Google Spread Sheet Import Question

I have some google dorks like ( Around 4000+)
What i want is to fetch results/links of each search on google
Is there any way
I add url like that and it returns me result

migration – import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type

I need to migrate/import multiple taxonomy terms for a content type.

Taxonomy term : Profile type

Content type : Fellow

Taxonomy term is used as entity reference field and pulling multiple or single terms to content type posts.

I am migrating from D7 to D9

Please help

How can I import my custom json file

Hi I need to import my json file but only tutorials i’ve found is to import file for a widget or things like that or json file importer but i do not understand It contains books with their titles ISBN etc…, I want to use it using PHP, and I want it to import in my server to use it like in a folder.

How to import a(n) (AWS) badge on Credly?


Aim is to add digital badges for passing certifications to my LinkedIn profile. AWS itself indicates that one should use Credly to make that work.

Steps to reproduce

  • pass an exam, e.g. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • login to
  • click on Digital Badges tab

AWS Certification digital badges are provided via Credly’s digital
badging platform.

  • create an account
  • sign in

Complete Your Profile

  • linkedin profile was added, but the Complete Your Profile message still appears. I do not know whether that is required to get the badge in Credly.


  • Why does the Complete Your Profile message still appear in Credly, while a linkedin account had been associated? After associating LinkedIn and logging out and logging again the message disappeared.
  • Why is my AWS badge not shown in Credly?
  • How does Credly work?

Attempts to solve the issue

  • My email account is identical to the one I am using to login to
  • I checked my spam folder for message from Credly, but nothing was found


  • Perhaps the issue is caused as the Credly account was created after passing the exam.
  • Maybe it will take a couple of days when one will receive an email for importing the badge in Credly?

import – Dealing with data from multiple individual spreadsheets. Should data be merged OR are there better ways to deal with multiple sheets?

You can use the importrange() function to merge data from multiple spreadsheet files into a master spreadsheet. It would look something like this:

    importrange("spreadsheet id 1", "Sheet1!A1:F"); 
    importrange("spreadsheet id 2", "Sheet1!A2:F"); 
    importrange("spreadsheet id 3", "Sheet1!A2:F"); 
    importrange("spreadsheet id 4", "Sheet1!A2:F") 
  "where Col1 is not null", 

The results will automatically update every 30 minutes, and usually much more often. They will be view-only.

If the data is stored in tabs in the same spreadsheet file, and the master sheet is in the same spreadsheet file as well, do not use importrange() but an { array expression }.

csv – Amasty Import Product Extension Field Mapping

Does anybody know how to properly configure Amasty Product Import Field Mappings or where to find detailed documentation about this?

On their website I can only find basic module configuration docs, nothing about how to create categories, map attributes to source data.

Platform: Magento 2.4.2.

magento2 – How to get columns header of csv in custom import module

Hi I created custom module for import data by helping module (

In this case I need to get csv header names.
I tried several ways but it’s not working.

I tried getSource method but system gives source is not set .

If anyone know the answer please help me solve the issue


google cloud platform – I am trying to import firestore databse to big query using extension, however the sub collections are not getting populated, have tried multiple ways

I want to sync big query with firestore database. I have used the extension to import firestore db to big query however the subcollections are not getting exported to big query. I have even tried to make multiple instances of each subcollection that way I do have subcollection data but the data is disconnected from other tables. I want all the data in one table so whenever firestore gets updated big query also gets updated. Have been stuck on this for weeks, mean a lot if I can get step by step guidance as to what I should do. I just got started with bigquery and working on a cloud platform. Any help will be highly appreciated.

python – Como resolver o erro: “ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package”?

Estou tentando fazer a autenticação de usuários em meu site usando o flask-login, com o auxílio de um site (, mas ocorreu um erro em minha aplicação que no do site não aconteceu: “”, line 2, in “from . import db” “ImportError: attempted relative import with no known parent package”.
Meu diretório está assim:
inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Meu init está assim:

from flask import Flask
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy

db = SQLAlchemy()

def create_app():
    app = Flask(__name__)

    app.config('SECRET_KEY') = 'secret-key-goes-here'
    app.config('SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI') = 'sqlite:///db.sqlite'


    from .auth import auth as auth_blueprint

    from project import main as main_blueprint

    return app


from flask import Blueprint
from . import db

auth = Blueprint('auth', __name__)

def login():
    return 'Login'

def signup():
    return 'Signup'

def logout():
    return 'Logout'


from flask import Blueprint
from . import db

main = Blueprint('main', __name__)

def index():
    return 'Index'

def profile():
    return 'Profile'

vite – unable to import web3

I am trying to add a nice GUI to my dapp while being utterly incompetent with everything related to web programming.
The first version I did with webpack worked (but I did not understand how and why, really). I am now starting the second iteration, and for maximum simplicity, I decided to switch from webpack to vite ( After initializing the project as per the description given in the guide (, I managed to get the ‘hello vite’ site running. Next I added Web3 with

npm install web3

and then I changed main.js from

import './style.css';

document.querySelector('#app').innerHTML = `
 <h1>Hello Vite!</h1>
 <a href="" target="_blank">Documentation</a>


import './style.css';
import Web3 from "web3";

document.querySelector('#app').innerHTML = `
  <h1>Hello Vite!</h1>
  <a href="" target="_blank">Documentation</a>

However, after changing this line, I get the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined
    at node_modules/util/util.js (util.js:109)
    at __require2 (web3.js?v=5afc53e8:17)
    at node_modules/web3-core-requestmanager/lib/index.js (index.js:20)
    at __require2 (web3.js?v=5afc53e8:17)
    at node_modules/web3-core/lib/index.js (index.js:22)
    at __require2 (web3.js?v=5afc53e8:17)
    at node_modules/web3/lib/index.js (index.js:29)
    at __require2 (web3.js?v=5afc53e8:17)
    at dep:web3:1