dnd 5e – If the DM launches the initiative once for a group of monsters, how do end-of-turn effects work?

A magician goes around a corner to find two kobolds brandishing their weapons. Roll initiative!

The DM determines that neither side is surprised. The DM makes a single initiative role (10) for the two kobolds, since they are identical creatures (PHB, page 189). The magician has a great roll (15) and goes first.

The assistant decides that it is better to be sure than regret and reverse hold person to 3rd level, pointing to both kobolds. One kobold fails to save and is paralyzed, but the other (miraculously) succeeds. The magician now feels confident in his success and closes within 5 feet of both kobolds.

It's time for the kobolds to act. Kobolds has the Pack Tactics feature, which gives them advantage in attack rolls against a creature if a non-disabled ally is within 5 feet of that creature. One of the kobolds is paralyzed, which means he is also incapacitated. Hold person grants additional salvation at the end of the affected kobold turns.

Each kobold should have its own turn, but one full turn before the other, possibly allowing the paralyzed kobold to save vs. hold person? In short, is there any way for the non-paralyzed kobold to take advantage of Pack Tactics in this initiative if we count this round?

dnd 5e – How high can the initiative bonus of a PC get?

In general, most PCs rely solely on their Dexterity ability score modifier for their initiative; However, there are ways to get bonuses for the initiative. How high can you get this bonus?

For example, there is the warning feat (PHB, page 165):

Always looking for danger, you get the following benefits:

  • You gain a +5 bonus to the initiative.

The Dread Ambusher class characteristic of the Gloom Stalker ranger archetype (XGtE, page 42):

On the 3rd level, you master the art of ambush. You can give yourself a bonus to your initiative rolls equal to your Wisdom modifier.

And the Tactical Wit class characteristic of the archetype of the magician of the wizard war (XGtE, page 60):

Starting at the second level, your great ability to evaluate tactical situations allows you to act quickly in battle. You can give yourself a bonus to your initiative rolls equal to your Intelligence modifier.

So, a level 6 character who was a Ranger 4 / Wizard 2 who took the Alert feat at level 4 would have an initiative of 5 + DEX + WIS + INT. Is there anything else that can increase this number even more?

For the purposes of this, let's assume that the PC is a human (+1 in all skill scores) whose player was lucky to shoot all 17s during the creation of the character; Therefore, the character has +4 in each statistic (for convenience). Anything RAW is allowed; Multiclass, feats, magical objects, etc., but nothing of Arcana unearthed.

So, if my previous Ranger 4 / Wizard 2 example reached level 20 (Ranger 18 / Wizard 2) and used all its ASIs to maximize the DEX, INT and WIS, then they would have an initiative bonus of 20. someone beat that with a level 20 construction?

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