How to increase YouTube views

Therefore, you want more people to visit your blog or website. Well, to do this, you must know how to increase visits to YouTube. But how is this achieved? Well, it's simple; You should start writing excellent and relevant content that gets a lot of traffic, and in addition to that it also makes people like your videos.

Now, some people think that increasing YouTube views means placing your video on YouTube in the top ten. Yes, it is true that if you have a great video with a lot of traffic and you get a lot of likes, you will appear on the YouTube homepage. You can increase your views by buying YouTube Views, and you can also go to the search engine and type & # 39; YouTube Videos & # 39; and see what comes out. You may be surprised to see that many other people have also uploaded their videos to YouTube. Your video may appear on the first page of YouTube, something you will surely appreciate. After all, it's your video, and all you want is for people to see it and like it.

Another thing you should do is make sure you have the best possible video quality. Many people will watch the video and not bother to watch it. However, if you are uploading an excellent video, then you will see your video. You can also use flash to add flash videos to your video to give it a professional look. Finally, you can always create your own YouTube channel and upload it to the YouTube site to allow people to come to you if they like your videos.


Web application: increase navigation width to contain long navigation elements or reduce font size?

I have a side navigation that is in use throughout the web application.

Now we have to create a new section that, unfortunately, is longer than all the previous lateral navigation elements. Note that the navigation item cannot be shortened.

How would you advise me to do this?

  • Increase the overall navigation width (universally)?
  • Reduce the font size of the affected item?
  • Increase the navigation height so that the text can go to a second line?

enter the description of the image here

Namecheap currently uses option 2:
enter the description of the image here

How can I increase application statistics with ASO techniques!


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If I don’t want individual clicks to be wrongly double clicks, do I increase or decrease the double click speed?

My grandmother received a new Lenovo mouse, but to her disgust, she treats her unique clicks as double clicks. She read this, but this does not answer the question in the title.

enter the description of the image here

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Nikon: What is my upgrade path from a D3400 for better low light performance, which will also increase my maintenance rate?

Basically I'm a & # 39; Dad with a camera & # 39; of Rockwell and I take many photos of my family, with aspirations to enter into formal portraits. I have already taken my first steps in corporate headshots, and I have other means to work in the field of the type of & # 39; photo essay & # 39 ;, working with natural light.

I currently use a D3400 and I have the 35mm and 50mm DX lens. I plan to make the 85 mm round the set, although it will have limited uses mainly to head shots due to the trimming factor.

Anyway, I realize that I don't like the noise I get in the usual ISO settings (800-6400 for me in the conditions in which I shoot), and I find that the AF doesn't keep up with the moving targets , as well as me & # 39; I like it. Basically, I want better performance in low light and more & # 39; guardians & # 39 ;, so I imagine there is an improvement on the cards.

I have been looking at the D7500 and the D500, and I have come to the conclusion that the low light performance will only be insignificantly better, although depending on the characteristics I will get many extras that will help me get more. caregivers

What would be my update here for a maximum of $ 1,500 that can offer better performance in low light, better AF and is part of the Nikon line?

A part of me is even looking at an older full-frame camera like the D700 or similar, but I also need to consider obtaining a 35mm FX, which my budget of around $ 1,500 is going to extend. I'm undecided on whether to keep my spare D3400 and 35mm as a spare camera and a & # 39; house & # 39 ;.

dnd 5e – How to increase the chances of monks to throw an Impressive Strike?

My monk is a multi-class character (Monk 9 / Paladin 8) in a 5e home campaign and clearly does not have too many ki points as a level 17 character. I also find it inconsiderate and boring when you burn ki points in just a few rounds to try to stun to a monster (which is even more challenging with the Legendary Resistances).

What spells, feats, abilities, class characteristics, etc. Can you help the monk to successfully perform an impressive blow? (5e and arcanes unearthed)

Some solutions that I know after extensive research:

  1. Increase the monk's wisdom skill score

    • Endowments: resilient, observer, prodigy (UA), etc.
    • Articles: Volume of understanding, Piedra Ioun, Book of exalted facts. Maybe more?
    • Spells: Desire. Maybe more? Any way to temporarily increase WIS?
  2. It negatively affects the throw of salvation of constitution of the objective:

    • Spells: Bane, Grant Curse, Contagion, Glyph of Protection (indirectly). Maybe more?
    • Class skills: Portent Wizard, Sorcerer & # 39; s Bend Luck. Maybe more?
    • Articles: Nothing in 5e and UA?
    • Other: inflict level 3 exhaustion condition, make the monster possess a treasure from the Mummy's Lair. Maybe more?

SEO – What are the best ways to increase the position of a site on Google?

There is no definitive answer and all responses will be completely based on opinion.

Keyword meta tags are DO NOT used in the search engine ranking. If you want a more definitive answer, see the following post here.

The best thing you can do is:

1.] Continue adding new content, comments and blog posts and create RSS feeds for Google and send them as site maps to Google.

2.] Keep all content unique and do not duplicate the content. Currently, Google is struggling to keep all search engine content unique and not duplicated. So be sure to add canonical links to your page. See here to learn how to do it.

3.] Make sure your website is responsive. Google also wants sites to be displayed quickly and correctly on all devices and may be penalized if your website is too slow on the mobile device.

4.] H1 tags, Meta descriptions, titles and Meta tags. That said, with meta tags that are not relevant, it won't hurt to make them relevant to your content. However, have one and only one H1 tag, and make sure it is relevant to your content. The same goes for your meta description and title tags.

5.] Website speed is an important factor. Google recommends that all websites load in less than 2 seconds. In this case, make sure all images are optimized, do not load unnecessary resources, configure a cache in your .htaccess, enable persistent TCP connections, add gzip to your resources and combine all of your CSS files in one and minify them, the same with you JS records.

All my suggestions are of my own opinion and are all optimization on the site. You should collect relevant backlinks, but be sure not to participate in a link scheme. Also keep in mind that incorrect links and spam content can damage your website and cause much bigger problems.

Social networks can also be a good source of traffic and can be used as a very powerful SEO tool if used correctly.

The main point would be: Do not wait for results overnight, this process will take a long time and can take a lot of work and time before you start seeing results. Be sure to target the correct keywords for your site by researching the target keywords, analyze your competition, what they are doing that you are not doing, how many backlinks they have. However, none of this will guarantee you a top spot. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

The best place to start is to look here, as it is written by Google and will advise you on best practices.

update – Increase 5% to a value in MongoDB

I have the following code:

{"Días de Desviación":{$gte:5}},
{ $set: { "Costo":{$sum:{ $multiply: ( "$Costo", .05 ) } } }},
{ multi: true })

What I need is to increase the Cost already established by 5% but it throws me an error (I have to do everything from the shell)

The error that generates me is the following:
enter image description here