Scan: Imagemagick removes dust from scanning based on a dust scan

Dust removal using a dust mask can be done with G & # 39; MIC with the "Inpaint" [Multi-Scale]"filter.The easiest way to use G & # 39; MIC is as a complement to GIMP, Krita or Paint.NET.However, it is available as a command-line utility.

  1. Convert the dust image into a bitmap with pure pixels in red and white (or transparent). (G & # 39; MIC uses pure red as the default mask color).

  2. Use ImageMagick to superimpose the dust map over the original image.

  3. Call G & # 39; MIC with the "Paint [Multi-Scale]"filter. (You'll have to look for the command).

  4. Repeat with each image.

imagemagick – GraphicsMagick does not centralize the text

For example, I give this command

In the event of a change in the quality of the food, it should be taken into account that most of the vegetables used in the cultivation of spinach, which is not really very different from other vegetables. -thanks center image.png

and he returns that image
insert the description of the image here

But when I define the -The gravity as centerI hope it stays that way
insert the description of the image here

How can I do that ?

How to extract the depth map of the .heif image created with the iPhone X using imagemagick

I created an image with my own iPhone application. The image is in .heif format and contains the depth map. (I know because the Photos app recognizes it)
Now I downloaded and installed imagemagick.
and executed the following command:

magick identify -verbose orginal.HEIC

This shows me only three channels (Channel 0, Channel 1, Channel 2). I guess these are the rgb colors of the image.

How can I access the depth data of this image?