seo – The unknown URL parameter has been indexed in google

I already checked the source code of my site's URL, I can not find any URL parameters like in the screenshot
and my site is safe from malware, I tried it with sucuri

I'm using the yoast plugin, so I've already configured the canon automatically

Parameter unknown url

  • Where does the url parameter come from?
  • Should I request to delete the directory / page / in the webmaster console?

Is it okay for SEO to redirect a subdomain to its corresponding add-on domain after Google has indexed the subdomain instead of the add-on domain?

Yes, the 301 redirect is the right thing to do, although you should be careful not to just redirect everything to the home page, for example, subdomain.domain.example / page you need to redirect to subdomain.example / page.

You should also check if you can find a link to the (unwanted) version of the add-on and ask them to update their links to the simplest (desired) version, since the links are those Google uses to find sites and are probably The reason why the unwanted version was indexed.

Finally, be sure to check your CMS / your own site for any reference to the (unwanted) version of the add-on. Your own site may be referring to the unwanted URL and it is worth correcting it both to ensure that Google and others find the right site, but also so that visitors are not waiting for constant redirects to resolve them.

Google Analytics: should I worry about the 461K pages tracked but not currently indexed?

I found a lot of pages crawled and not indexed in my Google webmaster panel.
enter the description of the image here

On the other hand, it had 220K valid links.
enter the description of the image here

When I searched in most of the articles that were listed in the crawled and not indexed list, I found them indexed in Google.

1- Will excluded links affect the rank of my page?

2- What actions should I do to avoid this large number in the future?

Different counts of indexed pages for the site: search Google with an ending and without a slash

I am reviewing my website for indexed pages using the site command.

I'm getting the following results

  • site: (around 23,000 results) [Without trailing slash]
  • site: (around 8,000 results) [With trailing Slash]

Previously, our site has imposed a final slash rule, but now all are redirected to a final slash.

Please let me know why both versions have such variations in the results.

SQL server: will an indexed view run every time a new row is inserted?

Let's say we have two tables: Clients (CustID, Name, OrderID) and Orders (ID, Date, Quantity) and there is a combination of view indexed in CustID and ID and we have an index grouped in these two columns.

So if I add a new record in the Customers table, will the view run first? this is how every time you modify a row in one of these two tables, the view must be executed, which is very tedious and inefficient.

indexed variable – Derivative that is not evaluated when the function is defined

I have the following code

ExD = Sum[D[y[n, t], t], {n, 0, 1}];
ExS = Sum[y[n, t], {n, 0, 1}];
[Sigma][0]    = 1;
[Sigma]& # 39;[0] = 1;
Y[0, t_] = [Sigma][0]    + t [Sigma]& # 39;[0]

Note that when it is executed, ExD is still general for D[y[0,t], t], while ExS prints and[0,t] how it was defined It seems I can not understand why the first derivative with respect to the second variable of y[0,t] does not evaluate even though[0,t] It is clearly defined and printed correctly. I need to use Evaluate[] here?

What changes are required to index the Angular-based website on Google?


Why was not an angular base website indexed in Google?

The website is more than 4 months old and the only homepage is indexed, but it does not have content yet.

Can someone help me in this code that I use or do to index it?


seo – Could it be possible for a site to be indexed and cached but not appear in the Google search result?

My site is cached and indexed by Google. I have a couple of thousand visitors per day. I have done all the SEO checks online, but one problem persists. Despite complying with Google's webmaster guide, my site does not appear in Google's search results. In fact, when I inspect some URLs, they appear on the first page, after two or three days, everything disappears as it never existed in Google! I have tried everything that could cause the problem (for example, not spam, paid back links, etc.) but the problem gets worse day after day. My rank of alexa has fallen drastically (thousand) in a week. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

seo – Google selects an unrelated page as Canonical for many other pages, preventing our pages from being indexed

Since the beginning of April, we have many pages such as:

For which Google continues to select this page as canonical:

(Replace "example" with "signalogic" to obtain the correct link.) All our pages have a https rel = canonical tag, which the Search Console correctly displays as canonical declared by the user.

Why does Google's indexing persist in this? The two pages are related only in that they are different products. The first page contains a brief mention and link to the second. Each contains different, unique content; No human would call them identical. What we declare canonical is not "credible" or credible in any way? Somehow Google is forced to the unrelated page. What method do I need to overcome this?

To update. As of June 7, the problem persists. It's actually worse, with more and more pages considered identical to that page, like this one that is even more different:

The clicks are decreasing for the day due to this. I have documented the problem here:

including the formal complaints I filed with FTC, DoJ, etc. I have sent countless comments to Google, as well as emails to John Mueller. I do not know of any other way to make Google solve any problem with its canonical page algorithm other than to keep calling attention to the problem.

Any appreciated advice on how to "break" the Google attachment to an incorrect canonical page.

Why is my page not indexed? – Help SEO (General Chat)

1. Your site is indexed under a www domain or not www

2. Google has not yet found your site

3. The site or pages are blocked with robots.txt

4. You do not have a sitemap.xml

5. You have tracking errors

6. You have a lot of duplicate content

7. You have activated your privacy settings

8. The site is blocked by .htaccess