Nikon – & # 39; File does not contain image data & # 39; but I can see the image briefly in the camera viewfinder. Is there any way to recover the images?

Corrupt files generally cannot be recovered without backups.As Carl Witthoft comments, the symptoms he describes can be explained by:

… you are viewing the "thumbnail" image shown by the camera software before loading the actual image (but corrupt or missing where applicable) …

Additional information may help elucidate the source of your problem, but it will not improve the prognosis:

  • Brand and model of camera?
  • File format?
  • Approximate sizes of normal and corrupt image files?

Do these food photography images use smaller plates than standard ones to better present the subject?

Very approximately, a dinner fork measures 20 cm, a normal dinner plate measures 28 cm.

The fork when placed on the plate should overlap the area & # 39; edge & # 39 ;, edge / lip (the raised outer ring on which no food is placed.

That makes the dishes in your images smaller than normal dishes or soup dishes (26 cm), but larger than the side dishes (20 cm). Since they do not have a traditional edge / lip but quickly curl at the edges, I would say they measure about 22 cm. The fork would simply sit inside without any overlap.

Personally, I think they make the food seem crowded, especially the best. The bottom seems that the dish is too deep for food, the lighting makes it seem sunken. For both, he would have thinned things a little towards the edges and tried to lower the shading.

There are arguments to cram the plate / bowl: noodles, for example, that will always flow to fill the space, although here there is still a distinct margin and the highlights, broccoli, peas, etc., strategically located

but there are arguments against: allow the beans to thin to the edges in this more homogeneous meal

or more noodles – this beautifully spaced

This, on the other hand, does not work for me at all; crowded, messy with the food that sticks out of the edge, crowded, un appetizing, blurry, (I could go on;) …

About the OP comment
"The aim of the shooting that I am creating is to have the plate inside the scene so that it cannot be trimmed, which has led me to the conclusion that the larger the plate, the smaller the food inside the plate will be. In the photos I attached in the original question, the food inside the plate seems bigger than I could achieve in my own shot … "

I would not use the photos you published as a definitive guide. They are completely full. Not only the portions themselves, but they seem desperate to get as much as possible in a close frame, at a very high cost of how appetizing everything looks.

It seems they are selling you a coffee lunch, not an excellent dining experience.

Why does one of the images in parentheses have a different f-stop value?

I am using Fujifilm xt-20. I set up a support to use +/- 2ev.

enter the description of the image here

But I don't know why the first photo (photo on the left below) has an f / 2.8,

enter the description of the image here

and the rest has f / 5.6

enter the description of the image here

Is it a good thing? Or is it not going to affect the final output of HDR?

If it can affect the final HDR result, how can I avoid it?

How can you hide the woocommerce product images in the media selector?

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php: problem loading images through dropzone VUE.js

For no apparent reason, my site returns the following error when I upload an image:

enter the description of the image here

The message says: