8 – CKEditor strips all inline CSS and some tokens

I’m trying to add a color and font size to some text using the CKEditor. As soon as I save it these are stripped out.
I’ve also noticed some tokens are stripped down when certain settings are enabled.

I went to add a bit of text in a different font and color but when I saved it and viewed the text the spans were stripped of their “style” tag.
I went to config/content/formats/manage and enabled Limit allowed HTML and added span to the list like so :

<a hreflang href> <em> <strong> <cite> <blockquote cite> <code> <ul type> <ol type start> <li> 
<dl> <dt> <dd> <h2 id> <h3 id> <h4 id> <h5 id> <h6 id> <img src alt data-entity-type data-entity-uuid> 
<u> <s> <p> <h1> <pre> <table> <caption> <tbody> <thead> <tfoot> <th> <td> <tr> <span style>

After saving this all the attributes inside of span are still stripped. I also noticed that many of the tokens I was using (such as site:url) are broken and only half of it remains.

I went back and disabled the Limit allowed HTML option and then when I saved the text the styles and token would save properly.
When viewing the text in an email, the tokens had worked just fine but the span had it’s css striped.

I’ve tried looking for an answer but most are saying I need to enable and add the span to the limit html option but this definitely does not work for me.

There is also Correct faulty HTML enabled, would that be a problem for this?
How can I enable in line styling with the CKEditor?

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3.5 – Inline Translate within a CMS Block

I’m running a multi website and store setup.
I’m trying to use inline translation within a CMS block so I don’t have to create multiple blocks for different stores.

For example I’m using this within a CMS block to enable inline translation.

<h1 class="hero-h1"><?php echo __('Welcome to this website') ?></h1>

However it doesn’t appear on the page, when I inspect element it shows as

<h1 class="hero-h1"><!--?php echo __('Welcome to this website') ?--></h1>

Is there anyway text can be inline translated in a CMS Block?

python – How to create an optional inline admin field from django?

I am trying to create Accounts with unique usernames for each Server

class Server(models.Model):

    name = models.CharField(primary_key=True, max_length=50, unique=True)

class Account(models.Model):
    server = models.ForeignKey(Server,on_delete=models.CASCADE)
    username = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    account_name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    password = models.CharField(max_length=50)

right now i'm getting the

duplicate key value violates unique constraint "zuya_aaccount_username_5f0a17d4_uniq"

When I create a unique no account_name shows no problem

plpgsql – Postgresql can I access the inline array elements returned by the function?

Let's say I have a function that returns an array. Can I access your items online within a select query? I can't use subqueries since the function is based on query parameters. And I can't declare external variable for the same reason.

I expect something like this:

select foo,bar, function(foo,bar)(1) as array_item_1, function (foo,bar)(2)  as array_item_2 from table...

Currently I return the function (foo, bar) as array_items and repeat it in an application which is really cumbersome. I want db to return prepared results.

Thank you.

c # – How to map nested objects in automapper without using inline mapping or multiple .ForMember?

There is a question that describes what I want to get very accurately, but they are using online mapping.

Origin / destination types

public class SrcInner
    public int A {get;set;} // imagine here 100500 properties

public class SrcOuter
    public int B {get;set;}
    public SrcInner C {get;set}

public class Dest
    public int A {get;set;} // so here imagine 100500 same properties, as in SrcInner
    public int B {get;set;}

Mapping settings

public static void AddMapper(this IServiceCollection services)
    var config = new MapperConfiguration(cfg =>

    var mapper = config.CreateMapper();


Expected behavior

Properties A and B are populated after assignment.

Real behavior

Only property B is filled after allocation.

steps to reproduce

public class Foo
    IMapper Mapper{get;set;}
    public Foo(IMapper mapper) // comes through dependency injection
        Mapper = mapper;

    public Bar()
        var test = new SrcOuter()
            B = 10;
            C = new SrcInner()
                A = 10;
        var testDest = new Dest();
        mapper.Map(test, Dest);

Is there a proper way to set the settings that way, so will that mapping work?

css – What kind of boxes are flex-items? Can you consider a type of box such as block inline and inline-block?

The elements inline they can't have a width Y height defined but in a flex-container if I define a height,padding Y margin to an item inline These are if applied.

You can consider a flex-item as a type of box in which the padding,margin,width,height Y border of the elements are respected?

When I say that if they can be considered a type of box I mean that if flex-item it could be considered as if it were a display value only defined by the container and not autonomously

  height: 200px;
  background: pink;
  display: flex;
  background-color: blue;
  padding: 50px;
  color: white;

  background-color: orange;
  width: 500px;
  padding: 100px;
1 2

magento2 – Inline Edit is not working in the administration network


I need some columns of my grid to be able to click and edit, I'm doing what the tutorials of magento say but it does not work.

I have tried almost everything, and the rows can not be clicked and the editor does not appear. I think the inlineEdit is not even activated in my magento or something like that, since I've tried everything.

Thanks for the help.

Here is my listing.xml; the column part

                    home edit
                        $ {$. $ data.rowIndex}
                    text range


c – Is it possible to jump to a memory address in inline assembly?

I'm working on an operating system in C and assembler. This complies with the Multiboot specification, since it is loaded with GRUB.

I have read that GRUB has the ability to load modules or initial ramdisks in RAM so that the operating system can use them and that the latter obtains the memory position of the module through the parameter struct multiboot * mboot-> mods_addr of its main function.

I try to make the system jump to that memory location to be able to execute machine code from there and I can not. I do not know what the problem may be. Any help is received.

The following is my code (very reduced to the functions related to the jump):

Multiboot entry:

#define MULTIBOOT_HEADER_FLAGS 0x00000003
#define STACK_SIZE 0x4000

.globl _start
    jmp multiboot_entry
    .align 4
    .long 0x1BADB002
    .long 0x00000003
    .long - (0x1BADB002 + 0x00000003)
    movl $ (stack + 0x4000),% esp
    call kernel_main
loop: hlt
    jmp loop
.section ".bss"
    .comm stack, 0x4000

Function kernel_main ():

int kernel_main (struct multiboot * mboot)
    unsigned int location = * ((unsigned int *) mboot-> mods_addr);
    char * welcome = "Welcome to my " Operating System Without a Good Name  "(S.O.S.U.B.N)!";
    char * content = (char *) location;
    clear ();
    prints (welcome);
    jmpto (location);
    return 0;

Function jmpto ():

int jmpto (unsigned int jmplocation)
    __asm__ __volatile __ ("jmp% 0":: "r" (jmplocation));
    return 0;

File multiboot.h:

#define MULTIBOOT_HEADER_FLAGS 0x00000003
#define MULTIBOOT_FLAG_MEM 0x001
#define MULTIBOOT_FLAG_ELF 0x020
#define MULTIBOOT_FLAG_APM 0x200
#define MULTIBOOT_FLAG_VBE 0x400
struct multiboot {
    unsigned int flags;
    unsigned int mem_lower;
    unsigned int mem_upper;
    unsigned int boot_device;
    unsigned int cmdline;
    unsigned int mods_count;
    unsigned int mods_addr;
    unsigned int num;
    unsigned int size;
    unsigned int addr;
    unsigned int shndx;
    unsigned int mmap_length;
    unsigned int mmap_addr;
    unsigned int drives_length;
    unsigned int drives_addr;
    unsigned int config_table;
    unsigned int boot_loader_name;
    unsigned int apm_table;
    unsigned int vbe_control_info;
    unsigned int vbe_mode_info;
    unsigned int vbe_mode;
    unsigned int vbe_interface_seg;
    unsigned int vbe_interface_off;
    unsigned int vbe_interface_len;