Jordan Visa upon arrival of National Indian with Jordan Pass

How strict are the rules regarding 1000USD pp to get VoA?

We are a group of 12 people with a travel budget, and, frankly, there is no way we can carry 12,000 USD in cash. In addition to being expensive, the risk of losing physical cash for something unfortunate is too much.

All other online threads are between 3 and 4 years old, where Indians were being harassed by immigration officials regarding the cash rule. How is the situation now?

We are planning to bring return tickets, prepaid hotel reservations, rental car reservations, Jordan pass and around 2000USD for the group as liquid cash, planning to withdraw it when necessary.

Does anyone suggest meeting and greeting at the airport? Those services also seem ridiculously expensive. (the first search results on google – did not investigate much)

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My Indian passport renewed but not yet updated in Austalian PR Visa


I have an Australian PR visa (189) and an Indian passport. I recently renewed my passport because it had to expire.
I have sent my new details through: on August 28, 2019, but the details of my new passport have not yet been updated. (I've been trying to contact them to fix it)


I will leave the country on vacation for a couple of weeks.


What will happen when I return to Australia but the details of my new passport have not been updated in your system?

Considering buying PC parts for my personal equipment in Hong Kong. I would like to know about the Indian import tax

  1. How will these be taxed? Do I have to pay an import fee or other taxes in my country?

  2. How should I bring those components 4-5 with me to avoid damage?

We have the total tax when importing from other countries to 42%. A one-week trip would make sense if I can get a tax exemption even on a single item like the CPU.

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india – Can the expiration date of an Indian ETA be extended?

No, an Indian electronic visa (tourist visa) cannot be extended.

From evisa India:

Once you have an approved electronic visa, you can travel all over the country and explore its lively cities, taste its delicious food and more. Just keep in mind that an electronic visa for India cannot be extended and that your passport must be valid for six months.

If you enter the country, it is almost certain that you will not be allowed to enter since your visa has expired and you have no authority to enter the country.

You must apply for a new visa. If you are asked why your previous visa was not used, you can say that you had a change in circumstances, just for that reason you will not be denied a new visa. The application will be considered by itself.

What programming language is better for creating a website?

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What programming language is better for creating a website?

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  1. What programming language is better for creating a website?
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Indian citizens – Can I register at any time?

I have the next trip booked.

ahead. New Delhi -> Madrid -> Sao Paulo
Return. Lima -> Madrid -> Delhi

The New Delhi stage -> Madrid and Madrid -> Delhi is performed by Air India. The leg Madrid -> Sao Paulo, Lima -> Madrid is covered by LATAM. The travel agent issued a ticket but I have two separate PNRS. Both airlines are members of the stellar alliance. Can I register completely?

I ask, since the traveler does not have a Madrid visa. Air India says it should be able to register in the entire process, LATAM says it can't.

Anyway, does the traveler need a transit visa to change flights? We can try to manage it with only cabin luggage.

Indian citizens – Registration process for tourists in Southeast Asian countries

To my knowledge, in all three countries, any registration paperwork is the Host's responsibility, not visitor's. So, although you can always ask about the record if you wish, it is the host, not you, who could (in theory) end up in hot water if you don't.

Keep in mind that in Thailand, long-term residents do You have to register every 90 days or risk fines, but this does not apply to tourist visas. More details on how the TM30 system works: