How to control notifications for Facebook Messenger messages including Marketplace responses?

In the Notifications Settings in Facebook ( I see this:

enter image description here

If I enable “Email”, will I receive an email for every reply to any type of Facebook Messenger message, including those as a result of my request to an ad on Facebook Marketplace (e.g., “Is this still available?”)?

I currently believe that interactions on Facebook Marketplace end up in the “messenger” feed, but if that is not true, then can someone clarify?

I could try it and will see, but my thinking is “no, not that setting”, so if not that one, which setting covers the Facebook Messenger and/or the Facebook Marketplace?

This is related to How to AUTOMATICALLY forward Facebook messages to my email address? which does not seem to indicate that there is a way to do that at all (and this question also includes Facebook Marketplace as a key factor).

Why is it considered racist towards blacks to care about all the lives (including black lives)  lost to police brutality?

Because it’s not “black lives matter” but “only black lives matter”. 

Imagine breast cancer awareness supporters getting mad at any mention ever of any other type of cancer. 

Imagine mother’s getting upset on Father’s Day because celebrating Father’s Day is actually just anti-mother’s day.

That’s BLM. 

SUMIFS in Google Sheets: Wildcard for any value including blank

According to

“criterion can contain wildcards including ? to match any single character or * to match zero or more contiguous characters.”

But this is incorrect because * doesn’t match an empty cell.

How can I match any value, including blank?

query – How do you create a cumulative sum result set including days where no data exists?

I am looking for any guidance on how to complete a query that I have been working on today. (Redshift)

Basically I am just looking to create a simple “Running Balance” grouped by customer, and by date. I currently have this “working” but the only problem is that I am having trouble figuring out a way to include the running balance for dates in which a customer did not have any transactions which effected their balance.

In essence, I would like for their most current running cumulative balance on each day to be replicated up until the point of a new transaction, at which time the balance increase / decrease depending on the action taken.

Current Code Sample Below:

-- CTE to run window functions over to create running total
WITH balances AS (
        confirmed_at::date as date,
        SUM(CASE WHEN currency = 'usd' THEN amount END) as balance
    FROM transactions
    WHERE confirmed_at is not null
    GROUP BY confirmed_at::date, customer_id
-- It needs to fill in all the days where no transactions occurred
-- Currently it does not replicate the previous day balance up until new transaction
-- Generate sequential days from start date
    SELECT DATE_ADD('day', - i.i, DATE_TRUNC('day', CURRENT_DATE))::date AS date 
    FROM (
          SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER() i 
          FROM stl_scan 
          LIMIT datediff(day, '2020-01-01'::date,getdate()::date)
         ) i) d
        sum(balance) over (order by date rows unbounded preceding) as eod_balance
    FROM balance_data
) t USING (date)

I thought that adding in the LEFT JOIN of the sequentially generated dates would solve the problem, but I think I am just using it improperly for my use case.

Currently a sample data result set looks like this:

date | customer_id | eod_balance

2020-01-01 | 123abc | 5

2020-01-04 | 123abc | 10

I am hoping to get this to a place where the result can look like the below example:

date | customer_id | eod_balance

2020-01-01 | 123abc | 5

2020-01-02 | 123abc | 5

2020-01-03 | 123abc | 5

2020-01-04 | 123abc | 10

Thanks for any help or advice!

archiving – Save Entire Twitter Timeline Including Recommendations from People I follow


Is it possible to save entire timeline with recommendations into RSS Feed?

The information in the example below with red markings on it, is what I am after.
Since from what I have found so far, I am only able to retrieve information from my timeline, without twitters recommendations. ( my own tweets, retweets, or likes) I want to archive everything if at all possible.

Alternatives that I have thought of, if this is not possible.

Individually, capture all information of each user that I follow ( their tweets, retweets, and likes)
It would be tedious, but it would be one way.

I do know that their are rate limits.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Sources that I have tried without success

Converts Twitter to RSS Feed

twarc is a command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON data

Twitter timeline

Example of My Timeline

Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation
Twitter Timeline Save Recommendation

Six people, including Alice, Bob, and Connie, form a queue in random order. What is the probability when Bob is between Alice and Connie?

I figured out several patterns of queues like this:


Am I coming through the right way or not?
Can anyone give me some hints, please?

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including and passing variables with php wordpress

I am using WordPress for my clients to log into the site, put data in a customized table and save it in a database table.
Through the code “example” that I put in funtions.php theme I can return my email at the top of the screen. Code below.

$ current_user = wp_get_current_user ();
$ logado1 = $ current_user-> user_email;
echo $ logged1;

however through a new blank page I can put the HTML to make it work correctly, including with the css via plugin.
But I can’t include the php on the page is to retrieve the data from the $ logado1 variable contained in theme / funtions.php.
Well, I need to retrieve the data from “$ logado1 email”, and forward it to a next php referenced in.

<form action=" http://localhost/newphp.php" method="post">.

do the treatment and save it in a new table in the “registration” database.

<div class = "divsearch">
<form action=" http://localhost/newphp.php" method="post">
<label class = "textout"> <b> Port 1 </b> </label>
<input type = "text" class = "box1">
<label class = "textout"> <b> Port 2 </b> </label>
<input type = "text" class = "box1">
<button type = "submit" class = "buttonacept1"> Save </button>

Does anyone have any solution for this problem ?.

security – Does mnemonic phrase contain everything in my wallet including future keys?

I am confused about something important …

Most wallets allow wallet recovery using “Mnemonic phrase”, but (in general) with this phrase, do I get access to all my data ? E.g future generated addresses that will hold my bitcoins ?

Another way to ask: is this the only thing I need to store or do I also need to export my actual wallet/keys when I generate a new address or receive new coins ?

I know each wallet works differently but I think this would be a general question.
If it matters, I noticed the Mnemonic feature on Electrum and Coinomi wallets.

Edit: how can Coinomi give me access to different coins using same mnemonic phrase ? Does this mean that it is more like a password to my data (data stored by them) and if their wallet service becomes unavailable I don’t really have access to any of my different coins ?