available
10TB Data Transfer
10 FREE IPs Included
2 FREE Hours of Launch Assist*

I am paying USD 219 for the above + USD 15 for Cpanel Premium 100 + USD 25 for Server Management Support. Totaling USD 259 per month.

I am exploring options in this same price band.

My current disk usage is around 150 GB (or close). Have 10 Cpanel accounts.

My next billing date is 1st July . So I may not move immediately considering the timeline. But I am keen to explore options so that I can decide to switch next month.

Thank you.

Inmotionhosting doesn't know what oversold is

Hey everyone,

So I was looking for a good reseller hosting provider and found inmotionhosting.com

He used his live chat several times. The strange thing is that sometimes they say that oversold is allowed, while others say no.

So, finally, the last support representative told me that overselling is not allowed, so to test your knowledge, I asked if it is enabled in VPS packages. The answer was "No." How can they not let me sell more in a VPS?

Then, after a series of chats, I realized that your technical support lacks knowledge about what is being sold in excess. Therefore, it could be enabled or not.

Any idea if it's enabled with your reseller hosting?

Edit: after doing some Google searches, it seems that many other people posted the same concern about the lack of knowledge of inmotionhosting about overselling: p

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