[ Law & Ethics ] Open question: Is it illegal to urinate in a subway?

So I was in the subway with my fiance (yes, we are still together) and I really needed to use the bathroom. I went to the corner and undressed in the lower half, so that no one could see it. When I returned to my fiance, did he COOL? He said what I did was illegal. Is it illegal if I don't show my genitals? THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Is it a crime or not? I need an answer soon !!!

Should Trump be eligible for a third term because all illegal attempts by the FBI, the media and the Democrats also expel him?

Nothing they did was illegal. Seriously, if your vision of the world requires that there be any conspiracy against your beloved leader for EVERYONE, perhaps the problem is your vision of the world.

Let's say the FBI, the media and the Democrats were against Trump. A sane person would be like "wow, what's wrong with Trump?" Instead, you are like "everyone is against my dear leader!"

linux – Samba: Replace only illegal characters, instead of using a fully galvanizing file name?

I understand that Linux and Windows have a different set of illegal characters, but it seems that a filename contains even a single special character like : In a shared directory of Samba (Linux server), the whole file name becomes gibberish.

For example, "a: b" becomes "A4WTMA ~ A". That is not so useful to know what the file is … Can I make the name more predictable? I like it,

  • Replace only special characters with "_".
  • If that name already exists, add a number at the end.

so yes

existing on Linux would be displayed on Windows as

on Windows, or something like that instead of,

How are they currently displayed?

Since slavery is a thing of the past, isn't illegal immigrant labor the next best option?

Slavery is NOT a thing of the past. Slavery exists in ALL countries in one way or another.

– There is a contract job where people work and receive a low or no salary, except food and a bed, who work up to 18 hours a day as domestic workers or in sweat factories / shops.

– There is sexual slavery with young women and even girls, some as young as 5 (oral sex) and vaginal sex for around 8-9 years. These sex slaves are trafficked, bought and sold everywhere and do not receive money for the work they do. Some girls, barely 8 years old, from South America can be trafficked to the southern states of the USA. UU. And initially forced to have vaginal sex with up to 40 men a day for several days in open-field brothels before being trafficked to normal brothels throughout the United States. where they have sex with 12-15 men a day.

airport security: how can you avoid the risks of being found carrying illegal drugs in your hand luggage while in transit?

It often appears in the news, and there are severe warnings at airports: transporting illegal drugs through an airport is a bad idea.

As I occasionally fly through Singapore, I am always worried that my hand luggage has been left unattended for hours on my previous flight. Someone could have been manipulating it.

What is the best practice to avoid the risks of being found carrying illegal drugs in your hand luggage while in transit?

Legal: Is it illegal to remain in an Airbnb location in Myanmar as a non-Burmese citizen and, if so, who is punished (lessor or lessee) and what is the penalty?

I have read some unsupported claims about whether it is illegal to stay at an Airbnb location in Myanmar as a non-Burmese citizen, and what happens to the visitor if the police catch them by renting an Airbnb location in Myanmar.

For example:

https://www.myanmore.com/2017/09/unusual-laws-myanmar/ (mirror):

It is a slightly gray area, but it is definitely illegal to house a foreigner in a local home. If you have a tourist visa, be sure to stay away from family homes; you could be deported to your country! Opt for hotels or resorts, isn't it in your budget? Let me tell you about the guest houses …

https://www.mmtimes.com/business/22780-yangon-government-to-clamp-down-on-renting-apartments-to-foreign-tourists.html (mirror):

He said It was up to the owners to check what type of visa a foreign visitor has before renting a room. However, he could not be contacted for further comments on what sanctions will be for lax owners or how gray areas will be treated, such as visiting foreign friends or rooms in the increasingly popular Airbnb online rental market.

Is it illegal to remain in an Airbnb location in Myanmar as a non-Burmese citizen and, if so, who is punished (lessor or lessee) and what is the penalty?

Is the cryptocurrency trade in India illegal or legal?

Is btc commerce legal? How to proceed in this business if this is legal in India! Please share your opinions and suggestions. how this business works and if this business is profitable or not.
Thank you!

botattack: are the actions of the vigilantes in the DDoSing child pornography sites illegal?

There are still many illegitimate child pornography sites on the web.

Some vigilantes organize and do DDoS those child pornography sites, usually because they think the government is inadequate to seize the owners of child pornography sites, are these same vigilantes committing a crime?

[ Politics ] Open question: Should it be illegal to discriminate against transgender people in dating?

By that I mean refusing to date a transgender person just because he was born in the wrong bodies. I think it should be because discrimination is wrong.

simulation – Professor Knuth's MIX computer – Card reader and illegal characters

I am reading the volume 1 of Knuth "The Art of Computer Programming" (3rd edition), with the aim of understanding the complete operation of your hypothetical MIX computer to implement MIX in the software. Needless to say, this is a long-term project! (I'm not in college or anything, I'm just a CS enthusiast who does this for fun, I don't have teachers to ask!)

In Section 1.3.1 (hereafter) of "The Art of Computer Programming," Professor Knuth describes his MIX computer and IO devices in detail as tape, drum and card readers. The main text does not describe the "boot" process for this machine, but Exercise 26 make.

There is a particularly onerous limitation of the Card Reader described in Exercise 26: that it is not allowed to write or read certain characters of the Cards.

For me, this is an important point because if this "illegal character" limitation applies to the MIX itself, then I cannot see any easy way to write a MIX program by hand without constantly tripping over the illegal characters. CMPx operators are explicitly prohibited by Ex 26, for example.

If I tried to implement MIX in the software, I would find it very convenient to ignore this "illegal characters" limit and indiscriminately accept all characters without error. Although in my opinion this gives me some doubts about whether my implementation would be "compatible" with the MIX specification of Professor Knuth. Accepting "illegal" characters would also greatly facilitate the creation of a MIXAL assembler.


  1. Should I understand that the concepts discussed in the Exercises are not formally part of the MIX specification?

  2. It seems arbitrary to add such a complicated obstacle, is this limitation quite severe? only It is supposed to be true within the scope of Exercise 26 or should it be understood that it applies to the formal specification of the MIX computer in the entire TAOCP book set?