Are you looking for free medical care for illegals as the Democrats want?

You realize that the idea of ​​giving illegal immigrants free medical care is getting them to enter our country so they can be here to vote for Democrats, right? THAT is the only reason behind that ridiculous idea of ​​providing free medical care to criminals who violate our immigration laws. It is certifiably crazy.

Hell no, I'm not going to pay my taxes to pay for free medical care for illegal immigrants. WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO PAY FOR THAT? Is it such a crazy idea?

What happened to Charity from HOME?


The Democrats refuse to deport the illegals who are in this country. Why is that? Why do they defend people who refuse to respect our borders?

Are you 1) STUPID
2) brainwashing
3) LIE
or just another Russian troll?

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JUNE 2019 – "Trump is not matching Obama's deportation numbers"

"According to the figures: under the Obama administration, the total deportations of ICE were greater than 385,000 each year in fiscal years 2009-2011, and reached a maximum of 409,849 in fiscal 2012. The figures fell to less than 250,000 in the fiscal years 2015 and 2016 ".

"Under Trump, ICE deportations fell to 226,119 in fiscal year 2017, then reached more than 250,000 in fiscal year 2018 and reached a maximum of the Trump administration of 282,242 this fiscal year (as of June)."

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"President Obama oversaw more deportations than President Donald Trump has overseen."

"It's true. In 2012, the Obama administration threw out 419,384 people from the United States, a one-year record that still stands, despite two years (and counting) that Trump is framed as the head of the guard US border. Earlier this week, Trump tweeted that he would eliminate "millions" of illegal immigrants if he was given a second term in the White House, but last year Trump managed to deport only 256,000 people. "

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Why do Democrats want to give free medical care to illegals instead of Americans?

Democrats want free medical care for everyone. At one point, the Republicans not only supported that idea but also gave birth to it, but the Democrats of the second showed interest, the Republicans changed their minds.

Now, very sadly, the GOP lacks a plan. They simply wanted to eliminate the 'Obamacare', but they never had a real plan on how to address the problem of inflated health care costs. Instead, it is more important for them to destroy everything Obama did, rather than prove they could do better.


Why should illegals be counted in the census and receive representatives in Congress and electoral votes when they should not be here?

"Why should illegals be counted in the census?"
because the Constitution of the United States says they should do it, but thanks for providing evidence once again that the Republican Party has no idea what is in the Constitution.

"Should I give this answer a thumbs down"
Only if you want to provide evidence once again, the Republican Party has no idea what is in the Constitution.


[ Politics ] Open question: I voted for Trump to stop all illegal immigration and to expel all illegals, but now it's worse than ever. Why?

[ Politics ] Open question: I voted for Trump to stop all illegal immigration and to expel all illegals, but now it's worse than ever. Why? .

To the people who fear the illegals by stealing their jobs. If your job is so easy, can an uneducated person who does not speak English "steal" it?

The United States has always had cheap labor supplied by foreigners. Before they were Chinese, then blacks, now Mexicans. Today, our young people do not want many of the jobs that Mexicans provide, but Mexicans are grateful for work and wages and hard workers.

I'm not sure that illegal aliens really hurt our economy in general. It is true that some are paid under the table while receiving free government and social benefits. But their hard work and cheap labor produce cheap prices for many of our products, including food. We also use cheap labor in foreign lands so that Americans can afford great luxuries and goods at low prices.

Let's be honest. We live luxurious lifestyles behind the backs of the poor of other countries. Because of cheap labor, even the poorest of Americans can afford incredible things like cell phones, computers and cars.


Why do not the Democrats care that more than 100 thousand illegals crossed the border last month?

Stop arresting people for a paperwork problem, and the system will not be so overloaded. You are creating the problem that is driving you crazy. Limit the scope to real cartels and smugglers, rather than to all those who want to legitimately claim asylum (which is legal, by the way), and you will find the work much more manageable.

The borders are fine, it is you cowards who are insecure.


Why do immigration officials continue to practice capture and liberation? Why thousands of illegals are released in the country? Because we are?

The district attorney has the right to decide whether to prosecute people arrested by the police. Also, the judges of the criminal courts are very political. The people released are probably considered harmless, they can have families to support, they can have asylum requests because of the violence in their country, they can be important for influential people in the community because they work for them, etc. Trump honestly opposes additional immigration that is illegal; But those who are already here often remain outside the convenience of officials, judges, politicians and community leaders.


[ Politics ] Open question: Why do liberals believe that the United States should open up to illegals or undesirables who have no right to be here?

Losing resources and occupying more space, do not do anything or little.

A supporter of Trump told me that we need the wall since the illegals are making tunnels under the "fence" that is currently being built. Is it wrong that I'm speechless?

The drug runners dug these tunnels, the illegals followed later, the media took a video of the illegals that approached the series of holes that drug runners dug and did not notify anyone what was happening. It confirms that drugs flow across the border, confirms that slats are needed instead of just one wall, confirms that technology is needed to warn agents that something is happening, and confirms that more agents are needed to have the Numbers To handle this type of situations and volumes.