How can I delete web images from pinterest and use them in a mobile application?

I have this idea of ​​an application and I am a little frustrated at how much I don't know how to proceed.

My application is basically an art recommendation application.

It begins with 3 base images and for each image you click on, similar images are presented with a slight variation, etc.

So, my goal is to make this a mobile application and call it my museum.

I had the idea to scrape pinterest.

I realized that Pinterested has a recommendation algorithm that basically does what I want to do.

My idea was to have my program do a pinterest search based on a random keyword related to art and present the first image result to the user.

If the user likes it, swipe to the right. If you do not, the program should perform another search on pinterest with a different keyword, etc.

When the user likes an image. The program must click on the image as it would on pinterest to be presented with images similar to the one you clicked. Therefore, it would present the first image in the search results. Keep it up as long as the user likes what he sees.

Now how do I do this? How do I simulate a browser and a user on pinterest scraping the image, etc.?

How can I turn it into a mobile application? I know how to work with flutter.

I had the idea of ​​doing the python scraping that would be my back end and having some kind of communication with the mobile application to visually present the image to the user.

It all comes down to how to make my program behave like a user browsing through pinterest and taking the relevant information, and how to provide that information to a mobile application that can show it to the user.

seo – Rename images or create an image site map? Or both?

The environment is a classified site, where there are products with their description, title and photos and, with the exception of the images, all data is stored in a MySQL database.

Although there are friendly titles of the classifieds and it is relatively easy to link them, all images are saved with a randomly generated name (something like d6as897d6ad67a5s7da8d56sa7d.jpg).

The question here is, for SEO purposes, PAGE RANKING and SERP, what is the best option and why?

  • Rename images from random characters to classified titles;
  • Create image site map;
  • Both of them.

What are the cons and pros? And why not choose the other options? Are there other alternatives that I did not mention here?

[ Politics ] Open question: Did you know that the images of the Turks attacking the Kurds in Syria are actually images of a shooting range in Kentucky? ABC lied to us.

Was it fake news or not? .

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Deep learning: is there an equivalent of word2vec for images?

I wonder if it would be possible to create dense vector representations for an image, similar to how I could create an embedded word with an algorithm like Word2Vec.

I understand that there are some big differences between text and image data, specifically the fact that word2vec uses the context of the word to train, but I hope to find a similar counterpart for the images.

If a simplistic example of w2v (from GitHub Gist from Allison Parrish) is:

            | cuteness (0-100) | size (0-100) |
| kitten    |        95        |     15       |
| tarantula |         8        |      3       |
| panda     |        75        |     40       |
| mosquito  |         1        |      1       |
| elephant  |        65        |     90       |

And another example being king - man + woman = queen

Is there any analogue (or way to create some kind of analogue) for the images in which I could get something in general along these lines (with some invented numbers):

                             | amount of people | abstract-ness |
                             | in image (0-100) |    (0-100)    |
| Starry Night               |         0        |       75      |
| Mona Lisa                  |         1        |        9      |
| American Gothic            |         2        |        7      |
| Garden of Earthly Delights |        80        |       50      |
| Les Demoiselles d'Avignon  |         5        |       87      |

or (starry night) - (landscape) + (man) = (van Gogh self portrait) or = (abstract self portrait) or something in general in that regard.

These may not be the best examples, but just to recap, I am looking for some kind of algorithm to create an abstract n-dimensional representation learned for an image that can be grouped or compared with vectors that represent other images.

Thanks for your help!

Upload images to the server with jquery and php

we are implementing a pet registration system, now we have a problem we want to upload images to the server, with jquery, php, we have made the following code that we do not manage to work, also together with the image must be registered in the database together with the name of the pet's owner, pet's name, date of birth, age, etc. , we have also consulted a lot of information on the Internet and we failed to make it work, thanks

JavaScript function

function registroMascotas() {
    fotosMascota = document.getElementById("fotoRegisMascota"),
    archivoRuta = fotosMascota.value,
    exPermitidas = /(.jpg|.jpeg|.png)$/i,
    var formData = new FormData();
var files = $("#fotoRegisMascota")(0).files(0);
formData.append("file", files);

if (numeDocPropietario === "") {{
        type: "error",
        title: "Error",
        text: "Ingrese el documento de identidad del propietario!"

} else {
    type: "POST",
    url: "../../pages/tables/mascotaregitramascota.php",
    data: Form,
    processData: false,
    contentType: false,
    success: function(r) {
        if (r == 1) {
            const Toast = Swal.mixin({
                toast: true,
                position: "top-end",
                showConfirmButton: false,
                timer: 3000
                type: "success",
                title: "Se guardo correctamente"
        } else {
            const Toast = Swal.mixin({
                toast: true,
                position: "top-end",
                showConfirmButton: false,
                timer: 3000
                type: "error",
                title: "Error con el servidor"


Script that calls the function

$(document).ready(function() {
   $("#idGuardarMascota").click(function() {

Php code

Web crawlers: How does a live test in the Google search console affect the ranking if it does not collect all the images and other content?

In the Google search console I made a live test URL for the homepage of my site. However, the live test screenshot does not resemble my homepage.

  • There are not many images and text.
  • My homepage includes a slider.

Will the result of this test affect the Google ranking?

Google documents: images are blurred when the document is downloaded as a web page

I am having a google document with good quality images. Later, once my document is complete, I downloaded the web page version (html, zip).

When I saw the images in the folder, they are of poor quality than what I have uploaded.

I have uploaded an image of size 870kb but I got the same image on the website that 337kb

How can you configure this? Based on this, I was doing my job. Now this will create a big problem.

How do I get softer images in sunlight, as in this commercial?

I saw an advertisement on television and I was very impressed by the videography in direct sunlight (the stage was a beach). Here is a link to the ad. As you can see, there are no hard shadows or yellowing of the skin, which is usually seen in very sunny environments. Every time I take my photos in direct sunlight, they go like this:

enter the description of the image here

How do I make my sunlight photos look more like the ad?

Need help with space between text, buttons and images

Greetings people!

I am creating a website on the WordPress DIVI theme, and I have a problem, which is shown in this screenshot video of my PC:

Why are some places (not all as you can see), when I change the scale, the space between the text and the images is changing and does not look so good and does not have the same proportions? Should it be, when you climb, dependent on your screen and have the same proportions on each different PC? But why don't I have this? And for the mobile phone version it seems to be fine, it looks the same when you build it.

Thanks for your time,

– Arty

Website: (for you to check, maybe I have a problem?)