What are the criterias included while calulating authority of a domain?

What are the criterias included while calulating authority of a domain?

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magento2 – Tax is included but products are displayed without tax

The store displays prices inclusive of tax, but prices are displayed without tax, how can I fix this?

Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules
enter image description here

Tax Rate all rates 16.0000
enter image description here

Stores > Configuration > SALES > Tax > Tax Classes
enter image description here

Stores > Configuration > SALES > Tax > Default Tax Destination Calculation
enter image description here

Stores > Configuration > SALES > Tax > Price Display Settings
enter image description here

Tax Class on product
enter image description here

But product price on the front end still 99.00

windows 10 – Effect of running a batch filed as admin on included programs

Windows 10. I have a batch file that contains a number of

start xyz 

to start various programs. Some of those programs must be run in admin mode.

If I create a shortcut to a batch file and set the advanced properties of the shortcut to be run as administrator.
Will all the programs inside the batch file be executed as administrator? If not, is there a way to start a program as an administrator from inside the batch file?

analysis – Proof question on lemma included in paper on invariant sets of PDEs

I’m not exactly sure how to categorize this question so sorry if it’s in the wrong place. I’m trying to understand one part of a lemma given in a paper on invariant sets for PDEs and I’m getting hung up on signs. I think it might just be me not understanding notation or forgetting some analysis. Anyway it looks like:

Let $G:mathbb{R}^n rightarrow mathbb{R}$ be a smooth function, and let $dG$ and $d^2G$ denote the first and second derivatives of $G$. They note here that “the $v$ dependence of $dG$ and $d^2G$ is being suppressed.” $v$ being a function of $x$ and $t$ that satisfies a generic form PDE:

$frac{partial v}{partial t}=epsilon D Delta v +Sigma M^i frac{partial v}{partial x^i}+f,$ $epsilon>0$

And satisfies some boundary conditions. Continuing, with $gammaleft(tright)$ being a smooth curve in $mathbb{R}^n$ and with dots denoting time derivatives, they note that:

$dot{left(Gcirc v right)}=dGleft(dot{gamma}left(tright) right) $

$ddot{left(Gcirc v right)}=dG^2left(dot{gamma}left(tright) right) +dGleft(ddot{gamma}left(tright) right)$

Finally, suppose $v:mathbb{R}^m rightarrow mathbb{R}^n$ is a smooth function with range in the set $Sigma={v:Gleft(vright)leq 0}$ and that $Gcirc vleft(x_0right)=0$. Then for $xiinmathbb{R}^m$ and $hinmathbb{R}$, $Gcirc vleft(x_0+hxi right)leq Gcirc vleft(x_0right)$. After this they make use of a Taylor expansion to show $dGleft(dvleft(xiright) right)=0$ as $h$ goes to $0$.

I’m not sure if the information above the last paragraph is helpful, but I figured I’d include just in case. They use some of it later with a convexity argument to reach more conclusions. What’s mixing me up here is how the range of $v$ is defined. I understand it to mean that $v$ maps points in $mathbb{R^m}$ to points in $mathbb{R^n}$ that, when $G$ is applied to them, give positive real numbers. So, if the value of $Gcirc vleft(x_0right)=0$ and I move in some direction $xi$ and distance $h$ away from $x_0$, I would expect that that value is also going to be $geq 0$ given the restrictions on the range of $v$. However, the inequality they give suggests that the quantity is $leq 0$. Can you clarify?

Sorry for the long post.

air travel – Included baggage for long haul flight with Lufthansa

I’m searching on Skyscanner for a flight for Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) to Toronto (YYZ) for the dates 29 May 2021 – 19 June 2021.

This is the result’s link.

I select the cheapest one:

enter image description here

Then I go to the page of mytrip and I see this:

enter image description here

The sum was modified from EUR to USD but the value is the same so no problem with that. But when I hover over the baggage icon from the right side it says “Baggage not included”.

Clicking on Book button, on the next page I see this:

enter image description here

So there is no checked baggage included? Doesn’t Lufthansa have included baggage for a transcontinental flight?

What are the `ResourceFunction`s that should be included in the official release?

Wolfram Function Repository is indeed a treasury with many valuable functions. And I personally enjoy trying out all the new ones every Friday night after receiving its newsletter.

Although we can easily load the functionality via ResourceFunction, lack of local help page sometimes can be annoying.

Just out of curiosity, what are the ResourceFunctions that should be included in the official release?

website design – What should be included in a standard web UX/usability audit and recommendation?

Doing the Audit

I think the standard process you choose depends largely on the resources available for doing the audit. Bare audit could be something as simple as expert review done by one usability expert. The expert should at minimum base his evaluation at least partially on some heuristics/criteria as there is evidence that this leads to more problems found (Bastien & Scapin, 1995). Regarding heuristics Nielsen’s heuristics are a reasonable base as are Shneiderman’s Eight Golden Rules. Heuristic evaluation could be more effective if you modify the heuristics to suit the domain.

The thing with heuristic evaluation is to get reliable results you should have several experts doing the evaluating. The best results require the usability experts to be also domain experts. (Nielsen, 1992.) Other problem is that heuristic evaluation does not find actual usability problems, but rather the evaluator infers the problems from various qualities of the UI, which can lead to false alarms. Usability testing works the other way around where UIs problematic features are inferred from the problems users are having.

Generally more expensive way to audit UI would be to do usability testing with representative users. I haven’t done too much usability testing, but not counting the cost it seems to me to be the method with least problems and most reliable results. If various stakeholders can be brought to observe the testing it can also be easier way to convince them that changes are needed.

I would in general go with usability testing augmented with as many experts doing the heuristic evaluation as possible. Or even non-experts doing the evaluation as many novices can trump one expert.

Regarding the Recommendations

In essence writing recommendations is all about making them as usable as possible. Bad report isn’t useful.

Dumas et al.(2004) recommend that when writing recommendations, you should:

  • Emphasize the positive.
  • Express your annoyance tactfully.
  • Avoid usability jargon.
  • Be as specific as you can.

I would add to those that remember to include concrete improvement suggestions with the recommendations. Just pointing out the problem isn’t that helpful.

plotting – Can a plotted graph be included with a Tooltip?

I have a set of spectral training data for 2 thousand plus colors. Right now each color can be compared with a result a ListLinePlot made to show both on a graph with RMSE. I would like to be able to plot the data differently as a 3DBarGraph and use the ListLinePlot result as a tooltip when mousing over each bar of the graph. The Bar graph part is no problem at all, but the tooltip portion appears to be out of the realms of possibility.

Can Mathematica use a plotted graph as a tooltip (or some other function) to do the same?